Femanons I need your help

I know we don't always see eye to eye, but I need your help,
SO what can I do to get a girl to like you, say you were I was walking home with you after getting off the bus, what could I do or say that would make you like me, even as a friend because I was walking home with my crush, she's beautiful and cheery and makes my day better, but I'm really awkward and don't know what to talk about, she doesn't really like me but she's polite and courteous, what do I talk about, what mannerisms should I adopt, how should I behave, any advice (from a femanon) would be greatly appreciated

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I hate to tell you this but to be honest there is likely nothing you could ever do do make me like you. If you look ugly/freakish i will get away from you and fast. Why would i ever spend time on a guy unless he is hot or can provide resources? Its a waste of time.

Cringe. Obvious bait.

are you a neckbeard larping as a femanon, or actually a femanon, if so that's self esteem crushing

whatever you do or say, if you're doing it with the goal in mind to manipulate a person's perception of you, chances are really high they're gonna see right through it.

So don't be bitter or entitled, be friendly and engaged in whatever you're discussing in the present moment, and bee yourself.

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spotted the COPEr

Maybe try to find out what she is interested in. Or make compliments. I really don't know. If I would be able to socialize normally, I wouldn't be on here.

It's really a coin toss but if you're fun to be around and nice you have good chances but it's a 50/50. it all depends on if she likes you back and there's really no way of "making them like you" tho I know what you feel. You just really have to hope they have the same feels for you and keep trying

are you a male or female, and i'm not trying to manipulate her im nothing but nice, friendly and genune
>allow the 'nice guy' meme

cheked and keked. And thanks for advice but she doesn't like me, and every time i spend time with her it makes me feel good, but then it makes me feel shittier and shittier because i'm such an awkward faggot and i don't know what to say and i just come across as an awkward fuck and after i spend time with her it makes me feel shitty you know, like it's a cycle that really makes me want to end it all, i feel like absolute shit

I use to be like that then I just chilled tf out. Gl tho bro

thanks bro
i just feel like absolute shit every day and i go further and further down every day but im too much of a pussy to end it, how did you stop being like that?

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Well, I just stopped trying to chase girls that didn't care about me. If they were not trying to be friends or in a relationship I didn't waste my time. Snoop dog said - "bitches ain't shit but shoes and tricks". And as for my awkwardness I practice talking in the shower or in the mirror. You'd be surprised how much it helps. And I don't say anything or start a conversation unless I have an idea of what I'm gonna talk about. I got good at talking to ppl by just practicing

i get you but i absolutely love her, i hate every other girl they're all roasties but she's genuine, down to earth, kind, beautiful but not plastic, everything about her is to love and i'd feel bad chasing someone else because she's the one i love

OK I see whatcha mean. Well, have you tried sending her exactly what you just told me? That's how I got my gf desu. She was a long time friend and I just kinda took the shot. If you get shot down it just never was ment to be, but it's better than just sitting on the side. It'll be bad if she gets someone else and you're still on the side.

i have considered it a lot but we're not that close friends, i'd be glad to just be friends anyway but right now we just talk every other day but we're not even friends so we'd both be uncomfortable if i said that, and she has a crush on another boy who i have no chance competing with but my only hope is that their not bf and gf yet, and the last thing stopping me is that i see her almost everyday sand walk home with her so if she doesn't except what i tell her than it'll be hell

hey bro things will improve for you if you follow these steps

1. stop chasing girls who aren't into you
2. stop telling yourself how awkward and stupid you are
3. get a gym membership and find a sport you enjoy.
4. find a workout routine and follow it for at least 6 months but ideally for life
5. make friends with people that also play said sport
6. be happy and fit and with interests and women will be attracted to you.

i know it seems hard to do rn but you don't have to do it all, just take the first step forward.

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Complement her user... are you a social retard?

It's really, really, really fucking easy to tell when you're faking confidence and it comes off as creepy as fuck.
The best thing to do is trying to make her laugh and be genuine. It's what works best for me.

I think you're overthinking it. Its best just to be direct and just ask her out. Instead of just trying to get her to fall in love with you, you'll just end up making her think you don't like her and she'll cut off any consideration of dating you.

Just straight out ask her on a date. The other stuff will just come to you organically.

Or not, I'm a virgin so I don't know anything. I would want a guy to just ask me out though.

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boys all just want a girl to ask them out but they never do, but with girls, they can completely destroy my self esteem and utterly crush me, the pressure is so much more,
and read - i can't just ask her out

You probably shouldn't ask us, user. I have almost no flipping idea because I'm a social retard like most people here should be.

I would probably try to talk about topics and hobbies we have in common because it will make her associate you with positive feelings and her affection grow. On the other hand, if you're an autist and can't hold a nice conversation even when it's something you enjoy, you could end up just being annoying.
Also, I'd suggest giving up if you have absolutely nothing in common.

If she's a normie, I think this would end terribly.

