Tl;dr Daughter isn't mine but my son is, how do I confront my wife?

tl;dr Daughter isn't mine but my son is, how do I confront my wife?

>been married for 9 years, have an 8 year old daughter and 1 year old son
>happy marriage, we don't really fight, have an active sexual life and we both work
>recently got a pay rise so decided to get private healthcare for my family
>involves various tests and screens before it starts
>receive the results, everything looks good and our insurance begins
>reading through the leaflet, lists my daughter as having O blood
>alarm bells start ringing as I'm AB, was brought up by a step-dad who is also O and know that it's impossible for AB to have O children
>call hospital to double check the results, she is definitely O
>only reason can be is that she's not my daughter

How do I confront my wife about this, or should I confront my wife about this and ask for a paternity test? I'm sure my son is mine as he looks exactly like me but I don't know what to do. I love my little princess to bits and I don't want her to grow up in a broken home but I don't know what to do.

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Get a DNA test before you even think about talking to your wife or anyone else.

You must be 100% certain of your daughters parentage as even a suggestion of infidelity can irreparably damage a relationship.

This kills the relationship.

If you are happy, I would leave it alone. Don't rock the boat.

Really shit situation though.

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If the test shows that you are not the girls father then you need to have a long think about your next move.

Do you want to live with resentment and secret anger toward your wife?
This can be as damaging for a child as divorce.

I can't get a DNA test without her authorisation

There's also the small chance that the hospital fucked up and gave you the wrong kid.

That said, you've already raised your daughter for eight years. You gonna stop loving her if she's not yours?

Sometimes, two white got a black son because grandma fucked a black and never tell. Just blood type can be recessive and mean nothing. Only DNA test would mean anything.

Then I'm not sure what to suggest OP.

Good luck and I'm sorry you're in this situation.

Apparently AB fathers can have O kids, it's just very rare.

Maybe it's possible to secretly do a paternity test with your daughter? Try to be 100% sure about whether the child is in fact yours or not before you confront your wife.

Paternity test first because there could have been a mutation that caused the o type. If test fails then bring it up with wife but very very peacefully and privately. If shes been with you for that long pretty sure she does care and has bottled up a lot of guilt and you holding it in will result in bottled up resentment. The combination of these two things will detroy family. Being open and honest about this in a calm manner will relieve you two, and will build trust again. Just put the children first before confrontation and itll be okay....then find out chads name and go beat the royal shit out of him. Idc if 8 years ago. Idc if 6'4" and buff. You taze his ass and bust knees with bat. You dont fuck another mans wife, thats disgusting.


>If test fails then bring it up with wife but very very peacefully and privately.
>Beat the shit out of chad who fucked OP's wife
Are you kidding me? So you're saying, if OP's wife did in fact cheat on him and get knocked up by some random dude, it's his fault? I'm pretty sure in this case it would be OP's wife doing the cheating so she would be the cheating whore. Chad simply jumped on the opportunity like nearly any man would if pussy is offered to him. Be it someone's wife or not.

You dont fuck another mans wife.

So OP should beat the shit out of this random dude, but respect his wife for cheating on him and cucking him with this child that isn't his? You fucking bluepilled whiteknight.

And yes bring up with wife. Women who cheat and dont regret it dont stay for nearly a decade. Get through this now before negative emotions dwell for too long.

Fake her signature then. Bring somebody else who will claim she is your wife.
Travel to country where it is legal to test paternity.

But ultimately you can simply ask your wife. Tell her that your daughter has wrong blood type and that it suggests she isnt yours. Her body language will tell you if she knew this before or not.

In practical terms tell your wife that if she isnt yours, you want to know the real dad so you can squeeze alimony from him.
Beating isnt productive. But getting extra money into family budget is. Let the bull pay the bills.

Okay so resent wife, make no effort to overcome shitty situation, and create toxic environment for children? Remember that he still want the child. Plus people fuck up sometimes, and sometimes really fucking badly. Not everything horrible happens because of evil, stupidity can be a mother fucker. And quit watching mgtow shit.

