Scared of university

Is there an actual phobia for being terrified of university? Because if there is then I have it.

This is my second attempt of uni. I tried a few years ago, but it went bad and it seems like history repeats itself. I told myself that I would do better this semester and it wouldn’t be as bad as last time. But I’ve been losing sleep, I’ve been having nightmare every night for the past week, I’ve been eating much less, I just feel overall sick. Yesterday was the first day of the semester and I felt so stressed I am already thinking about dropping out again

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You just need to get used to it that's all.

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Take it easy user. University is hard but it's not the end of the world. Study and go easy on yourself, you don't get nothing for being that stressed out.

Even if this isn’t healthy? I was so angry yesterday. I only ate 1 meal the whole day due to stress. Last night I had 2 nightmares and woke up at 4am and couldn’t fall back asleep. I feel like a disaster right now

I don’t know how to not be stressed. I feel sick dude

Going to college is very hard mentally, the actual work is rarely hard in and of itself but making yourself do it can be. Lots of people do not graduate or take so long to do it that it would have been better if they never tried, if you think you're in either category you should quit now or find a way to get something out of it quickly before shit hits the fan (like an Associate's degree). There is no moral obligation to get a college degree, there are other options.

I don’t know how I can do this. Which causes me even MORE stress because I need a degree for the future. The biggest bullshit is my career field is a skilled profession. So a degree shouldn’t matter at all, and it does not make any difference in performance. It’s just a bullshit check in the box for HR. So I have to get this. But I don’t know if I can do this. I am extremely stressed right now. I literally feel as if I’m about to throw up

>my career field
If you aren't cut out for it then pick a different one, get over this autistic idea that you have to succeed in the field your parents and teachers arbitrarily advised you to follow.

>If you aren't cut out for it then pick a different one
I’ve had great performance reviews and have excelled on all my my tests. I can do the job well. But to progress it’s required to have a degree
>get over this autistic idea that you have to succeed in the field your parents and teachers arbitrarily advised you to follow.
What the fuck are you talking about?

Everyone these days pretends to have a dream but in reality they were just given a list of majors and told they had to pick one.

treat the university as a job

That’s bullshit. Some people actually pursue and do things they genuinely care about
The problem is I have a phobia

If you care that much then it should be no issue


Just make yourself show up and sort it out, faggot.

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You say you have a phobia, but this sounds more like low self esteem.

Why are you afraid?
Do you think you'll fail?

I’m scared of math. Numbers really stress me out. Before math started yesterday. I told myself “it’s ok, you’re better off now than you were 3 years ago. You can learn it and do it this time”. As soon as I sat down in my chair and was given sheets with all different types of math my blood pressure skyrocketed. I felt sick the rest of the day and still do

says the guy who made a thread about how he's too much of a sperg to be able to go to school

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Universities have free counseling services, in the US at least. I really think you're just psyching yourself out. If it helps, try taking only one or two classes at once, ease your way into it. This really sounds like a time you need to see a therapist though, not people on Jow Forums.
If it's any consolation, I lost 20 pounds from not eating and anxiety during my first semester at uni, and now i'm in my second year, and I'm doing great in my classes, and I don't feel as anxious. I would strongly urge you to talk to a professional.

If college is that hard for you then you shouldn't go, you're just oversaturating the market and making the campus more socially awkward before your inevitable expensive failure.

>If it helps, try taking only one or two classes at once
Well I took French during the fall semester. It was my only class and that was fine. I thought I could do more, but what is really destroying me is math

Have you heard of a "weed out class"? If you can't pass it you're not supposed to go to college.

No I’ve never heard of this. College is all about money. They want you to graduate

You graduating doesn't get them any money, they want their degree to be respected and that means not letting every aspie moron who shows up get a degree just for being a good boy. The national 6-year graduation rate is about 60%.

>you graduating doesn’t get them any money
Yes it does. If a student quite their first semester, that university doesn’t get all of the earnings from that student finishing all of the other semesters

It just opens up another spot. I'm saying they want you to fail but they won't to maintain a reasonable standard and that involves laying some early traps (usually hard math related prerequisites) to get the weirdos who aren't capable of dealing with a hard situation out before they waste too much time and money. This is largely for the students sake, I've been trying to get you to understand that it's a bad idea to go to college if you don't think you can comfortably pass.

*I'm not saying they want you to fail