First of all, find what she looks for in a guy.
if she likes smart guys, then start watching bbc or natgeo. if she likes funny guy, find some good comebacks. if she likes sentimental guys, go watch some sofia copolla, well you get the idea. but if physical appearance is her priority, then I hope you're born lucky.

Ppl like having a common interest, so if you're into a niche film/music/hobby that she likes, chances are she'll feel a connection and start taking an interest in you immediately.

A warning, DON'T TRY TOO HARD. we knows when you are TOO into us and it can be a turn off. Show that you are interested and ask her to hang out. go to see her fav band that you also like, but don't go see a bieber concert just to accompany her (unless you're her bf already)

thanks for the advice, describe yourself as i unzip pants

Check out a book called what every BODY is saying. Literally able to mindread people.

Also as far as socializing with a woman, ask open ended questions: who what when where why. Avoid "do you" or questions that have an "or". Remember FOR. Family occupation recreation. You can't get someone to stop talking about these things. Open up with stuff like "What are you looking most forward to this week/month?" Then they might mention something like skiing idk. Even if you're an expert on skiing just ask "How do you like to ski?" Or something. The questions have tons of possible answers and you learn a lot about the person from it. Ask questions you know answers to anyways.

Be careful about springboarding something about yourself in the convo. Keep it short like "I love to ski too!", but you can tell a story if you really want to. The key is to not make it one-sided about yourself. You do want to stay in the conversation, so don't be afraid to, but be careful about going off on tangents. It's okay if you don't get this perfect. The key is to stay engaged.

Practice active listening. Like a lot. If you get lost or zone out or have a thought it is okay to rewind and ask "what was that about your favorite slope?" back to the last thing you remember hearing.

Your goal is not to make them feel good about YOU. Make your goal to make them feel good about THEMSELVES. When you try to make them feel good about YOU, you will inevitably fail sometimes. This is okay. But you can always make a person like themselves. This you have a good conversation and have an idea on how to proceed.

Practice on your parents siblings family or bros first to get past the pressure. Then do it with women you're not interested in. You might even get some uggo pussy out of it though. Then move onto women you do actually want after you've practiced.

Good luck user.


Think of it this way: if a woman came up to you and asked "What do you like to do for fun user?" And you said "Oh I like video games" and she said "Whoa, cool! What games do you like?" "Oh yeah, I like overwatch too! Dva is my favorite!" Would you not like want to eventually fuck this woman? You would, don't lie. And that's how easy it is. Yes, there is a mountain to climb because women are approached and on guard more, but that's really it. Women aren't crazy different from men from getting feelings toward someone.

Don't be fake about what you like and don't like. Don't be someone you're not. Lying and pretending you like something is way worse than not liking ssomethin. Make the person feel good about themselves. If you don't like it, change the subject and don't be an asshole about differences. Imagine that same woman replying "Oh, I don't like video games, they're kinda dumb", instant connection killer. Even if she doesn't like them she doesn't have to vocalize it. So even if she says she likes makeup and dresses and other shit you may think is dumb, just ask her opinion on it anyways. Maybe you'll learn something cool about dresses.

Work on eye contact. It's tough but it gets easier. It's especially hard when you're the one talking but do it anyways. If you don't look at them in the eyes you're losing out on a significant portion of the conversation. Body language is super important too but that's a lot harder to pick up on than facial expressions.

Drop the idea also about "my pure virgin waifu". The ones who are "sluts" are the ones who are most likely to sleep with you quickly. To them sex isn't a big deal so when they feel an emotional connection they'll get horny and want to have sex. And if you're the one that's making them feel emotional then they're gonna wanna sleep with you! Your virgin waifu is a virgin because she doesn't sleep with anyone. Wrap it up and enjoy the ride!!

Last bit.

Women are 10-15x more experienced than you will ever be at dating. Because they don't have to do anything to be approached and turn down men all the time, they have seen all the tricks in the book. If you try some "trick" that some pickup artist says, chances are most women have seen it already and have already shot it down. This is also why you should not be inauthentic because they can tell when you're being inauthentic from being experienced with inauthenticity. Men endlessly try to do things to fuck them and they don't endlessly fuck because it's not genuine! It doesn't feel good for someone to approach you and attempt to pick you up just for your vag. It's dehumanizing. Obviously it's hard for a guy to understand because you'd be about women coming to fuck you, but cock by en large is not something that's objectified to the point where you're nothing more than a fuck toy. Women's pussies are. And it feels awful to be reduced to your vag.

This advice isn't a magic key. This advice is for you to have genuine conversation. And that's the most powerful aphrodisiac of all. Yes, this is a long-winded way of saying "be yourself", but in a controlled way that doesn't kill conversation. Yes, you might have to hold your tongue a little. Yeah, you might have to ask about things you already know. But you'll learn about the other person in an authentic way and you'll find yourself naturally attracted to them too in non sexual ways even.

Okay. For real. Good luck. user out.