Smoking spice

probationfag here. is there any way to get high on spice and enjoy it? basically I ordered this spice off the deep web it was fucking amazing. it felt just like weed with less negative side effects I honestly liked it better than weed. it was like weed without making me feel tired as fuck or anxious and I loved it.

I loaded it into a vape and I just took a hit and I thought I felt super scary high for like 3 seconds then I went away after that it was all giggles and happiness. I loved video games again, I went out for a walk and it was the most euphoric I felt in my life im not even shitting I was just looking at the moon enjoying it and I just loved the feeling of fresh air I was just sitting outside relaxing and giggling at everything. video games felt fucking amazing I had the best most euphoric feeling ever and all I did was take one small hit off it every half hour or so and I had a perfect high all day and it was the best feeling ive had in the world and it felt so good I could literally feel it healing my body and I just felt so much happier and healthier then I ever felt.

I got the same strain of spice off the deep web, from the same vendor, same quantity literally the same order and everything and it felt nothing like it.

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I took one small hit and it was scarier. my vision kinda changed I felt really weird and trippy it hit me hard as FUCK I got all shaky in my hands and shit and it felt like it hit me like a fucking ton of bricks in a second and I didn't even hit it hard I literally just breathed in the fumes off some tinfoil. after that I thought it was just my tolerance but it never felt good again. I rolled literally the tiniest thinnest joint I could it was literally as wide as the wire on an iPhone charger or something. I would take one hit and get a super shitty feeling high and if I took 2 hits I got WAY too high I got so high I forget if I threw it out or what but I haven't been able to find it since and I just switched to CBD and haven't smoked it since

why the fuck did it feel so good the first time and such shit the first time but it was the same exact order? the vendor posted something about a potency issue or something he had awhile ago but I dont know if that relates to me in anyway like if he had a weak batch or something but I dont see why the fuck you would need something as strong as the newer spice I got. it was just fucking weird and not enjoyable at all I did it as an adrenaline type thing like where you get on a roller coaster because its fun for being

Just smoke weed it's safer

what part of probationfag do you not understand

just stop using drugs you fucking imbecile

If you think fake Chinese weed dipped in research chemicals heals your body, you need help. This is why you’re being drug tested.

If you're going to use spice, make your own. Many quality research chems can be bought on the clear web, along with plenty of things to use as a base. I used to do it, was making it for about $5/oz. Chose my favorite blend of base plants, and my favorite chemical. Could make it the same every time, was amazing until I grew dependant. Others who became dependant on it who also had prior experience with harder drugs claim the withdrawal from long-term spice use is as bad as or worse than heroin withdrawal/dopesickness.
Either stop smoking weed, or admit(to yourself) that you can't and ask your probation officer for help.

my body is fucked from depression to the point of near death. curing my depression is my only medicine

nope. not if i have to be in a small town and be born poor and have a shit life. i refuse sobriety i am not going to walk around a depressed zombie begging for death all day because thats what whitey wants

Why don't you re-post that same thread again? Coypasta and all. That seems like it gives you a bit of a buzz.

No one can help being born poor but you have every chance to die rich, but that won't happen if you piss it away

Trust me, my cousin got sent away for selling H and got caught with a gun, he started smoking spice in prison and then during his probation and he was never the same again, it was hard to watch
Life doesn't have to be dull sober

For some reason I'm reminded of dune by this and this thread in general.

So you're using one of the most harmful things you can put in your body just because you think it's helping your depression? Protip: It's not.
I live in a small town. I'm poor. I haven't eaten in 4 days. I haven't showered in months. I sleep under a bridge that floods every time it gets warm, but it's the only place safe from police, as I have a warrant. All of my cooking for the last year has been done over a campfire. I've been dehydrated and had diarrhea for a month now, because the only water I have access to is a barely-flowing stream. I'm depressed as fuck, and everything you say reminds me of myself years ago.
The difference here, is that you seem to be ignoring proper help, while doing what you're telling yourself is the right thing to do.
People like you never change, bitch all their life, accept no help that doesn't get them high, and be a burden on everyone they come in contact with.
Just kill yourself. I recommend a helium exit mask.

Your situation sounds very hard and depressing. My first advice is to stop breaking the law, at least so that you can be free to live where you want at some point in the future.

You can mention to someone assigned to your case that one of your biggest problems is being absolutely bored with where you live and feeling trapped. You can also get a therapist and a social worker to help you deal with this.

It’s mentally retarded and paranoid to blame everything on whiteness and blackness, by the way.

my life is the literal embodiment of hell. I literally have had every curse and disaster thrown at me with full force from every angle possible and I have so much ptsd im literally catatonic and my health is failing and my body is shutting down. I WANT to die from smoking spice

>It’s mentally retarded and paranoid to blame everything on whiteness and blackness, by the way.

It doesn't help that he's actually pretending to be black.

none of this is true. I know you're lying to us, but I think you're lying to yourself, too. Get real dude

There are loads of people like this, plus all the details of his story make sense and add up. It’s absolutey believable.

if you saw even one glimmer of my life you would wonder how I go even one minute without jumping out a window on a manic breakdown and killing myself.

you have no idea. literally just the tip of the iceberg for me would be a normal persons literal hell on earth where they would immediately kill themselves and give up.

I want to die on accident by od'ing on drugs im too sad and defeated to even kill myself at this point. I just lay down with my eyes completely black while god and life both hold me down and ass rape me and everything in my life while they force my eyes open so I can just watch with no more tears left in my eyes just completely dead and full of hatred.

cool story bro

and yet despite all that, youre posting lengthy diatribes on a mongolian slide show bbs.

get your priorities straight dude, you are in no condition to give anyone advice.

get a fucking job, user.

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i was homeless and on hard drugs and probation at 15 years old.

im 28 and i make 100k yearly now. you guys are fucking pathetic.

>hrrr drrr my life is so bad

then go fucking end it already, you useless shit.