Give me advice on this meme I just made thanks

Give me advice on this meme I just made thanks

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Why do incels push this stupid shit? Here's a blackpill for you, men have it better and I say this as a male. The only time being female is better is if you're a loser.

Things women can do to get more attractive
>practically nothing over just living healthily

Things men can do to get more attractive
>learn confidence
>learn social skills
>get fancy degrees
>get lots of money
>get ripped
>own a home
>get a prestigious job

Unironically saved because crescent making

>his girlfriends don't do all his cooking
I've only had two, one ex and one I'm currently dating. The first one, my ex, tried to thaw out ground beef in an empty pot and she didn't know how to make French Toast. This girlfriend will quietly creep off like she's going to the bathroom or to take care of something quick and come back with a surprise omelette or plate of pasta or a sammich for me.

Look, guys, I'm not saying "You all have shit taste in women and you're doing it to yourselves," I'm just saying all the chicks YOU like and all the chicks who are thots have a remarkable amount of similarities. To the point of being identical.

>Things men can do to get more attractive
That's a list of things a man has to do to be in the running

Come on user, a 6/10 girl who's an autistic neet (basically a female version of the incels on this board) is going to automatically have a higher SMV than a guy who has that list of things.

Right... I'm fairly confident and can fuck people fairly easily despite putting no effort into appearance. tinder and internet stuff fails for obvious reasons.

Only other thing going for me is being tall, (also have stupid amount of money + famous uni but never tell anyone). Cringecels just need to man up instead of screeching

This plus use a different recipe. No one is going to take the time to look at those 16 steps.

>also have stupid amount of money
Do you have any idea how attractive that makes you?

Ok, nice brag post I guess? Dating is still immensely easier for girls

Of course I do, and I never tell anyone (my own age at least, more open about it with older people). Also do nothing/have nothing which would give it away

As I said it depends how successful you are. Good luck getting a multimillionaire Harvard phd husband if youre one yourself when most guys just care about looks.

Your attempt at a forced meme is shit. Take it to Jow Forums, they have angry basement-dwelling virgin NEETs like you.

How would you know when you have never been on a date?

Every average girl I meet on tinder shows me her profile and she has hundreds of matches, and I live in a small town. If you honestly think it's easier to date as a guy you're retarded, I gotta say. Women can literally just walk up to random guys and ask them for sex and they'll do it, it's that easy.

Every woman I know is in a relationship.
Every woman I have ever heard talk about dating complain about the quality of men, not the absence of dates.
There has not been any exception to this so far, but even if it is not true for every single woman out there, it is true for most women.
Maybe it is more fair to say "most women have it easier than me" as some men must get women.

>Every woman is in a relationship
>Every man is single and desperate
Never understood these incel mental gymnastics.


Hi Joker

I dont understand their incel nonsense. I'm a nice guy and what you may consider a "basedboy" but I've managed to find a partner just by being myself and we've had our open relationship for roughly 14 months now

Do you hook up with girls from tinder on the side or where do you usually get them?

>Women can literally just walk up to random guys and ask them for sex and they'll do it, it's that easy.
I thought you were talking about dating, and not sex?

Sex is easier for girls. Relationships are not. Guys are thirsty for pussy, but will run the second the girl makes any kind of questions regarding commitment.

Guys have it way easier, because girls are generally far more likely to commit than guys are.

I know this from experience, I have 9 girls on the backburner who thought I was relationship material, and 2 I keep around for booty calls, because they are delusional enough to think it might happen if they offer sex enough times. I'm 6/10 at best, and I know I could easily land a relationship, but I don't want to. They do, and they can't get it, because guys don't work like that.

Its worth jack shit unless you have the looks, personality and play the numbers game.

Yeh this is complete and utter rubbish. I've been autisticly doing various tests on Tinder, Bumble, PoF, Plebbit and /soc/ over the past few eyars whenever I get bored.

I've ranked people based on how many messages they got, how many people wanted to meet up and how many compliments were used.

Attractive Female
Average Thin Female
Attractive Male
Average Fat Female
Ugly Thin Female
Average Thin Male
Ugly Fat Female
Average Fat Male
Profile with no pictures but listed as female
Ugly Thin Male
Profile with no gender or pictures
Ugly Fat Male

Men have it easier in a lot of things and if I could do life again I'd choose to be a guy again, but when it comes to dating women have it easier.

Shit meme, too many images

What Uni? have you considered that confidence is built through a lifetime of positive experiences, and not adopted as a persona?

>I can't have confidence because someone was mean to me once in middle school
You incels are truly the bottom of the barrel.

Then actively seek out positive experience and take risks instead of crying like beta bitch. You act like pussy is end all be all. Get hobbies (real ones) and quit being a douche.

Out of the men I know, about 40% are in a relationship. So I know I know other men are single too. Coming here just reinforces my worldview that dating must be hard because that is easier than to accept I am a broken person.
But let's define things a different way: how many well adjusted (in all other aspects than sexually) humans haven't had a partner in more than 2 years?
And how many do you think out of these are women?
I know several people who either used to or currently fit this description, so I don't have to rely on myself as data. (It has been far more than 2 years for me)
None of them are thirsty fuckbois with a terrible attitude towards women or whatever your version of the incel strawman is.

I'm talking about real life, obviously on tinder it's based off looks. Put the guy in a Ferrari wearing a Harvard jumper with some confident looking chads in the car and tell me how it works out.

I'd rather not say cause been recognised by cringecels here before but it's world famous.

Anyway in regards to "is confidence a persona" no of course not you have to build it up over time. Actually put some effort in to talking to people and you'll get better at it. I used to be a beta who got bullied in secondary now nobody would ever guess.

One thing which you can do to immediately see how confidence works is when you walk raise your head straight up, look straight forward, do not shuffle, hands out pockets at your sides, eyes straight forward and the vast majority of people will get out your way.* Do the same thing when talking to people and you'll get more respect. I think chads do this naturally I have to actively think about doing it, but it's something anyone can do.

*I'm almost certain this is because of looking confident, but I'm also 6'4" and despite being lanklet look big with clothes on so if you're a manlet or visibly skinny don't test it with anyone bigger then you first

If a man has not had a romantic partner in 2 years it's because he has not been seeking one (99% of cases) or because he is a disgusting angry asshole (1% of cases, includes incels).

I second this guy. I love how these people cant get girl then call her a thot. You know what a thot is right?