Does my resume look ok?

Sick of being a loser and living with my uncle now that my mom's dead.
Want to get a job already, I'm 24, it's long overdue.
Does my resume look okay? Asking because I've never done this kind of thing before.

>inb4 where's the work experience section
lol i don't have any

Btw, just in case anyone who sees this thread later sees my actual resume irl and recognizes it, I'd like to reassure you I don't align with the radical politics of this website and I only come here for the memes.

Thanks in advance to anyone who bothers to look at this.

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The language could be a little more personal a little less terse, and the design is utter garbage. Pick a different template if you don't have the skills to make a better one yourself.

Don't be afraid to expand to a second page and flesh out the skills section, which I would put higher than the education section (which itself could be shortened).

skimmed through it

>nearly completed code
>sadly i've lost it

Sooo this sounds like a convenient way to say 'I made this up and since i lost it, you can't prove that i did it!'

Just say you did it. If they ask then you better be able to demonstrate or talk about what you did. No one is looking through and checking that you have done everything and that they can find it on github

>I'd like to reassure you I don't align with the radical politics of this website and I only come here for the memes.
you need to go back

>the design is utter garbage. Pick a different template if you don't have the skills to make a better one yourself.
I did make one myself in HTML and CSS, it's not a template.
Well crud.
Guess I'll try again. Any specific suggestions on what could be improved regarding the design? Evidently I don't have much of a sense of style.

Thank you for the other advice, I might look into expanding the skills to a second page like you said, and will try to make the language more personal as well.

Was a little worried about that. Thanks, I'll take out that line.

link the projects your working on with your github

Not sure if it helps these days.
But back in the day, having a personal domain for your email was one of those nice bonus points thing.
Maybe that's a relic of the past and doesn't matter today. I dunno

You mean in the resume for the ones that are missing it, or here in this thread?
If it's the latter, sorry, wish I could, but I really don't want to get doxxed, my ability to ever amount to anything is at stake here.

From my experience, and Ill rate them by 1-5 on how confident I am other employers will agree:

(4)Remove GPA
(5)Remove "Sadly I've lost the code" bit

Relevant skills needs rewording
(4)Reword 'exceptionally polite and respectful' say that you approach problems with such, or that good communication is a priority.
(5)Reword "up through" to completed or similar.
(2)Reword "Can use windows and linux" to "Uses both windows and linux"

Your resume is fine.

Go on pinterest and looks for resume designs. There's so much wrong with this that I can't even begin to tell you how to fix it.

Given that you're not going into a design career it probably won't break any deals for you to have a resume that's not super slick, just be aware that books get judged by their covers and resumes get skimmed when recruiters are looking. Having a resume that stands out visually is still the single best way to make sure they read it.

Making a layout from scratch is good for this reason, if you've got the design skills, and if not then downloading something other than a standard Word template will set you apart just enough. I think that if you think this resume looked good when you designed it then you're better off picking up something someone else has made than me trying to tell you how to start again.

Thanks, will look into whether this is still true and consider getting one if so.

Is this any better? I made the suggested changes to the text. Also looked up what some other resumes look like and tried to go for a way more stripped-down design. (I do agree that I should have just used a template someone else designed, but I didn't want to because I looked into it and it seemed like kind of a hassle and it's late at night lol)

Forgot to mention this:
I haven't done much to make the language more personal and less terse yet, been looking over it and trying to figure out if/where that's necessary.
Also I would have liked to expand the skills into a second page but I couldn't think about that many different things to say about my skills.

Shit. Forgot to censor something. Fixed+reuploaded

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It's better but now too plain.

Remember book cover judging. It needs to be eye catching AND understated, not just understated. The best way to achieve eye catching is through a clever use of layout which draws the eye across the page. Literal eye catching.

Also feel free to entirely ditch the prep school stuff. Just list the school and leave the rest off, no one cares what you did in high school. Once you've graduated uni you'll be leaving it off your resume entirely.

Pic related is a decent example. To a recruiter it's clearly a custom template (which shows effort and skills or at least the effort required to not just use a standard Word template) with a good layout that causes the eye to be drawn down each column. Page layout is an art all in itself but for you I'd suggest downloading something better than what you've got and using it.

Side note: try to use bigger page margins. You've crammed too much onto this page and then moved the margins so that it stays on one page. The advice you've heard about single page resumes is out of date now. If you need a second page then use it. Don't worry about custom domain names for your email. Gmail or Outlook is fine, just make sure the handle is professional and contains your first/last name.

