Ok but how do i actually get an asian gf?

ok but how do i actually get an asian gf?

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Sure, why not

how though

If you can't figure it out you couldn't handle her anyway.

why asian? seeing this type of stuff for years here made me feel bad about being an european girl

Arms Race

A literal UK w h o r e won so don't worry

desu I've been into asians for as long as I've been aware of my own sexuality and couldn't tell you exactly why other than I grew up in a city with a large population of them. For me it's like some guys like blondes or brunettes. I understand a lot of guys have weird creepy reasons for wanting asian girls though. so IRL I keep my mouth shut about it.

Asians in general are dirty and really mean mannered.

But I guess travel to China?

they age better and are supposedly less pozzed than western women thanks to suffrage and the sexual liberation movement

Not op, but i dig more the cute looks of a girl than the "Hot" look that many have.

Animu spoiled me i guess

>Find Asian girl, or one with a dick if you flow that way
>Get her to go on a date
>Repeat steps 2 and 3
>Do step 4 until you guys make it official, but if not then go back to step 1 and go down the list in chronological order until you get what you want

well when you put it like that..

major in stats

sounds impossible

I'm planning on going back to school for mathematics. But I was a physics major and there were always a bunch of hot chinese girls but by and large they were hard to make inroads with, not very outgoing

You'll be surrounded by them then, just gotta up your game.

how so

Buy one

then she wouldn't actually like me

>be white guy
>go to any asian country

what about here in the US?

Wait for the Chinese to take over.

because white women are huge bbc sluts

t. white man from america

I love white women and I would never betray my race, but it seems like a lot of guys are getting desperate and looking for cheap gook pussy since there have been lots of examples of how white woman have been in the downgrade for the past decade.

You're desperate if you go after white women. 90% of them have had miles in cock in them by age 21. While a lot of asians are pure and want a family.

Nah, You’re just a cuck


you chasing the dream too?

t.black man here i wish that were true but only the really tall athletic and/or light skinned black guys score. leaving us average niggas in the dust.

I feel like a lot of guys are looking in the wrong place for white women, the country and especially the churches in the country seem to be a last haven.

Have a lot of money. Asian women are gold diggers. This applies to all races, true, but they are raised to an extreme degree to judge a man based on how much money he makes. How do I know? I am an asian woman and my mom always said "you find man who make lot of money or I shun you. NOW EAT YOUR BANANA IT GOOD FOR YOU. HOW YOU ATTRACT NICE RICH MAN IF YOU NEVER EAT BANANA?"

get asian gf with an asain heritage not an asian who has migrated recently, American born asians are way better than genuine asians.

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>American born asians are way better than genuine asians.
>he just wants white girls that aren't ugly

how I do that

I work in scientific academia, so I'll never truly be rich on the basis of my own income but I'll always be taken care of, will always have valuable skills, could eventually get a tenure track position, and arguably hold high social status. Also my mom is a millionaire so I'll be a little more well off down the line when I inherit some of my family's wealth. That good enough?

Also at kendo club I go to every girl is asian

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No, not enough.

Just wait until your mom kicks the bucket and become a sugar daddy.

Serious question: why would anyone get an Asian gf, in the age of r/hapas and Elliot Rodgers?

>Asian women are gold diggers
>still believing this meme
you sound like a white roastie

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You're saying to get a half-asian bf instead?

r/hapas is meme-tier, and Elliot Rodgers' dad was a shit. Most hapas are fine, it's just that the weirdos who chase FOB asian girls just because they expect them to be submissive also turn out to be bad dads, whoda thunk.

Would actually getting a professorship make me attractive, or is the only way to strike it rich in silicon valley?

>spends his nights on Jow Forums talking about tfw no qt3.14 asian gf

>wants to teach the next generation of impressionable minds

God help us all.

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>notice anything
Likely cherry picking?

>notice anything

can you name a single western Asian woman who didn't marry a white man or stay forever single

I can barely think of any prominent Asian-American women off the top of my head in the first place other than Lucy Liu and Margaret Cho.

I can think of examples from my personal life but you're not going to listen to anecdotes.

How many prominent American-born Asian men can you name?

that guy from the Hangover
Nathan Chen

mike shinoda
tsutoma shimura

I had one that was a fiance

continuing with the music theme:
steve aoki

Why? Asian woman are faminin and want their man to be masculin. Western woman want to be in guys place and says masculinity is toxic.

Oh yeah i wonder why would western man prefer them. Say thanks to feminism that ruined western society. Whole world is laughing at you guys.

>that guy from the Hangover
Ken Jeong is married to a Vietnamese-American woman.

viet girls are so hot

How did you end up together?
What went wrong?

Im European and i had 2 gf before i moved to Japan (work related stuff). Western woman are spoiled, egocentric, selfish bitches that will suck you dry and leave you for better looking guy when they are finished with you.

My Japanese gf is the most caring, loyal, loving woman i know. She is a real gf and do her part really well. I finally feel like a man with her. Its like a breath of a fresh air after USA THOTS.

Its really not that difficult to figure it out, grill...

He needs goodmtype of Asian girl. Thst means NO CHINA!

Japam, SKorea, Vietnam, Singapor, Taiwan

These are the best gene pools.

okay I read all of this and thought it's bullshit but I guess it all is coming from usa and it's different than in my country
my ex always said how asians were better but probably because he was a weeb

God, I would love to have a Vietnamese girl. For me, they're some of the hottest in the world.

so you say that, for example, a slavic girl can't be, I don't know, loyal, cute, loving, a good cook etc.?

