Girl i like likes me back

>girl i like likes me back
>finally a chance to lose my virginity
>hack her facebook account
>facebook tracks all the devices that logged in on that account
>she finds out because I'm a retard and used a device only I would ever use
>she now hates me with her guts
How can I make her forgive me :(

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nice log post

You must return.

Nothing because you deserve it since you see her only as an opportunity to lose your virginity.

Wow, this place sure does smell like reddit nowadays.

really? where does it say the list of devices?

top right, down arrow > settings >security and login > Where You're Logged In

Jow Forums tier trash

There's no way, end yourself.

Or, find another girl and this time don't go looking for her shit. Stalkers are filth, garbage. Human waste. Be a manly man.

I didn't hack her because I wanted to stalk her. In fact I hacked a bunch of other people, not just her.
She didn't even find out about this herself, another guy that I hacked did, and he told her.
I'm still in college and this was my first time doing anything like this. I found the opportunity to do it, and like any other idiot teenager, I did, without thinking about the consequences. If only Facebook didn't have that feature, fucking hell.

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>hacking someone you don't want to hate you
Are you literally retarded?

So what was the device?

Are you retarded or what? How could I know she would find out? I didn't hack her knowing that she was gonna find out and hate me.
You should've called me retarded for hacking in the first place instead, which is true.

Arch linux, why.
Only I, in our entire class, use linux.

>For hacking
Not really, no, security researchers have to appear one way or another, though that's hardly hacking someone's facebook.

But what I called you retarded is for
>hacking something without doing your homework on what you were doing
>not being aware of the possibility of being found out when that is the biggest thing that always brought hackers down since the down of computers and is the first thing you should always be aware of
It's like you were asking for it.

Honestly it's probably better in the long run for humanity if you aren't allowed reproductive access desu.

Imagine being this dumb.

You never actually log in with another persons pass mate only pajeets do that.

In which case I agree. I was too brash about it and I wasn't thinking straight. I've definitely learned my lesson now.

>Not going full edgemaster means you're r*ddit
What you did wasn't fringe or counterculture, it was just unethical behavior for personal gain.

>Arch Linux
Of course...

That wasn't me retard.

I guess from now on I should do all my hacking from a Windows 10 VM

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what do you do then

If you showed up in the device listing you didn't "hack" her, you stole her password and logged into her account from your own computer. Stop trying to sound smarter than you actually are (although the story doesn't put your intelligence that high in the first place). Jesus dude, if you're gonna do something as silly as stealing login credentials then at least disguise the machine you're using

Okay then, what term would you use. I used "hack" because that's how they described it when they found out.
>at least disguise the machine you're using
I've been admitting this entire thread that I was indeed too retarded to do that.

Just say you stole her password man

Okay then, I'll use that term from now on. Thanks user for enlightening me.

and why did she go to that obscure page?

so what was the actual device description that gave it out then?

She didn't, another guy told her. How this other guy found out I don't know, we haven't spoken to each other since.

>>girl i like likes me back
>>finally a chance to lose my virginity
>>hack her facebook account
Why would you do that

It’s basically a standard term now for hack to mean using someone else’s password without their permission or using their device (like they left it logged in)

Even my sister pays attention to logs in to her facebook, they probably send alerts too when someone tries logging in.

Not OP and I've been out of Facebook for a while, but that page isn't obscure at all. I'm almost sure Facebook even tells you periodically to review the devices logged into your account

>hack her facebook account
at what point exactly did this seem like the appropriate thing to do?

I just wanna know the thought process that led to this decision.

>the gaining of unauthorized access to data in a system or computer.

Stealing passwords IS hacking, it may not be a particularly sophisticated thing to do but it fits the technical definition

>girl i like likes me back
sounds pretty reddit to me, chum~p

You fucked up. Move on and treat this as a lesson.

Also, just because a girl is friendly with your doesn't mean you're getting laid.

Dumb frogposter.
On the tiny chance this actually happened be glad she isnt a dumb whore, so tell her you are sorry for threating her like obe and she deserved more. No, you already fucked up, dont expect to lose your virginity with her, but can be a good friend.

