Am I a psychopath if I only feel sympathy for animals?

Am I a psychopath if I only feel sympathy for animals?

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I guess I am too, when I'm driving and I see someone walking their dog, I think "I'd rather hit the person than the dog"

humans are animals

humans are animals, checkmate

>whores hedonistic

>intentions are clear and obvious
>will defend you if you are attacked
>simple creatures with simple needs

There is a reason alot of people prefer dogs to people (in a genuine way not "xD big boof") its because the friendship of a dog in unquestioned and they wont stab you in the back for no reason.

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Nah. You know where you stand with an animal. People are deceitful.

I think psychopaths don’t feel for anything, and often take out there anger one them, that’s why serial killers often start with animals before people

Uh no youd feel sympathy for neither.
I def feel more for animals because rekt threads with animal posters bother me but none of the others except baby ones bother me at all.

No, though animals can be extremely cruel in ways humans cant fathom.

Nah, most humans are shit, our cousins in the evolutionary line reflect on what we truly are, just because we’re smart as hell doesn’t exclude us from being bipedal apes

>Am I a psychopath if I only feel sympathy for animals?

Psychopaths don't feel sympathy for animals.

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Most peoples' problems are self-wrought.

What about I don't have sympathy for animals? I prefer humans over animal. Guess that mean I'm an sick asshole nowadays

fuck off sick asshole

No one likes people like you

Very good points, people are deceptive, will take advantage of you and bail when it’s convenient for them.

Another reason is that animals don’t judge people the same way people judge people. They don’t care about your skin color, how popular, or atetic you are. They just care how well you treat them.


Depends on what kind of animals.

And yours aren't?

Same here. I like animals but I find the obsession westerners have with their pets sort of gross

Personally I like animals and people but I hate seeing animals kept as pets. I feel like it must be torture to be trapped in a house all day and only get to leave to shit and piss and on an occasion, go on a controlled walk. I feel like the love pets give to their owners is a result of some kind of Stockholm syndrome.
I’m not a PETA person either. I’ll eat meat, but I hate knowing that an animal had to most likely live in a cage it’s whole life and be fed till slaughter.
I’ve tried explaining it to friends with pets but they usually shrug or say “why would he/she be so happy if they were trapped?” or “they’re domesticated and can’t survive in the wild.” Honestly I’m sure if they knew better they’d rather take their chances out in the wild than live confined to a house.

What does that make me?