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Keep questions short for more answers.
If you're not going to like honest answers, don't ask your question.
And please no derailing arguments.

>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I still have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>I'm an insecure/suicidal/anxious person who doesn't leave home
Watch these and follow these channels:

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Why is there no new thread?
Create one yourself. You can use these macros:

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Girls, what's the deal with winged eyeliner?

kindly just ask me,im homosexual.

Girls, do you want to be supported financially by your penis?

Be me.
>Met a girl briefly.
>Tracked her down on social media.
>Sprayed myself at her (nothing obscene), got some response over 2 months.
>She ghosts me.
>Call her up at work for a date.
>Accidentally say im her stalker.
>Files some police harrassment thing for unwanted contact.
>Travel to her city to do an apology note and sign a naughty boy slip.

This is salvageable right?
How long do I wait?
How do I not get arrested?

>meet japanese girl in class
>we become friends
>we hang out frequently and have a good time
>last night she was up for going on a walk with me but changed it to working on homework together at the last second
>also doesn't really text me much, sending me frequent one-word replies
>sent her a sweet message saying she's a really great person who's always interested in people, and that I wish I could become a person like that
>left me on read
I can't tell if she likes me or just wants to be friends.

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is there a word that means the equivalent of 'coy' but can be used to describe a female family member? as in without the flirtatious aspect of it

It makes our eyes look bigger and brighter. And we just like the way it looks lmao

Google is your friend.

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thanks but those arent specific enough. you wouldnt call your mom any of those would you?

So since complimenting a owman on her looks directly is a nono, is it okay to circumvent this by complimeting their clothes?
as in, "I really like your shirt" when really you are amazed by her boobs she's presenting in it


Do you understand how BS it is of you to come to a place of study with an entirely backless top and nipples poking out the front.

What is the male equivalent of this behaviour? Having a very loud, comedic conversation whilst wrestling a mythical beast to the ground?

Question for the girls.

There's a new girl at my work, she has been here for 2 or so months. At the work Christmas party we chatted for a bit. I think she is cute but she mentions a partner so I back off.

Cut to 2019 and now since coming back to work she has developed a habit of hugging me from behind if I don't see her coming.

Like, I could be standing at a copier, or talking to someone and suddenly 2 arms appear around my waist and she pops around from under my arm (big height difference) to say hi or ask me something.

Is this flirting or is she just handsy?

I'm honestly confused.

Ok this is too long I'm redoing this post

Demure certainly has fewer flirtatious connotations.

If you want to compliment her looks just tell her she's gorgeous.

Actually kinda sorta directed at my own gender since I'm a man and IDK that women are the same in this way,

How do you know if you're only pretending to be attracted to someone because you are being delusional/desperate in some way and/or you somehow have lowered expectations?…
What if you think almost all girls are worth it?
I can't tell if lowered expectation or whatever is a meme or not.

I need to know because it's happened again where there's a girl I'm worried I might've just lowered my standards for or expected more possibility from than I otherwise may have. I mean... well my post is long enough.

Next time you are vulnerably positioned for a back hug, work up a preemptive boner and suprise her.
Or be friendzone / brothered forever.

This is this post now:

Reposting this cuz no reply in the last thread :
TLDR : I’d like to get to know this bird but don’t really know when and where I can meet, should I leave it to chance? Read on :

Realistically, what can I do to finally talk to a girl I know nothing of but her name?
Background : we were in fresher year together, she kept doing the look-at-you and smile while looking away thing, I wanted to talk to her but I was REALLY anxious back then - as in her mere presence would make my hands shake. I got into another uni the next year and didn’t really expected to see her again. Now a few years forward, I ALMOST managed to get her out of my mind, but then I’ve seen her again a few months ago (in uni) and missed the opportunity to talk to her again. I didn’t expected her presence to shook me, I thought anxiety to the point of trembling hands was well over for me... basically it’s like the 18yo me took control for a while when I saw her. I realise I might come across as a creep hanging onto the only girl giving him attention, but tbf I have my fair share of female attention (god knows fucking why lmao), it just never really goes anywhere for other reasons I won’t get into. Other than that I’m a pretty outgoing person, smooth and fun to talk to if I’m fairly relaxed, (though I am a loner). So basically I’m asking for advice on how to 1) “accidentally” bump into her without being a creepy stalker 2) making sure I don’t sperg out when I do.
I haven’t seen her again since last time so I guess she’s doing a distance course, in which case she’s going to show up for the exams sometimes, but that’s a long shot. I know from google she enrolled in another school as well.