I change my mind. Yeah get money.

Do a 21 and Me test, have the daughter spit in the container and ship it out. Also do it yourself. If you arr related she will show up as your daughter automatically.

And no im not bluepilled. Lol "women arnt perfect so resent them for it" isnt redpill either.

The point i tried to make is that in case the child really isn't OP's, the simple fact is that his wife cheated on him and never told him despite becoming pregnant by another man's child and letting OP care for it (cuckolding him). That is downright evil and deserves to be mentioned very clearly in this thread.

But anyways, like i said in , do a secret paternity test first. I don't care how you manage to do it but it has to be done without the knowledge of your wife. Be 100% about whether your 'assumption' is really true or not. Don't confront her before you have this sorted out and you know 100% sure you aren't her biological dad. There always a small chance that she is actually your biological daughter but she has an odd blood type due to some genetic mutation or something. It's unlikely but it should be ruled out before starting any kind of drama.

This is why will never be in a relationship or risk having children

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This is why the minorities are winning

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>tfw black

I'm only marrying a white gril. All the bitches in da hood are just for baby mamas

>how do I confront my wife?
First, consult a doctor to make sure your science is correct, you say you know but confirm.

Second, you lay all the documentation out and say the blood types of your daughter doesn't add up per Dr. SoandSo and ask your wife if she has any suggestions. Then you shut the fuck up and let her squirm.

When are you guys gonna cease being shocked about this shit. Women have always fucked around on their partners but to be fair even they may not be 100% sure you aren't the father so its easy to put it out of their mind. You also have to understand women consider children, their children and the biological father of little consequence.

Send both your son and daugther saliva to those ancestry things you see on the internet. 23andME? there is another, anyway. If both results are way off your daugther def is not yours, if they are real close (not exact. but real close), it's your daugther, or at least kin.

>When are you guys gonna cease being shocked about this shit
When it stops being pretty rare. After testing for paternity in random samples, you get 0.5 to 2% of men who are raising a child who isn't theirs, unknowingly.

yeah, OP's wife could have fucked one of his family members


It's possible the lab fucked up.
In any case don't even suggest infidelity until you've checked yourself.
Start by confronting the lab.
It will stop her lying or denying it if it turns out you're right - you'll be in a better position to have a serious debate.

If you are still going to look at your daughter like she's your daughter you need to know who the other guy is, to head off him making an appearance later.
Don't believe he was a one night stand /stranger.
Women don't keep strangers children generally.

Don't make your mind up quickly, it's a serious matter.
If she walks out on you call her parents after a few days

>21 and Me test
>you arr related

t. downy pirate

If it's a daughter, it doesn't matter. She's not going to carry on your name anyway.

Either way you are feeding, clothing, raising and rearing a girl for at least 18 years solely so she can go and get ravaged by another man. All the hard work you put into your beautiful little girl - reading her stories at bedtime, making her go to sports practice, making sure she had a healthy diet, educating her, playing with her. All of it has one simple result: her body is more enjoyable for the men that will eventually fuck her in every hole.

Raised the perfect girl? Great. Who benefits? If you're lucky, a random man who had nothing to do with the way she grew up, who marries her. He gets to fuck her tight pussy every night. He gets the benefits of her kind and sweet personality that came from the way you raised her.

As a man who has a daughter, you are dedicating at least 20 years of your life simply to raise a girl for another man to enjoy. It is the ultimate and final cuck.

This is the one and only pasta that is not utter useless trash.

