There's this girl that works at the gym I go to...

There's this girl that works at the gym I go to. She caught me checking her out one day and now I'm pretty sure she checks me out regularly too.

I know that step 2 is just fucking go for it, I got nothing to lose.

What are some suggestions on how I should go about it?

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Tell her about something fun you plan on doing and ask if she wants to join.

>that works at the gym

user unless you’re a 10/10 chad, pls don’t hit on girls at work. They’re paid to smile. Unless she gives you her number in some random scenario, it’s a no. Your only way to make this not creepy is randomly bump into her at say the supermarket, then proceed with “hey you work at the gym right?..” and go from there

Ask her if you can suck the stress out of her titties

>I got nothing to lose
Actually you risk that she wasn't actually "staring" at you but keeping her eye on you cuz she thinks you're a pervert and will get you banned from the gym for being a weirdo.
Or best case scenario she's just looking at you because she works there and it's her job to be police and friendly.
Either way, never try to pick up girls while they're working.

Unless you're tall (6' or above), then you can do whatever you want and women will love you.

I'm 6' and I can assure you that ain't true in the slightest

She's probably keeping an eye on you making sure you don't creep on other girls

Instead of approaching her based on checking out, next time she catches you, smile at her. If she smiles back then approach her. If not, don't do it

You got problems.

Jeez. Okay. I'm not really worried about my looks. I'm also a pretty confident and respectful person. I totally get that she wouldn't want to be bugged while she's working, I wouldn't even think about doing this unless I thought I had a chance. If it's a universal rule then I'm not going to trip about it.

I definitely got a few smiles from her while I was working out.

Have your schlong always hanging out the side of your shorts while you bench press.

I heard this actually works on tinder

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If she was another gym patron, I’d say go for it but employees are literally paid to be nice to you. It’s never a good idea to hit on someone at their job.

Guess I won't then. It's not a big deal.

You must be ugly. I'm 6'4 and Jow Forums with a 9/10 face, I can say whatever the fuck I want and women instantly fall in love with me, even when they have boyfriends.

Cool story little guy.

Since you're gonna see this lady everyday or whatever there's no rush.

Fucking kek. This is going to get to Reddit soon.

Whatever you say bro

>Unless you're tall (6' or above),
Tall (in America) is 5’10” and above. Stop the 6 foot meme bullshit

5'10 is average or slightly below average, stop lying to yourself manlet. Women go for the top 20% of men, not the 50th percentile.

Ask her a gym-related question that requires a detailed answer. (I.e. not a yes/no question.) Listen. Maybe ask a follow-up question. If she seems friendly, maybe ask for some advice about clothes or haircuts or something a little more personal. You're asking her because she "always looks nice."

The basic idea is to be friendly but not TOO friendly. Be confident but not a jerk. You're testing the waters, respectfully, and not charging in like a clumsy and thirsty incel. She'll give some indications that she's interested, or not. If she seems cold, hey, you were just being friendly. No big deal. But if she seems warm, then ask she would like to have a cup of coffee sometime.

When in doubt just pull it out.

Almost good bait, you forgot to include your dick size.