I shat myself in a college party

I shat myself in a college party

I was drunk

Am I ruined?

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Yeah, move state and delete your facebook


just know everyone will remember
everyone. and when they see you it may bring up that memory until long after.

But they will always remember

anons should i just kill myself?

A lot of people have shat themselves while drunk.
Just act normal and keep hanging out with your friends. If anyone ever reminds you or makes fun of you just take it as a joke and say something like “hey you better not underestimate the power of alcohol or you’ll end up like me! Hahah”
If you are worried about what will people talk at your back then you are a bitch. Don’t pay attention what others say.

I'm a second year uni student in the UK.
When I was a fresher (first year) somebody in second year told me proudly that in his first week of uni, he got so drunk that he pissed himself. If I'd have made friends with him, I would've made fun of him for it, but he wouldn't have cared because he was owning it.

you're only ruined if you get salty about it.

>Am I ruined?
What? No. It's just a fun story to tell of how much of a fuckin savage partier you are. Thats atleast how people in my circles would've seen it.

>“hey you better not underestimate the power of alcohol or you’ll end up like me! Hahah”

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Those pants definitely are

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lol you're a beast, make sure that you do something epic next party, what that'll be I leave up to you, think of something to go into the anals of your college party history
>hey you know that guy that did ______
>yeah man hes a beast did you hear that he shit himself once
once you cement yourself as a good party element they won't be able to use you shitting yourself against you, it'll always be in some gray semi-positive light when it comes up

go out there and be a legend

I mean I raped a girl at a party so you're doing alright

Nah, someone I knew a uni pissed himself and threw up in the excitement off it.

He was fine afterwards socially.

say it was banter

more like BRAPter

(non-incriminating) story time

Not as bad as being sober.
Atleast you can say you were drunk.
Imagine trying to justify being sober and shitting yourself.


own it
don't bring it up but if it comes up laugh about it LEGITIMATELY
shitting yourself is funny, so treat it as such and get over the fleeting embarrassment that it entails
people will respect you for having a sense of humour about it

No, but your underwear probably is

It depends on the people you were with. Are they the friendly type who’d remember the event and give you some nickname and make fun of you, but know that’s just surface level stuff and that there’s more to you?
Or are they the type or eternally torture you with that memory to the point of suicide?