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In my country most of the people use EuroPass as the design hits all the important points. Try that.

Don't listen to this guy, the resume is worse than the second one you posted OP, nobody cares if it looks "plain". Most will just skim through it regardless, its easier if you keep it simple

I made that language comment mostly based on your introduction section. I didn't do much more than skim the rest and terse is more okay when you're using list formatting. Since you're actually trying I will do a line edit to show you where you're going wrong:

>Student of computer science at X seeking unpaid internship at X as an assistant software developer.10 years academic and hobbyist experience in software development. Although my academic focus is game development, my studies have awakened in me a great affection for software engineering in all its applications . I look forward to working with you, creating innovative solutions, and becoming a better person.

Should be more like:

>I am a student of computer science with ten years of academic and hobbyist experience at X, seeking an unpaid internship with X as an assistant software developer. Although my academic focus is largely in game development, my studies have given me plenty of exposure to broader software development applications in which I find myself equally interested. I look forward to working with you and the opportunity to get my career off the ground.

Things I changed:
>Using personal pronouns ('I' 'me' 'my') is NOT unprofessional, no matter what you learned writing papers at uni. A resume is a personal document that needs to be formal but show personality.
>Any number that you can write with a single word like 'ten' should be written so
>"great affection" sounds like bullshit and "affection" as a word has connotations of physical intimacy that don't belong
>"creating innovative solutions" no one believes that unpaid interns do anything like this, it sounds like a platitude
>"becoming a better person" no one cares. Work goals should be work oriented, hence "get my career off the ground," which also carries a subtext about having professional goals and ambitions which employers will like

I work as for a recruiting company dude. The pic I posted isn't the greatest example but the layout is good, and it's certainly better than OP's attempts. A resume should be easy to read and my eyes slide right over yours if it's too plain.

Probably not applicable to OP's industry but I do get requests from marketing/design/ad clients to pay special attention to how good the applicant's resume is when it comes though. There are definitely companies out there that do care.

The main question that pops up for me when seeing this is "why have you been a student for over 10 years with no work experience?"

Get rid of the objective thing, put the skills at the bottom of the page, replace "education and achievements" with just "experience".

Get rid of the last bullet under your BS because it's currently happening, not something you can say you've achieved. You can mention it in an interview but not as a listed experience or achievement. Reformat things so that your years are all on one line and remove the ( expected ). Remove the first, third and fourth bullets from the Math and Science studies

for the last one the prep school, shorten the first bullet to just "developed blah blah blah" for the second bullet remove trivial, remove the third and fourth bullets entirely.

Only list the graduation year for the prep school, list the years for the first college, and for the BS college only put your graduation month and year.

There's nothing to be done about it and there's no reason to make OP anxious about it. Employers are understanding about gaps in resumes. Shit happens. Getting into industries is harder than ever these days.

He will need to be very convincing in interviews but unpaid work is low stakes so he should have too much trouble getting in with some charm and a few good answers to interview questions.

Except for the design companies
>how good the applicant's resume is when it comes though
As in content you retard, that you have to go trhough hundreds of resume a day and skim through them based on looks isn't something people worry about when aplying through the companies directly where the hiring people probably aren't seeing a hundreed resumes a day

>As in content you retard,

No mate, I might have worded that badly but they mean design wise. Yes the content matters, but they also want people who have good looking resumes. Marketing/ad jobs have huge design components these days so it doesn't surprise me that they also want people who can make a good looking resume.

Thanks you guys, and everyone else too. Just made several of these changes, it looks a lot better. You've all given me a lot, I think I'm gonna trust my own judgement from here on out. Goodnight yall

actually only 6 of those years were years i could have been working anyway, i was in high school before that. i was in school without a job for 6 years after that because i didn't want to get a job until i was done with college because i was afraid i would flunk out of college and then never be able to get a good job. spent a year and a half going to school out of state, wasn't ready for that much change, did terribly, came home, due to the change of state all my academic records were basically as if it had all never happened, so then i went to a community college for two years trying to pick up the pieces of my life, transferred out into a university once things made sense again, attended the university for two years, couldn't finish on time, went for a third year, mom died in the beginning of that third year, grief fucked me over, dropped out of the year and now i have to sit on my ass for a year and come back for a fourth year next year.
tl;dr: it's cause i suck