First and foremost, get a fucking DNA test. I have no doubt about your wife cheating, because the default setting for women is "infidelity." However, what you have right now isn't proof enough, probably, to convince the average normie of your situation, and probably not even yourself. Just buy a kit at Walgreens or somewhere. I think they sell them. Swab the daughter and yourself and wait for results.
If she's not yours, pack your bags and wait for your wife to come home or whatever. Tell her your leaving, but that you'd like to see your actual son. Ultimately, she probably won't let you, and neither will a court, but I'd rather not see my genetic son than raise someone else's kid. Not an easy choice but oh well. You can have more kids, and in the process make some cuck take care of your offspring the way you took care of someone else's.
Good luck op


>how to be a cuckold and keep your cheating wife while attempting to fight a bigger guy

are you retarded? Why would OP stay with his wife when she cheats? She should be the one punished not the guy. OP's wife allowed him to have sex with her. it's 100% her fault

you're 100% bluepilled

look at the bright side OP, just wait 10 years until she's 18 and make her your new wife

Having the biological father pay child support usually involves giving him visitation rights.
Not a great idea for a financially stable family.

You do if you don't know she's married.

this is the ultimate revenge for cucks

Damn son.

Op don't do shit until you've had a paternity test. There's a 1 in 10,000 chance she's being faithful, and you wouldn't want to ruin your marriage if that's the case.

Bruh, I was seeing a girl for weeks before I found out she was married. Now obviously I did the decent thing and contacted her husband, but I could easily have never known. You can't just beat up a dude for fucking a chick he didn't know was taken.

But if you're black and you marry a white girl, how will you know if she cheats on you with Tyrone?


Those tests suck. They're basically jyst for fun. They've done studies submitting the dna of twins with one sibling having way different ancestry than the other despite that being impossible.

Thanks user

>Women who cheat stay for nearly a decade

Can confirm this. My Dad hung in there for another 15 years of marriage after he caught my Mom in the arms of another man. He had three kids, a house and a life with her, and his family was more important to him than his wife because fatherhood has always been what he's wanted from life.

She still left after those 15 years, screaming about how he was such a shit person even though he's never told her an unkind word or laid a hand on her in anger in their whole 25 year marriage.

Best case scenario is that you divorce her , get custody of your son and she gets custody of her daughter. No man should ever be forced to take care of any child that is not his own.

Wtf is wrong with you?

You are completely slating off the concept of raising a daughter because she'll eventually grow up as an adult and have sex? I'm pretty sure having sex is a normal human activity. None of us would exist if it wasn't for our mother getting banged by our dad.

Also, you can raise your child and teach her morals to atleast somewhat prevent herself from turning into a cum dumpster once she turns 18. You know, in the sense that she'll have respect for her own body and not just give it away to anyone who has a cock. If the guy she is having sex with is a decent guy who treats your daughter with respect and makes her happy then i don't see why you would be so bitter about it.

Yeah; get her premission for the test then. Beat the fuck out of her if she hesitates. Don't be a pussy OP

Just tell your wife what happened and that you want a DNA test because you want to make sure your daughter didn't get switched up with someone else at birth. That way you don't make it obvious you think she cheated


Beat her up.

Then post pics

Are you actually implying anyone wont see through that lame excuse in less than half a second?


>AB can't have O children

Wait really? I swear there's someone in my family is AB... I'm O myself. Can O have AB sibling? Maybe I'm confusing with my brother.

ohhhh shit nigger you've done it now. You'r dads the mailman.

As if, I've always looked like my father's side of the family.

>inb4 mum fucked dad's cousin or something

Also no, I was born in another country years after they left their home country

kys fag


O can have AB siblings, it just means you parents phenotypes are recessive A and recessive B. But if one of the parents is AB, it's impossible for O to show up.

This thread has triggered so many edgelords and has done off the worst advice I've seen in a long time.

OP can't even be sure the girl isn't his.
Confrontation achieves nothing but a breakdown in relationship.
Even if the daughter isn't his, he might still think of her as a daughter and a relationship breakdown with the biological mother might see him loose custody. For all you know the mother might be the victim of sexual assault and feared getting an abortion/telling OP might have resulted in him leaving, giving rise to the lie.

There are sensible things op should do like confirm with the lab, retake the samples under some pretence, talk to the mother and see if she achnoekedges infidelity, decide if his relationship with her can continue, plan how/when to explain to the daughter that her father isn't around.

