I think my gf is bored of me

I've been texting her off and on, nothing to lax or too obsessive. But I usually get a "kk" or a "rip" and I usually expect her to text me sometimes but I usually never happens. I'm 80% sure she's bored of me.

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How does she act when you are with her ?

She's usually on her phone for most of the date, but she still talks to me. we usually go one dinner dates.

Sounds like the curtain is closing.

I mean the last thing she did that I was actually impressed that she contacted me about was inviting me to her Dnd campaign with her friends. I don't know what if that is better or worse.

And that was last week.

sounds like your relationship went rip

I mean, is there a way of bringing it up to her or just way to 100% confirm so I can move on and not feel like I could have saved it?

maybe invite her ice skating and see if there's still that spark. if not have that conversation with her.

dude just start texting her every hour asking what's wrong

That sounds like it'd be worse, not gonna lie

we are going to see a movie, apparently.

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ice skating would have been the gayest shit ever

confront her about that and everythign you feel doesnt go nicely.

Thats the excitement the relationship needs

Sounds done to me. She might have personal things going on atm but if not she's wrapping things up.

Yeah well sounds you have 3 options:

>She is unhappy about something specific. Figure out what it is.
>She has mentally/emotionally checked out of the relationship and is waiting for the 'right moment' to dump you. Maybe she is still sort of gathering enough courage to do it.
>She has cheated on you or she is cheating on you as we speak.

Don't apologise when you are asking your gf out.
Just tell her what you want her to do and lead the way.
And don't follow up with "cool" as if the whole plan starts with her acceptance of going.
Your follow up should have been something like "I have heard great things about , and I think you will like it too"

when would be the right time to mention it?

I mean it's kinda appropriate this time of year considering how cold it is. I more enjoy watching as people fall and then I laugh a lot but that's just me.
I'm just encouraging a conversation which is an important thing to be able to have in a relationship.

I feel if I ask her is she's bored of me, then that will ruin the date, or whatever we are doing.

You can’t ruin it if the relationship is already ruined.
Try to get out of the schedule. Go camping to the woods, go travel somewhere, etc.
If you only do the same things over and over, it would be very boring even for me.
Also try to do different things in sex, like anal, or ask her to wear some slutty lingerie, so that the passion comes back.
Or give yourself a different look. Get a new hairstyle, wear different clothes, so you look like a completely new person and she finds the interest again.

op is getting so insecure and i'm sure this broad can sense it too.

I'll try that.

Send her a text saying please don't leave me please dont leave me what did I do?

I'm not desperate, I just want to make sure she's done so I don't have to waste anymore energy thinking about it so I can move on or improve the relationship if I can

whenever you feel like it pressures you. you can announce that and give her the nervousness her thot ass deserves