Pronouncing r

Can't pronounce r
I practiced a ton, followed videos on youtube, and I still can't say them properly

It went from a sort of "W" to a weird "u" sound.
Still sound like shit either way but I can't seem to fix it

Made a Vocaroo of me reading a textbook:

Any advice is appreciated

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Go to see a speech therapist. People study for years to help you fix these issues.

this. seriously. I've known about speech therapy teachers and techs since the mid 80s, they can only have improved.

here's a weird trick. can you sing an 'R' in a song you like?

Do they actually work?
I'm looking into online classes and they're expensive as fuck but if it's going to fix me I'll absolutely do it

Not 100% guaranteed to work, of course, but I'm pretty sure they do help a lot. I'd recommend it if you've got the money.

I used to have the same thing, ur gonna have to go to a speech therapist. Find words where you can pronounce the Rs and use the repeatedly

I know this is random, but can you record yourself saying "Chef Ramsay, chef Ramsay" and post the link?

you have a weally nice voice

yo just learn the tongue positioning. when i was studying abroad people watched my mouth very closely to mimic it.

touch your tongue to your top back teeth

Well, you don't sound like a dumbass.
I often times think of how to tell my jap bitch wife how to make r sound and have noticed that they are almost w nut you have to tighten shit under Adam's apple and use some lung. You can't just lazy ass breathe it out. She don't fucking listen to me but she does a good fake with her tongue (not required for English r.) with a mixture of L and D. Maybe you can pull off a Spanish or japanese r and call it good enough.

is this a joke desu ka? japanese can say R easily. is it some tohokuben or something?

It is not a joke. Their are is different from ours. They use a lot of tongue. That is why I suggest. It is totally different from our r but can be used as a substitute pretty well.

You kinda get along with the post under you and I think that is helpful... but, and I'm talking to you or any user who's jumping in and NOT advising OP because your advice and that below are better.

Row, row row your boat. I did not need my tongue until the last letter. Do Native English speakers use their tongue for "R?" I sure as hell do not.

Are you able to say the word "Retarded"?

advising him to what? your sentence is word salad man

That tongue shit. You said like one thing. Maybe you English is worse than mine. You don't need a tongue for the letter "R." Not if you do it right, in my opinion. I don't want to advise OP because maybe he should use it. Do you use your tongue for "R?"

reread what i wrote. if you think im talking about the tip of the tongue answer me this; how are you going to touch two teeth on opposite ends of the mouth at once?

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>You don't need a tongue for the letter "R."
Yes, you do.

Can you pronounce 'L'?
Put your tongue in the same place for 'L', then bring your tongue down.
The tip of your tongue should be bent upwards slightly towards the middle of your mouth.
Round your mouth.

t. Linguistics major.

That's the wrong kind of 'R', the position is too exaggerated. That's a retroflex sound /ɻ/ when what you want is /ɹ/.

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they all follow a very similar tongue position

That works when I follow your instructions. But I do not do that and I say the letter just fine. It is interesting that we can pull off the same feat with different technique. This was learned before we were old enough to follow instructions. No tongue whatsoever for me I don't need a tongue for that shit. We need a tiebreaker. I respect your education but don't think that really matters. I could say that I was talking before you were born and that doesn't matter either.

One of us is not me but I am accepting the backup. I'm not a linguist or anything but have a kid who can't talk for shit and have always read about language history and all. Fascinating that some say a good "s" with tongue beyond teeth, I say it behind. I also make "th" behind teeth and realize that I may be in the minority when most take the tongue past teeth and bite in for "th."

It's more likely you're doing it sub-consciously or quickly. If you lock your tongue in place at the bottom of your mouth, you won't produce an 'r' sound.

Retroflex is quite a bit further back. If you do that, you'll be speaking like a pajeet. It's not a sound that naturally occurs in English.

i thought he was fucking with me

>then bring your tongue down.
>The tip of your tongue should be bent upward
And Yada yada.
Yeah, I can make the same sound, no mater what my licker is doing. I'm not sure that your methods are conventional user.

Bullshit dude. I will do it like a radio personality

Which user? I'm not fucking around here.

>I'm not sure that your methods are conventional user.
I'll be sure to let my phonology know that Dave from Jow Forums assures me your tongue isn't necessary to form approximants. They'll be thrilled with this ground breaking research.

I really hope you do. Maybe this thread will be up. I hope this can help Our absent OP. There is more than one way to skin a cat. I don't know why you are resistant to agree. Still. I think the japanese suggestion is a good one. I'm sure it nears your suggestion on tongue placement.

Flied lice, anyone!
Japanese Rs my arusu.