I guess I'm too much of a purist then. For me hacking involves actual coding skills, not every breach of security is a hack. Otherwise I could call stealing someone's notebook and looking at their stuff hacking and there would be no programming knowledge involved

Derp, I guess I was wrong then. Carry on OP


Report for "breach of US law" and move on guys

Really i'd call it Social Engineering. Not "hacking" per-se.

OP social engineered the password, he didn't "hack it". Unless he used a keylogger or something like that, but I assume OP just watched her enter it, or some other non-technical way to acquire it.

>Your account has been logged onto by a Lenovo Thinkpad, please confirm if this was you.

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Social engineering is a form of hacking you ree

> using faceberg for any reason

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Wait why do you wanna know this? How is this relevant

Okay, let me explain. I was a dumb 19 year old who was extremely bored in uni, and at the same time I figured out a way on how to "steal" my mates' accounts. So, being the young dumb retard that I am, I decided to do so without thinking. I did think about what would happen if I got caught, but I still did it anyway due to adrenaline. Again, this was my first time and I had no actual experience in doing shit like this. It's stupid and I know that if someone else did this to me, I'd get mad too.

That's what I'm treating this as, actually. A lesson. I'm definitely not gonna do this agian, and if I did, I'd be more careful.

That's okay. I get your point anyway, you thought that I was trying to sound smart by using the term "hack".

I wrote my own program (making it FUD) and distributed it to them. I don't know if you consider that hacking but that's what I did.
I also don't wanna go into too much detail into what I did just in case.

Why don't you watch 2D Tranny Midget furry porn on ice like a normal Jow Forumsman

>not installing a key logger in her laptop
ive done it, any relationship you're in where you feel you gotta do that, its already not working

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>t. incel
You shouldn't spy on your partner like that, you creep.

>girl i like likes me back
>Arch linux

choose one

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>49 replies
>no install gentoo
The absolute state of Jow Forums


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i wonder what he's thinking staring into that interviewer's breasts the entire time

>using reddit-tier memes
Time to go back there my incel friend.

>reddit-tier memes
incel is literally a reddit meme. fuck off with your morality faggot.

>telling people to go back to le reddit
>while using the reddit term "incel"
found the newfag from reddit trying to fit in

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>robs a bank
>forgets to put ski mask on

>>girl i like likes me back
>>finally a chance to lose my virginity
>>hack her facebook account
>>facebook tracks all the devices that logged in on that account
>>she finds out because I'm a retard and used a device only I would ever use
>>she now hates me with her guts
>How can I make her forgive me :(
shag her brains out

Why did you quote OP's entire post?

>Why did you quote OP's entire post?
you got a problem son?

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shoulda disabled all notifications while logged into her device first, then the target would not be notified about your creepo logins. advice: know more stuff

Robert?! Is that you??? Why did you hack us, Robert? How dare you!

>Why did you quote OP's entire post?
>you got a problem son?

>it was just unethical behavior for personal gain
99% of human behavior is this, you raging faggot

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> (You)
>>Why did you quote OP's entire post?
>>you got a problem son?
thank you for your time.

keks underrated

>on 4channel
>2006 + 13 (the year of our lord)

>words combined to each other is now breach of US law

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>hack her facebook account
you mean you watched her type in a shitty easy to remember password and wrote it down

damn I'm way out of the loop on what normalfags pay attention to
cringe. if ur done with her pussy don't talk to her again unless you think she can get you a job or something
cringe. give it up already hackerman, normalfags don't care about your 1337 skillz
>Wait why do you wanna know this? How is this relevant
to see what kinda special autist you are that your device gave it up

>making it FUD
FUD = fear uncertainty and doubt
not sure what you think it means

>I wrote my own program (making it FUD) and distributed it to them.
HAHAHA. What the fuck does this even mean you goddamn retard?

newfaggots get out

>outing yourself as a normalfag
The absolute state of Jow Forums

neo-Jow Forums, everyone


I'm pretty sure he was being sarcastic.

>i was only pretending to be retarded

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>whining about w*men
U go back first

It can actually apply in this situation.

I'm curious what you did to distribute your program. Did you exploit their machines? I assume not considering you say you are new to this.

And I don't see why you wouldn't share details considering the FBI isn't after some random script kiddie who keylogged his crush

>>girl i like likes me back
>>finally a chance to lose my virginity
>>hack her facebook account
not following your train of thought here

>I was just pretending