So, i've recently reconnected with my ex-gf
We've been going out, chilling in front of the tv and having sleepovers if the other one's getting off from work

Now, just yesterday she told me i should take some days off for my birthday, which is in over 2 months
She was eyeing some 2 day spa+hotel+flight kinda thing

Are those good signs?
I still am thinking she just might have some other guy behind her back, but that'd be pretty back stabbing wouldn't it

Or am I just thinking too hard?

Cuz its causing problems, this overthinking.

Its actually causing really big problems ._.

>met a 17y old girl, with which i clicked really well in a short time
>we came together in July
>she is really shy and has brutally strict parents, which absolutely hated me for no aparent reason
>but i tried my best, with both her, and her parents. I used to spend every living second with this girl and made a necklace out of a block of jade for her birthday...
>My plan was to meet her on christmas to give her another present that i made by myself
>While standing in the cold, waiting - her parents opened the door and told me to get the fuck away, or they will call the cops on me
>spend 1 1/2h in the cold on a bench, crying with her present in my hands
>ff new year eve, she apologized and everything and told me that we will work it out somehow
>broke up with me over text when the rockets went off because her mother found out that she was still in contact with me
>She apologized once more and we even managed to meet each other at her workplace during lunch break
>Our plan for the moment was to meet every monday at her workplace and she wanted to call sick to spend my birthday together with me
>15th of january she told me, after telling me for once week how beautiful wednesday is going to be, that she can't visit me
>I told her how devastated it is for me to be disappointed once again
>she broke up with me again over whatsapp
>blocked me instantly on whatsapp, telegram and instagram - while also deleting our pics
>stopped every form of contact alltogether in a matter of seconds
>because she believes that she is the demon that is haunting my life
>told her that the biggest problem is her mother and it will work out as soon as she hits 18

Well and here I'm, alone on my birthday, while seeing that she downloaded the pictures i took from dropbox, to use them as her profile picture.
I'm 20 now and this is the second abusive relationship. No friends or family - completly alone. What do

I am a guy in my mid 20s, and I have not seriously tried dating until recently.
I am starting to feel like I missed the boat on dating actually being fun and whimsical.
Girls my age want to just start building houses and thinking about kids.
I just wanna dick around a bit and enjoy someones company, but it seems like it's all business now.
Younger girls are not interested in me either.

If you like her, ask her out. Quit bitching.
Complimenting clothes is good because it's something she has control over, something she chose. You're complimenting her choice, her taste.
Jerk off. If you still want to spend time with her, go for it.
Shut the fuck up. She's a minor, don't pin it on her. Be tough enough, don't fucking crow for her, and she'll come back to you.
Then keep it casual. It's not like they're gonna shoot you.

>Meet girl through mutual aquaintance
>Hit it off, exchange numbers
>Text her next day
>Write a few pleasant messages
>Put my balls on the table and straight up ask her out
>Left on read for 2 days
So I am pretty sure this is not going anywhere, which is fine, really.
Would it be okay to write something like "I will take that as a "no", but that's fine ;)"?
Just leaving it like that feels kind of pathetic on my end, kind of like letting my head hang in defeat.
I wanna make it clear that I am not really affected by this and not receptive for anything else, since she was apparently not brave enough to do the same. I wouldn't care at all, but like I said, we have mutual aquaintances and there are other girls in that circle that I might be interested in, so I don't wanna seem like I got blown off and am now sitting in a corner like a beaten dog, if that makes sense at all.
Should I do it or nah?

>If you like her, ask her out. Quit bitching

This is a stupid, thoughtless response. You are a fool and missed my point entirely.


Girls, what is your favourite position for a one night stand?