It's some truth some bullshit. It's a matter of degrees.

It's true that American women are raised to be very demanding of their men. That's just USA culture. Some of the "miles of black cock by age 13" stuff is exaggerated. It has been my experience that white American women have tended to be more demanding, and expect in turn for me to be highly assertive about my own wants. Whereas when I was with a Chinese-American girl she was always trying to figure out ways to please me, always surprising me with home-cooked food, offering to pick me up at work, etc.

They are better in every way.

More feminin
Tighter pussy
Embraces female role
Amazing mothers that dedicate themselves for that job
Wast majority are pro life instead of being selfish cuts
Loyal to the bone (exact opposite of white girl)
Think that guy should lead and be masculin (its a big turn on for them and they dont lie about it like white girls do)
They are not afraid to fall in female stereotype cathegory, just like they are not afraid to ask from a man to do hes masculin duties.
They have their dignity, majority dont walk around like whores, but that might be cause loyalty in their culture is worth more than money. Exact opposite of west and white woman.

Unless youre traditional EasternEuropean gal you cant compete with Asian girls.

Thats just what family orientade guy thinks , there are still enough onions bois or chads that will fuck/date you so dont worry you can get a guy too. All thought most probably you will end up as being a single mother.

Yes, women are kinder when a green card is at stake

Since when Slavs, Balts, Hungarians or other EASTERN Europeans fall into "Western" Category?

If you want nice gf whos not brainwashed by western feninism then yeah eastern europe is the only place for it.

Nah, she was a natural-born citizen, although her family was very traditional.

>Unless youre traditional EasternEuropean
I was feeling hopeless until I read that
fuck pro lifers though, I don't want to give birth to a severely deformed child who'd die in agony the same day

Not the guy youre responding to, but...

Eastern European pro life position -
Abortion is allowed in 4 cases:
1) Rape
2) Incest
3) If kid has deformations or mental illness and hes life will be not worth living
4) If mothers health is at risk

Financial reasons (which makes up around 95% of all abortions in USA) are not recognized here as valid reason to do it.

Im also Hungarian.

All races have gold diggers because it's beneficial from an evolutionary and social standpoint to be with wealthy men. Asians are no exception.

Its about culture that endorses it like west or that condemns it like South East Asia cointries. Percent of woman that are gold diggers will differ between these two parts of the world significantly.

yeah, it's like that in my country too but there are some people who want those laws changed saying stuff like "b-but that raped 12 year old impregnated by her uncle can place that child for adoption"

That's the retarded fundamentalist version of pro-life.

That it's quite endemic to America is why the debate there never stops going back and forth.

>Also my mom is a millionaire
Yeah, that is enough for most. But they may not care until the money is actually in your possession. And I just want to say, my family may pressure me to be with rich men, and I completely understand why life is easier with money, but I personally don't make it a priority. There are plenty of asian women who wouldn't care if you are poor. I am not one of them, I believe a man should be financially stable to a certain degree. Good luck.

So apparently this thread has turned into a debate on the merits of having an asian girlfriend.

I just think asian girls are the hottest pls help me get a gf. :(

Saying all abortions should ne illegal is as retarded as saying all abortions should be legal.

Eastern European ProLife stance is based not on religion, but on functional society and RESPOMSIBILITY of individual actions.

So its understandable that raped woman wont be forced to keep the kid. But Healthy woman with healthy kid will be forced to keep the kid cause we are not rising spoiled egocentrical cuts that will kill healthy baby just for their convinience.

That part was answered far upthread:
Everything else is marginal ways to increase the efficiency of those steps. Being wealthy will probably increase your success rate following those steps. (As will being physically fit, behaving in a way that gives off the vibe of being a socailly dominant individual, etc.) Going to college for stats or moving to an asian country will increase your opportunities to take the first step.

Whether you SHOULD Is a much more interesting question.

This user speaks the truth. Read "Models" by Mark Manson and the Book of Pook. You're probably overcomplicating things,

>Eastern European ProLife stance is based not on religion
in my country it is, the most of those "radical" pro-lifers who don't abortion to be legal in any case are priests

That's like saying you find women with heritable genetic diseases attractive. That may be okay for you, but your children will be abominations

Unless its all abortion is forbidden then its not.

Harshest laws are in Poland and even there they dont touch rape victims.

>heritable genetic diseases
Are you saying that asian girls will not contribute anything good to your next kid?

They will contribute to a future subscriber to r/hapas

You say it as if it was a bad thing.

asian girls are the future of man kind
all white sluts should be gassed

>asian girls are the future of man kind
literally this

white and black girls cant compete with them cause they are feminin and last race of woman that actually resembles woman both in looks AND actions.

why do you want me to die? :'(

read the thread

Its not her fault that feminists ruined western woman. Maybe shes Eastern European woman anyway.

I know why autists prefer asians but don't know why they want me to die

because you are attentionseeking on 4chin, either post tits or die

so every single Jow Forums poster is attention seeking? okay
also I'm not going to post tits because I'm not a whore

you used your gender to seek attention, dumb bitch

>white female
>not a whore

>thinks only autists prefer asians
Maybe thats the reason?

says a person who probably finds asians attractive, okay

Thats the oldest Jow Forums rule
Everyone is male unless you say otherwise, if you do so then you reveal your gender to seek attention. Which is true, isnt it?

p.s. post tits or gtfo

what does that have to do with what i said?

Oh did he hurt ya low iq fee fees with hes mating preferences ?