Sex with mature women

I'm 18, stopped looking for love and I want to fuck some milfs in my area. I don't want to use dating apps in fear of somebody who knows me seeing me but it's probably my only option. Anyone got some other suggestions?

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Yeah, talk to women

if ur plan is to just fuck hella milfs in ur area, ur gonna get recognized. just go on the dating apps

Step 1) find milf
Step 2) say hello

Old women go to bars and don't mind that you are there to fuck them.
Every town have a bar that isn't popular with the youth. Go there.

I fucked a mexican milf once.

It was in a long beach bar, she was next to me. We talked a bit. She seems cool. We drank more. Told her I was eurofag. She seems interessed.

We fucked in a rental.

But i fucked up cuz there were 2 hot milf near the toilet ( I drank a lot so I had to go to the toilet almost every 10min) and they were looking at me like they would have fucked me till morning sunshine.

At least I got laid .. just talk to them. They are just human too

I hooked up with an older woman via Craigslist, but after that was down, I use badoo/happn/tinder with the age limit set up high.

Click any of these

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I never understood this. What exactly is the appeal of older women? They're saggy, wrinkly, and their faces look masculine. Why would you not want a nubile 18 year old? Is it the male version of daddy issues?

Fucked milf, they look like shit irl.

Move to the UK, it's crammed with milfs.

He's 18. Older doesn't mean literally old. It means 30s or 40s. And have you seen JLo? Women who take care of their health by being active and not doing drugs, heavy drinking, take care of diet and skincare, look amazing until they hit 70s. My grandma is nearly 90 but she plays tennis and looks like a 70 year old.

It's just a fantasy.
If it becomes a lifestyle then maybe mommy issues but for now it is rather tame. I'm a few years off my 30s and have fantasied a couple times about a college freshman guy.

Not OP but nubile 18 year olds wouldn't touch me with a 10 foot pole lol.
Not even bad looking, they can just take their pick from any man they want, and that sure as fuck aint me.
I am also starting to get desperate enough to fuck older women.

jlo is rich and can afford to look good. And even still she looked better at 18 than at 49. That's just a fact. And I'm in my 20s but a 30 or 40 year old women is old. Especially if she's not rich enough to afford to look good like a celeb. But I guess I could see the desperation angle like this guy

Go to bars around the nearest college campuses and look for the cougars.
They are there for only one reason, and you can probably tell what that is.

some women just have good genes and look good in higher ages, celeb or nah. id go after them but i just assume they want someone they can relate to, not someone half their age. i dont want girls. i want women.

It feels old to you but it isn't old. It is middle aged. And your opinion isn't fact in life. You do not have to be rich to take care of yourself. In addition nobody is asking you to consider it, literally just explaining it to you. Don't ask if you aren't going to listen. I'd never consider such an age gap myself but it really isn't unusual to find attraction to someone more experienced than yourself.

>I'll never ever find love! I give up!
You sweet child

But 18-24 Year olds have youth and that objectively makes them look better than a 30+ year old

Why do you give a fuck if somebody you knows sees your profile?

fuck ur mom

I can offer more advice on this topic than most men I'd have thought. I'm 31 and I've had a long time interest in older women. The earliest experience I had where I can place this is watching Sex and the City and being completely enamored with the 'Samantha' character. I had never experienced such lust for a woman as I had for her. I still absolutely maintained an interest in more age appropriate females but I knew here I was not limited to that at all. I was probably about 13 when this first came about.

Through most of my teens and early to mid 20s I had very little sexual interaction with women, and my interest in older women grew through this period. As time went on it wasn't just women in their 40s, then I started to see women in their 50s and 60s as attractive too. By the time I was 27 I was a bit more sexually experienced, I had had a few girlfriends in their 20s by this point but my interest in older women continued regardless. Despite this my only experience to this date was having sex with a 31 year old woman when I was 20, which hardly counts as anything extreme I'd say.

After I split up with a girlfriend of over 2 years at 29 I decided enough was enough, I was going to pursue some older women and see what I really felt. I signed up to some dating sites, but nothing much came of it initially. I then decided it absolutely had to happen one way or another, so I went in search of prostitutes. Over the next few months I fucked several prostitutes aged between 45 and 69. What this experience taught me was that I absolutely am legitimately attracted to women in this age range.

Then came the true litmus test, I found a 48 year old woman on one of these dating sites who wanted to go on a real date with me. We met up and went for a drink, then she invited me back to her place. We had a few more drinks and it got to the point where I was too intoxicated to drive home, so she said it was no bother, I could stay there. I won't delve into too much detail but obviously we ended up having sex. We had one more date after that that also ended in sex. I ended contact with this woman after the 2nd date without talking to her again. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed the experience, but I wasn't hugely attracted to her so I left it at that.

After this experience, another month later I ended up going on a date with a 63 year old woman. I was a lot more attracted to this woman, she dressed like someone less than half her age and it turned me on so fucking much. We met in the middle of the city and I was constantly wary that I would be spotted by someone I knew but I was more eager to explore this opportunity so I set caution to the wind. We went into a bar that was mostly populated by 20-somethings and we spent the next few hours just talking and getting drunk. I had such a good time, then she planted a kiss on me. Next thing I knew we booked a hotel together and ended up fucking each other all night long. This was the best sexual experience I had to this point in my life. Over the next 6 months we'd regularly meet up and have sex. It became obvious after a while that she was developing feelings so I cut contact never to see her again. I still kind of regret it but I'm not sure what other way out I had. I only ever wanted sex, and at first that's what she wanted too, but it changed after a while.

After that experience, I got a girlfriend a few years younger than me and we've been together for a year now. I constantly long for sex with older women but I'm also not a cheat so I won't do it.

You're lucky that you've decided to explore this route at the age you are. I'm now coming up to my 32nd birthday and I'm still trying to figure out what I want. I think I'm likely to split up with my current girlfriend at some point at which time I'll inevitably end up exploring sex with women twice my age again. Then I'll try to figure out what it is I really want again and try dating women my own age. I don't know, maybe I'm just attracted to older women and that's how it is. But I'm attracted to younger women too, so it's not completely that at all.

What I would say is this, never dismiss the possibility of love. You absolutely can fall in love with someone, and the only way you're really gonna find someone to bear children is someone somewhat close to your own age. If you start dating with women who are 40+ you're gonna struggle.

I'm not too worried right now because even though I do want children I know I've still got another decade or so to figure it all out before I'd just be too old and it'd be unfair to have a child at that age (in my opinion). One thing is clear for you though, you've got a lot of self exploration to do, fucking make it happen. I let myself go years in the dark when I really could've done something about it. Throw yourself into it, you'll find a way to do it. Don't let worries about people seeing you on dating sites stop you. Your locale is possibly limiting, I can't speak for that as you haven't told us, but I reckon it's there for the taking if you want it. Just fucking do it.