>Then keep it casual.
Seems to me that girls don't want to keep it casual with a guy like me.
They wont put out until I commit to them.
I am just not sexually attractive at all it seems.

Doggy. Make it impersonal and treat me like a whore. But show me that you desire me sexually more than anything.
Just fuck me, no love making.

Don't respond to her.
The problem is you're concerning yourself with shit that doesn't matter i.e. "why did she do a thing???" Either you like her, or you're bitching on the internet. If you're doing the latter, get a fucking hobby.
Don't be self-deprecative, man. They want to have your babies, you're plenty attractive. Just stick to your hobbies and that one booty call chick will rear her head. Just don't be surprised if she's riddled with STDs; wear condoms.

Not the user you responded to, but what even was your point if not "I'm upset there are girls I'm attracted to and/or acgually give a shit about girls dressing provacatively because I'm a good Christian fuck boi"
I have no idea what you're trying to communicate if not insecurity with going over and talking to girls you like.

You must have been overt in your attraction.

She is flirting.

Quite a few unrelated girls mentioned I remind them of chandler from friends, and I have no idea if that's a good or a bad thing.
Any ideas?
In reference to personality, not appearance, I don't really look like him.

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What is the male equivalent of dressing very provocatively in a studious setting?

If you like women purely because you can see a lot of their skin, you need to stop watching porn.

You know what, fuck you both. I'm gonna go talk to her.

Fucking scumbag faggots.

I'm being serious here, can the fact that I have an 8.5" dick make up for the fact that I'm not dominant or assertive in bed?

>Don't respond to her.
I can't cause she didn't respond to me.

Well shit, I guess our advice worked.

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How do I stop developing feelings? It always ends up bad

Hurt yourself so much, you stop feeling anything? No but that wouldn't work, because some of th e original faint feelings will remain and you will experience the numb pain of soullessnes in addition.
Okay uuuuhhhhh death?
Some obscure form of neurosurgical procedure that turns you into a psychopath?

I guess mayne one of those.
But should you do that?

very bad

On top.

Most of you guys are awful at sex, and this lets me control the pace, depth and angle, so I actually get some kind of enjoyment out of it. Must men hump away like some teenager who thinks his dick alone will magically make a girl cum

>want a long term relationship with you
>think you aren't attractive
If it is just a fling, who cares. The qualities needs to be in order for a long term relationship, and apparently, you got qualities that make most girls want your offspring.


I don't know if you usually find girls who enjoy internal bleeding, but I prefer my cervix undamaged, thank you very much.

>I'm being serious here, can the fact that I have an 8.5" dick make up for the fact that I'm not dominant or assertive in bed?
Shit dude, I thought I was a size queen for being able to almost handle 8 inches before it starts hurting.

I'll be honest, your dick is probably a bigger issue than your personality here.

How do I tell my gf I'd like to try fooling around in a clothing store's changing room? She's pretty open minded, but I'm afraid this might be too much even for her and she might get weirded out

How much would you guys care if a girl is convicted for a crime? Like, would it be an instant abort, or would you still give it a chance if you liked her/she was pretty enough/other quality I can't think of

>in a clothing store's changing room
might as well do it in the middle of the shop.

on a related note, femanons do you ever fantasise about public sex even if you wouldn't want to do it irl?

I'd not tell her, just try to get touchy if you can grab her in there.

To be honest though, I would be willing to do much. It's a changing room, not exactly a private place. I would only do it fully clothed, and would probably only be alright with giving a blowjob, if it is meant to be more than just teasing.

Depends what the crime was and when but it wouldn't be an instant veto situation.

>femanons do you ever fantasise about public sex even if you wouldn't want to do it irl?
Rarely. I did have one once, where I imagined a group of friends gangbang me at a festival, but I would never be able to go through with anything with more than one other person, and in relative privacy at the very least.

4 years ago, spent 6 months in jail.

...assault. 3rd degree.


Not my proudest moment. Just some bullying that got the better of me for some reason (stole my glasses, and spray painted my hair), and I kinda lost it.

I'm actually mostly worried because I'm a quiet and shy person in general, both before and after the incident. I fear that might paint me as one of those "beware the quiet psychos". I really would rather not start making a speech about what happened if I can avoid it, because I probably can't make it sound like I'm not just making excuses.