>For all you know the mother might be the victim of sexual assault and feared getting an abortion/telling OP might have resulted in him leaving, giving rise to the lie.

Yeah, you're right. If women cheat or make any mistake sexually it must be sexual assault and not her fault. You're right. OP should raise another man's child as his own

I said might, but you wrote must.

You obviously have a personal prejudice and are more interested in making sure people "get what they deserve" that actually ensuring anyone's well-being

Some women are sexually assaulted, and many men are step fathers.
Being there from birth is a big advantage.

Maybe you think all women are whores and op should abandon his family - but your the kind of person who will never have a family.

You're not a real man if you raise another man's child, you're a cuck

>Hey honey, the doctor said has O type blood. I want to get a DNA test to make sure she's ours.
I mean, it's a pretty reasonable reason.

Men deserve to die lol

so glad men get raped in prison

yes definitely I agree
these are elliot rodgers fanclub members

you're so triggered you can't even read
calm down incel
if you go to jail you'll finally have people touch your sexually. bite on a towel if it hurts when they ravage you :)

men are all rapists or wannabe rapists anyway.

Since this is turbo shitposting hour. I am here to make everything worse. If the daughter isn't yours who says the son is? Bloodtype is not a paternity test. Do you even know you are AB? Also if the son is yours I guess that is most important I think I read males inherit the y chromosome nearly identically.

Good point. While you're at it you might as well have both of them DNA tested.

it's not his family. His son is his child if he's not another man's son. If the daughter is not his, then she's not part of his family.

And adopted or step children will always consider their biological father their real father. Maybe in certain cases where their real father is abusive and not there, but they will all at one point go looking for their real family

Pretty shit situation. I would agree with everyone saying to somehow get a paternity test done. Google how to do it without anyone knowing.. there must be some way. Personally, I'd do it for your son too.

As for what to do with the information if it comes back that you're not the father.. well. I think you'd be justified in leaving, but, personally I would consider staying anyway, just because I would have raised that little girl for 8 years with 100% a paradigm of being her dad. I don't know if I would have it in me to abandon her.

I *know* this is letting yourself be played like a fiddle by a woman, but fuck me if it isn't hard as fuck.

That's a copypasta, you newfag chucklefucks

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I'm not the rapist poster. first post in this thread. But come on raising another man's child makes you a cuckold. simple as that. And most men would agree. And you or whoever I replied to instantly justified her cheating on her being raped. Like you couldn't possibly think women could cheat or have their own agency to do so

This is exactly the kind of retarded shit I expected to see. If she did infact cheat, chances are the guy didn't know she was married and she's the one to blame, not him.

This is between you and your wife. Can you accept she cheated and move on? Or will it always be in the back of your mind?

Go to another country to get the test if you had to

worthless newfags

So if raising someone else's child is cucking yourself, would you view being a foster parent as cuckold in the same light?

Being a foster parent is a charity. Raising your wife's kid is cuckoldry.

It's not another man's child if he doesn't care about the kid enough to stay.
It's called addoption and it's been a proud tradition since the Romans.

Maybe an adopted child will seek out their biological parents, but that's nothing to be afraid of.
Anyone who thinks they own their children is seeing the world the wrong way.

OP can be the bigger man.
He might leave an unfaithful wife, she made her decisions.
But the child did nothing, abandoning children is an act of the upmost cowardice

You should think first what is the result you're looking with the confrontation with your wife.
Do you want to leave her? Do you want to break your family? Just think on the result. Details are not important.

When I'll give birth, I'm never letting my newborn out of my sight and I'm sending out a DNA test right away. These situations are way too common, gonna ease our conscience right from the start. Thanks science. Blood type transmission is more complex than what we are taught in highschool, An AB parent can have a O child. Make sure you send a DNA sample from your wife as well so they can confirm maternity.

lol gg no advice no re

In my opinion, DNA testing should be part of the standard procedure when a child gets born. After the child is born, both the child and the dad should have DNA samples send to a lab to confirm that the guy in question is indeed the biological father. This to prevent a man from being cuckolded without his knowledge. No man on earth should unknowingly be forced to raise another man's genetic offspring. It's evolutionary scamming of the highest order.

