My fwb has only had sex with me until really recently. I don't care that she's banging other people...

My fwb has only had sex with me until really recently. I don't care that she's banging other people, but she waited until AFTER we had sex to tell me. When I saw other people I would always tell her beforehand. She says it shouldn't matter to me but I think for just health reasons alone she should have told me first. Am I in the wrong here?

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>expecting a whore not to be a shitty person

right OP, what did you expect? She sees sex as nothing, so why would she have any sense of responsibility in informing you she engaged in it?

>Expecting a man only using a girl for sex to not be a shitty person and not have dumb expectations about it


Good point. The sex is pretty good but I should probably cut it off. She was always like "idk if i can have sex with another person it's so personal yadda yadda" but at the end of the day when she does it she can't think to tell me despite me literally saying I don't care and fuck around a lot and always give her the courtesy to at least let her know

Sounds like you caught some feels

How is letting a sexual partner know that they are engaging with other people a dumb expectation? It's important for health reasons let alone if someone catches feels

Eh, not that. It's more like I'm worried I'll get some sort of disease. I tell her of my times so she can keep on top of testing, I would've appreciated the same respect. If she would have told me before we fucked I would have been ok with it

well, they're both equally shitty, but OPs shitness has nothing to do here right now

The only way to get over this feel is if you tag team her with a bro.

then you should only really be concerned if she fucked them without a condom.
Did you set that "rule" beforehand that she should tell you?

>a man and a woman make a mutual agreement to have regular casual sex
>this makes the man a user

I have the same respect for people with FWB's as heroine addicts.

Pleasure is supposed to be a motivating factor in the human experience. It works form denial. You deny pleasure for a while, then reward. This causes men to do amazing things, work hard, and advance humanity. But when you capitulate to your pleasures and satisfy them instantly, you short-circuit this loop and nothing is accomplished. The pleasure eats itself and you will ultimately genetically die.

Anyway, OP, you reap what you sow. Look in the mirror to find the source of this problem.

Exactly, this is the kind of hypoctritical, toxic ideology of the #metoo movement.

>Am I in the wrong here?
You're not her boyfriend. You're just some guy fucking her. She is under no obligation to share her sex life with you. If you're using a condom then there's no "health" reasons that would dictate she tell you. If you're not using a condom then you're just an idiot and deserve whatever you have coming to you. If you wanted this kind of personal access to her life you should of become her boyfriend but you didn't so, you don't.

>Pleasure is supposed to be a motivating factor in the human experience.
Please, basement dwelling sperg, tell us what your endless wisdom and knowledge has informed you on what pleasure is SUPPOSED to be for all of us.

You can still get genital herpes even if you wear a condom, retard.


All the parts of your brain exist because at some point, it was required (not optional) for survival. Thus we yield some powers, some we no longer "need" per se, but we can still take advantage of.

If you don't utilize your capacity to feel pleasure properly, then you'll be genetically out-competed by men who can and do.

But don't take my word for it! Be a hedonist if you want

>You can still get genital herpes even if you wear a condom, retard.
Yeah, no shit, doofus. Condoms reduce the risk of sexually transmitted disease. Also, the chance of getting herpes while wearing a condom and while the person has no outbreak is ridiculously small. If OP really wanted this much personal knowledge of who else she was seeing and who she was sleeping with he should of become her boyfriend. That's it. The "health" bullshit is just some thinly veiled excuse to cover up his insecurity. I get it, it was cool that she only had sex with him and he was all she needed to fulfill her sexual needs but the whole point of a fuck buddy relationship is the no strings attached. You can't start arguing that you have the right to attach strings just because your ego is bruised.

You are about as educated in evolutionary biology and genetics as my dog is in trigonometry. Your armchair musings are entirely worthless and unremarkable. You're just another sperg in a large pool of many who think rattling off their amateur, convoluted, fallacious "appeal to nature" theories is tantamount to being educated.

contribute something to this board, loser!

Ever think that it's actually a health concern and not some ego bruise? Genital herpes is for fucking life. It's not something you wanna play around with.

I am. I'm contributing the logical and common sense analysis that your amateur scientific musings are uneducated, inflammatory and utterly useless. Its important because a lot of the young, less analytical and impressionable kids that visit here can often be tricked like bullshitters like you simply because they don't have the knowledge to understand that speaking like you know what you're talking about isn't equivalent to knowing. If your honest defense of your uneducated theories are that I haven't produced a more convincing theory then you're far less intelligent than you think you are. You can try to turn the spotlight on me but, ultimately, I'm not the one who made claims about a scientific discipline I don't know shit about. You did.

>Ever think that it's actually a health concern and not some ego bruise?
Absolutely not because if OP wanted that kind of knowledge about her sex life then he should have become her boyfriend. He consciously made the choice to have a no strings attached relationship then as soon as he actually had to deal with the reality of that decision he wants to justify his overreach by stating its purely for health reasons? Come on, user. You and I both know that's bullshit. You see, a girl who only has sex with you is called a girlfriend. OP should of considered that before entering into a relationship he is obviously uncomfortabel with.

He probably should have clarified seeing other people beforehand with her, but there's nothing wrong with coming to an agreement to be exclusive or at least inform each other of sexual escapades. Becoming her boyfriend may not be beneficial to either of them but for some reason you think it's the only solution.

>Am I in the wrong here?

Better question: who cares? What happened happened. Now you can make the choice to stop having sex with her if it bothers you that she fucks other dudes. What difference does it make who's right or wrong? Like what areyou gonna do, break up?

>other people attacking the girl so I'll go after OP instead of them
What a faggot you are