>assault. 3rd degree
it would definitely be a red flag, but it'd depend on the context of the crime and your current behaviour.
in that situation not a problem at all.

>3rd degree.
>stole my glasses, and spray painted my hair
>spray painted my hair
Only 3rd? Did you charm the prosecution, or did you really have that much self control?

I would have fucking scalped that asshole.

There are quite a few pretty girls in one of my classes. How do I make friends with them without them thinking I'm looking for more?

Good shit, man. Glad for you.
Don't message her. You know what I meant.
A friend of mine molested someone and admitted it to a girlfriend of his. They were together for three years before breaking up over unrelated reasons. If he can get it in, you can.

never speak to them and stare them down from across the room. Definitely don't talk to them and be friendly, that's the worst thing you could do.

I'd say just talk to them and make regular, polite conversation. Don't flirt or anything like that.

What's the best for you (tell if boy or girl) about sexting. Teasing ? saying what your gonna do to him ? picturing him/her on a specific situation ? sweets words ? sending pictures ? videos ?

Also, what would be the equivalent of a sexy picture from a guy ? Girls can pretty much do a lot of thing with ass + boobs, but unless guys are Jow Forums, what can they actually do ?

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Would you beat me up during sex?

Doesn't seem like she wants to be friends, just forget about her... I'd feel uncomfortable in her situation

Never send a photo unless they ask.

Jumping in with a follow up question, femanons what's your thoughts on your boyfriend wanking to you? Flattering or weird.

Girls: My gf used to text me that she love me so much, or so,so much. The past week or so she hasn't done that. It's been generally I just I love you with some exceptions of throwing in a so much. I know it's a little thing, but am I reading too much into this? Is she just trying to mix things up or could it mean her feelings have changed?

hmm, let me find out what she's thinking

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You are done pal.

Should I?

In my case, She send pictures to me and now she's waiting for my pictures anytime. (she sent me all that while I was at work). That's why I'm asking here. What do girls find sexy ?

Cool. That's good to hear.

I guess I'll figure out how to best explain it in a sentence or two.

It was 2 guys, so the damage I could do was pretty limited. I managed to scratch one of them pretty badly, and somehow punched 2 teeth out of the other, but they pretty quickly overpowered me after that.

They didn't exactly walk free either, so we all got punished for it. Still pretty disappointed that I lost my cool that badly.

I can't tell if you're being serious right now, but this is stressing me out a little and I need honest feedback. I don't want to confront her about this and sound like a crazy person if it's nothing.

Where do I find interesting, sharp girls?
It's kind of like the usual "how do I into gf" question but I have a more specific problem.
I'm almost entirely inexperienced when it comes to girls (I've had a girlfriend before, but for a pretty short time, it was based on nothing but me taking advantage of a chance I got with a girl I didn't know because I was tired of being a complete dork in highschool), I look at the very least presentable and I think I'm pretty funny and a good conversationalist, I'm kind of shy and insecure but I THINK I could at least ask a girl out on a date.
Thing is I'm kind of having problems finding girls I'm into, I'm usually attracted to people who have passion for lack of a better term (both romantically and platonically with friends of both genders), people who have a hobby they invest themselves into, are sharp, insightful and just sort of have a personality that is more than the cookie cutter, vapid bullshit that passes for a personality with most people.
I can think of a few girls that have shown an interest in me lately, and admittedly I've been briefly interested in some of them until I got the feeling that was I saw on the surface level didn't go awfully deep after that.
It doesn't help that I'm not in uni (I'm currently retaking exams so I have sufficient grades for the program I want) and I work in a part time job any moron can do, so I don't think I have very high chances of just chancing upon these kind of girls.
In addition I don't really have a type aside from "interesting and sharp", I always thought I like small, shy submissive girls but after highschool I kind of don't feel the same anymore and can see myself with any "type" of girl, as long as they have a depth to them.
Now that I think about it, it could be that I'm just a condescending prick and not everyone is as shitty as I believe.

