We were together for 7 months. We had our ups and downs, but i would say we were happy... at least i thought we were. We both had our problems. I was very controlling, she was very manipulative and lied all the time. But i figured that if we both solved our problems, eventually it would be alright. Seeing this person everyday for 7 months made me feel so attached to her, i can not describe it. 2 days after out 7 months anniversary, on 19 dec, we were supposed to go see a movie. I found her at a coffee shop with 2 drinks, looking very disturbed. "What's wrong?" "I want to break up" "I don't want a relationship, and you deserve better than this" I was shocked. She has been acting strange lately but i thought she was just having a bad time. I choked. I was completly devastated. She made it clear she doesn't want to hear from me ever again. We just cried in eachothers arms for 1 hour, then went home. It has been one month since then. She has been posting on instagram a lot recently, but she does not seem sad at all. I messaged her. I told her i would change everything that i did wrong. She did not want to hear about me. I asked if she misses me "I did for a while, but i do not miss you anymore" "I moved on". I begged and begged but she does not want us together anymore. How could she move on so fast? I do not understand. Ever since then i have lost all my motivation, i started smoking, i have become addicted to MDMA, weed and valium, i cannot function, i lost weight, my body feels weak. Seeing her so happy makes me want to kill myself. What the fuck do i do?

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Move on.
She's not going to get back with you and you have to accept that.

Stop messaging her, find someone else, do something that distracts you from her.

I'm sorry to hear how much you loved her, but break ups are never easy, for anyone. You have to buck up and care for yourself, instead of about her.

Just move on dude. Some things just dont work some times. And stop them drugs.

I second this.

The drugs are escapism. They're not actually doing you any good.

I tried to keep myself occupied but i always end up thinking about her and looking at pictures of us. I read about people not being able to move on years after the break up and im scared i ll be one of them

If i am sober i am thinking about her, i use drugs to forget what happened, to forget the drama

How do you move on?



Delete the pictures. Remove her from your social media. Remove her from whatever else you have in your life, picture frames, gifts, belongings, etc... It was only half a year. Don't tell me it can't be done. The less incentive you have to have her in your memory, the more you'll be able to move on.

Instead of thinking "I want to be with her again", think "She's over me and I must accept that"

She's not the only woman out there, and you're not the only one with a bad break up. The longer you keep dwelling, the longer you'll be miserable.

Doing so would erase all memories of the best time of my life. Unfortunately i cannot throw away the gifts, as they are hoodies, the only hoodies i have. They do mean a lot tho :(

The goal here is to not think about her while you're sober.

The drugs are a bandaid to a gash.

Get new hoodies. Throw them out or burn them.

You have to recognize that the memories are no longer happy. They are painful.
You have to heal, and to heal, you have to move on.

How many times are you going to start this same thread?

I would be fucking destroyed if i burned the hoodies and deleted the photos

Again how do you do this?

U are suggesting a satanic ritual.

Kys seems the only solution

Then there's no point in asking for advice here, because you DON'T want to over her.

Get new hoodies at a thrift store or donation center, and throw out the ones you have. Delete the pictures. As long as they're there, you won't be able to move on, because they will continue to trigger your memories.

>I would be fucking destroyed if i burned the hoodies

Why? Just donate them to Salvation army or sell them online

>deleted the photos

Fucking do it mang

Don't pussy out on me.

I recently had a breakup as well and it's two years. Found her cheating and dump her. We don't deserve that shit.

Also I once had a half a year relationship. I got over by being busy and just going out.

Once you do it. You are stuck with them for life.

OP I am contemplating suicide over in the gioyc thread

I had this done to me.

It's evil of her. She was suicidal and passed it to me.

I guess that's how it goes. You helped make her happy and that's something right?

In the after life you WILL meet again and she WILL know the full truth of this.

She will regret it for eternity.

Find some peace in that cause I did and maybe if this board does anything you will too.

Oh, fuck you. This is why she doesn't want to get back with you. You're making her your everything in life. Go do something else, or at least transform your misery into music, drawings, painting, dance, whatever.

She did mention that she was uneasy knowing i love her more than literally anything. Why "fuck you" what was wrong in making her my number 1 priority?

>Why "fuck you"
Your annoying attitude.
>She did mention that she was uneasy knowing i love her more than literally anything
>what was wrong in making her my number 1 priority?
People don't like to be the tether for someone else to this mortal coil.

Since you re the only one that struck me to reality until now, what do i do? Do i keep hoping for a future? How do i get over? Do i delete the photos and throw away the hoodies? How the fuck do i stop the drug abuse, if i am sober i am crying all the time. What do i fucking do

But i swear i wasnt the only faulty one. She brought harm to the relationship as well

You NEED to realize that drug abuse is a dead end. You will become dependent, you will become less functional, you will spend money you shouldn't on it. You will die poor, cold, and hungry.

After you kick drugs, you just need to find things to do. My girlfriend broke up with me because I, too, put too much pressure on her. I took up guitar for the first time in a while, I got a steady job, bought myself things I wanted like a better computer for video games, started working out to really sad music for catharsis. I'm in a good place, never thought I would be. I figured, like you, that I would never get over it. But the memory of the pain lessens and lessens. It sounds like it'll take a while, but it can for you too. Just gotta keep moving.
I don't doubt it, but she's gone.

I understand what you're saying. But i just keep thinking thinking that maybe months from now we ll be together again... is it bad to think about this in the long run? What about pictures? Do i delete them? Also i need to gain the self control to not check her instagram, but i just cant right now

>But i just keep thinking thinking that maybe months from now we ll be together again
Don't do that. You're setting up expectations, unrealistic ones at that.
>What about pictures? Do i delete them?
It wouldn't hurt.
>Also i need to gain the self control to not check her instagram, but i just cant right now
Go do something else that will improve who you are. Look at yourself. Would you date you? The only qualities you have right now are being whiny and clingy. Stop that.

There are some things i will never forget that will remind me of her, like the song "I heard you were looking like the moon". I keep going back to that song and its impossible to forget that now. I have always been clingy so i guess im pretty screwed

Just know the world doesn't revolve arou d you and from the outside you look ridiculous