But this will probably never happen because the government is way too scared this would have too much of a destabilizing effect on society. It would lead to too many children growing up without a father because OP's situation is quite common. Many guys unknowingly raise children that aren't biologically his because his wife was secretly banging a hot guy on the side.

I'm sure it's completely made up, but the last estimate I've heard was a false paternity rate of about 10% across all generations. Not sure whether recent ones would be faring any better or worse.

There's a more pressing reason for mandatory neonatal DNA testing: hereditary disease. If you don't know your true parental lineage, you don't have a good read on your family medical history. Lots of shit runs in families and I'd certainly want to know if my biological father's family has a history of awful stuff. My biology doesn't give two shits if my cucked "dad" has a clean bill of health up the family tree.

Yeah I think she could be yours and have O type blood...even if 100% positive she is not just say nothing...once you open mouth about this no way to take it back and marriage is forever blown...just be thankful she gave you a son and NEVER EVER say anything to your little princess...just keep mouth shut and live with fixing what was done...ok?

You're a retard, op, I'm type O-negative and neither of my parents have that
Did you fail biology or some shit

Lol nigga no way im raising a kid that isnt mine, paternity test on day 0.
A fun fact, in shitter states like Jew York you'll be forced to pay child support anyway cause the kid is over 3. Lmao. If your wife isnt a thot and you arent a pussy she'll do the paternity test after minor resistance.

You MUST find a way to get a DNA test.

If she's yours cool.

If not you need to confront your wife and find the truth. If she did indeed cheat the only answer is divorce. It's not the cheating or the lying it's that she let you raise a kid that wasn't yours and never told you. That is an ultimate betrayal.

But anyway like other anons said you need absolute proof before you start jumping to any conclusions. You could have just gotten some mixed up test results.

i'm tellin ya guys, I would be 90% of you are not the biological sons or daughters of your father.

Girls be fucking whores and they don't give a fuck about condoms. They meet a guy and he's jizzin in her that night.

definitely bring it up with the wife.

if it was a one-time thing and you love her and she regrets it, try to move past it. maybe couples therapy.

if she did it multiple times and/or doesn’t seem to truly regret what she did, i’d say drop her.

>A fun fact, in shitter states like Jew York you'll be forced to pay child support anyway cause the kid is over 3.
Well, it's not the kid's fault that it's mother is a thot. It shouldn't have to suffer a life of poverty.

Ever get her tested for the Bombay Phenotype? It's pretty damn rare, has an occurrence of only 1 in 250,000 in the event neither of the parents are of Indian heritage, but if there is Indian heritage somewhere that rate jumps to approx. 1 in 7,000. It's pretty rare, and unlikely, but is still a possibility, especially if the wife is insisting the daughter is yours and is willing to take tests. Because on a standard blood test, it will come back as type O, but it possesses NONE of the antigens, so it differs from type O and thus in the event she needs a transfusion, even type O isn't an option. Essentially, if you truly believe your wife was faithful, bring it up in terms of "So we should test our daughter for rare blood types/phenotypes, because idk how she could read as type O if I'm AB"

Cis AB mutation

This can happen if your parents are A or B, in which case they can have the genes for AO or BO, which may get you a O son. My mom and my dad are like that, and I'm O.
You can't have that with ABO, unless there's some super rare kind.

>I'm never letting my newborn out of my sight and I'm sending out a DNA test right away.
It's extremely rare that this happens. Like, maybe maybe 1 couple out of 100 or 200.
If I found out this happened with my husband, I'd be really sad.

>I've heard was a false paternity rate of about 10% across all generations
Absolutely made up.
The false paternity rate is around 1 to 2% across all generations, and nowadays it is a little lower than that.