Where should I look to find these kind of people? IS there anywhere to look or do I just hope to chance upon them?

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>Get tired of being a 18 year old socially retarded KHV so I want to be develop social skills.
>At school alone in the hallway waiting for the class before mine to end
>There's just one other person in the whole hallway and it's a girl so I see it as a chance and strike up a conversation with the excuse of just talking to pass time
>Didn't flirt, didn't do anything, just genuinely wanted to practice my social skills and talk, she seems very nice
>Next day, her boyfriend stops and tells me "Get away from her you ugly freak" and threatens me
>go home and cry

How do I get encouraged after that? Have I just stepped on a mine? I just hate myself, every time I try to fix something and take control of my life shit like this happens.

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>somehow punched 2 teeth out of the other

Seriously though, sounds like you got a harsh sentence. When you do get round to telling any guy about it I'd start with the story and not the charge if you know what I mean. If you just say "I got 3rd degree assault" most people don't know what that means and will assume the worst.

>she's waiting for my pictures
So she asked? If so, send your hard dick with a suggestion to meet up (if that is your end goal).
Fucking relax. Don't ask her about it. Just tell you love her when she says she loves you.

>highschool drama
I don't care and neither should you

You're doing good
He feels threatened

Girls, do you want to be supported financially by your penis?


I don't think he feels threatened. He didn't see me so she probably told him. She was near when he lectured me the next day and definitely she definitely saw us.

It's all chance.
Nice trips.

>So she asked? If so, send your hard dick with a suggestion to meet up (if that is your end goal).
Well, if I could I would literally get to her as soon as possible, but sadly for me, she is in another country and I have to wait 15 fucking days.


>talked to girl about doing something together on the weekend
>weekend comes, I ask if she wants to hang out
>says she's busy with studying

>today texts me asking if I will be at the party tonight

why does she care if I'll come if she doesn't want to see me?

Does she know you're going to her country? If so, send her your hard dick (if she asked for it) and tell her how much you want to fuck her. Don't give her a photoshoot - a bunch of cock photos.

How do I ask my doctor for viagra, I’m 20, I’ve been getting weaker boners since I was 18, and now it’s almost impossible to get 100% hard, never mind maintain it for more than a couple minutes. I don’t want to come off as a kid that wants viagra for fun, cause I don’t.

Tell her no and then go anyway.

Who cares? Are you going to the party, regardless of her presence? Then say
>Yeah, maybe I'll see you.
Or are you not going to the party? What do you want?

Could it be she might have actually been busy, you overgrown middleschooler?
If she's asking if you're coming to a party it's because she's interested in seeing you there.

you're obviously too autistic for a relationship

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yes she does.
I was wondering if there were more options for guys. but thx anyway

How so?

Girls with peni

>been chasing girl for 3 months
>finally kiss last saturday
>she says she likes me too and that she'd been wanting that kiss for a while
>we're together again monday
>go for a kiss
>she dodges
>"I'm sorry user, but I still think about my ex and if I'm gonna be with you, I want to be fully dedicated to you, and not be thinking about someone else"
>turns out she broke up with her "not bf" (they were fwb apparently) a little over a month ago

What do I do now? Do I wait for her to come around? I don't wanna give her an ultimatum, and I don't want to lose her friendship because I really like her as a person, but everytime we're together and she wants to hold hands and hug and cuddle and when she lets me kiss her neck and sits on my lap and lets me carry her around I just feel like I need that something extra, I can't be doing these things as just her "friend".

PS: She's introduced me to her mom. Apparently she had never introduced anyone to her mom before, and I don't know what this means either.

So that's a yes?
And my personality is generally fine, it's just fucking that's an issue.

I mean, wouldn't the damage be somewhat minimized by the fact that I wouldn't be even remotely rough? Plenty of girls have huge dildos and just don't use the whole thing.
Unless I'm just not getting something here.

I do, once we got married and have children.
It's not a dealbreaker if he can't afford it, I have a pretty good job and make good money even, but yeah - ideally, I'd want to be a stay at home mom for my kids' youngest years.

How do I get over oneitis? I've lost sleep over this one and quite frankly, I'm sick of it. Any advice would help.