Quick and simple : what should I not miss out in uni ?

Quick and simple : what should I not miss out in uni ?

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Your courses


git reel gut now and you wont have to worry later

Travel/study abroad. It's going to get INFINITELY more challenging to get the time to spend 3 months experiencing a foreign country just for the sake of it once you graduate. Do not fucking miss out on this. A seriously fun and enriching life-experience.

Your education and socializing. Obviously your education is important but socializing is just as important.

For me, the shit that helped the most was the gym and the library. Your library likely has a shit ton of books that you will have great difficulty finding elsewhere. Your gym membership is likely free. These are great opportunities to make great gains physically and mentally. College is about improving yourself and learning, you literally have 4 years dedicated to do nothing but develop your young self as much as you want. Also, find a major you like, don't change it, and work on finishing that first before worrying about superfluous classes counselors will try and make you take so you give the school more money, and know that you are completely capable of taking 17-19 hours a semester, don't waste any more years there than you have to, accruing debt and wasting time. Lastly, something I wish I learned earlier: if you just work up the confidence to talk to a girl in the gym or at a study place(when she is not busy), you will find infinitely more quality women than the kind of arthoes you meet at shows or god forbid thots at frat parties. Godspeed user.

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>sex with women in their physical prime and at their easiest


You'll still have plenty of opportunities for sex after college. Maybe even more depending on the situation.

But you're never again going to be at a point where the pool consists entirely of women 18-21 still with the glow of pure youth and with comparatively low counts of sex partners and lower levels of baggage that years of being pumped and dump brings who will not bat an eyelid at sleeping with you in an extra long twin bed while you have no real money and your roommate is 5 ft away.

All that goes out the window by 23. Also, none of this applies if we're talking about sex with men. Men are getting better, not worse after college and will still fuck without giving a shit.

Pick...the right...fucking...major.

You can dig yourself a hole that you'll spend YEARS trying to dig out of if you fuck this up. Don't be one of those idiots with an anthropology degree who at 25 is wishing they'd studied business instead.

This and this. I'm one of these retards sadly.
Studied philosophy, got my degree, no job opportunities and now I'm 25 studying medicine via the army ( so they pay my studies and I get enough money to survive)


Physics and film studies degrees. Physics degree is useless without a graduate degree or a ton of research to supplement it (everyone wants engineers, computer scientists, or statisticians/data scientists).

Whereas my gf who was a business major and a C student all through college is making $110k at 27 y.o.

Wut. Physics is a very employable degree.


You will never again be around so many attractive, easy women at once. Out in the real world, women are old, overweight, unhealthy, stressed. The few attractive ones are pure diamonds compared to everyone else and they know it, so it's really hard to get with them. They have extremely attractive or rich boyfriends and dozens of people tryna slide into their DMs every day. They're all guarded about sex and don't care for hooking up just for pleasure's sake. They have baggage out the ass.

Man I feel you. God damnit why did I study a meme degree like philsophy and not STEM or buisness or medicine from the start FUUUCK
Now I have to watch people my age move into nice appartments while I'm struggling with the scraps the army pays me and probably will be deployed instantly as soon as I get my degree (when I'm 30+ lmao). It's so over for me it isn't even funny

Kids, pick the right degree

It wasn't in my experience. It's basically a certification that "I'm smart enough to get a degree in Physics," which is true, but the actual curriculum teaches you fairly limited actual on the job skills (e.g. programming languages, familiarity with specific tech, etc.) in comparison to other fields you're competing over the jobs with.


Also, I'll add if you're the "all I really want is to get married and have a family" type, college is the best place to secure a life partner.

Yeah, everyone and their mom is hooking up and you'll be in the minority as one of the only people looking for a serious committed relationship, but college is the best time. It's easier to lock someone down when they're a lowly Bio major with aspirations of being a doctor then it is to be one of the dozens of people vying for them once they become a doctor.

And like said, less baggage. Get your spouse when they're still innocent and have a shared history/adulthood together. One of the things that makes dating so hard later in life is that people's life paths diverge so much more after school. Everyone's much more on the same page in college, whereas ten years after people have had vastly different experiences out in the world that make it even harder for them to relate to and find someone they're compatible with.

>lower levels of baggage
not accurate.

young girls are still to immature to properly process stress, so they do stupid shit like flirting with other guys to make you jealous, being manipulative, etc. They're kids.

Youngster, please don't taint this thread with your ignorance. 30 year olds do that AND have crazy baggage that warps their perception of events to the limits of sanity.

I understand that you're frustrated with or simply afraid of girls your age, but you simply don't know how much easier it is for you now than it will be.

What if I don't care about fucking and just want a real relationship but have not found a single girl I like enough to pursue in the 4 years I've attended and have graduated as a voluntary virgin?

I majored in cs. 6 months out I work in a warehouse. There is no right degree


do as many women as possible.

>Your gym membership is likely free
Ha! The gym at my uni costs £300 a year.

analyzing your surroundings from the sidelines


Literally these 3. Sure, substitute intramural soccer for gym or joining a drama club in order to get girls. But point being, a healthy rotation of all 3 is necessary.

But above all, school. It sounds horribly cliche. But trust me, it will affect you the most going forward. Blow off a party or two so you can finish your paper. Don’t go to Cancun for spring break cause you opted to catch up on work or work on your resume or whatever. Sleep early despite your loud roommates cause fuck it you have class in the morning

Everyone saying you can't have that great college sex anymore. What if you go there for a masters degree at age 26? Asking for a friend.