I am 36 and single. Had relationships before. Maybe I should get married, idk...

I am 36 and single. Had relationships before. Maybe I should get married, idk. But I don’t want to settle for women of my age. What’s your advice?

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Advice about what?
If you want a partner then Godspeed, do your thing. Ditto if you want to date younger women.
The only thing I would advise against is getting married. Divorce is on par with cancer in terms of how it can thoroughly ruin a man's life.

Settle for one your age? I'm 27 dating a 39 y/o woman. Actually is better in many ways than dating young dumb ones. And she physically looks 29

Go to Thailand and fuck whores for the rest of your life, those guys seem to be living the life

Sure what 39 year old
Woman dates a 27 year old man unless she has issues?


I want to believe.

Haha go fuck a teen and when you get over the bravado you’ll see why older women give the best head/on top Fuck

40yo women are honestly awesome tho. Super sex starved and fun

Teen skin tho...

This. Tits and ass too.

Some, but that’s 1%.

roast larping

Yeah maybe a 1 or 2 percents are. Others are pure cat lady bitches.

There's really two things at play here. When you're young and horny and just want to get off, it doesn't matter what the girl does. As long as she's good looking it doesn't matter if she just points her ass up at you and lets you do all the work - as young men, just being able to put dick in pussy (especially strange pussy) is enough for some powerful nut.

As you get older you realize that one wet hole isn't really all that different from the next. A female who actually knows how to seduce, entice, and has technique, however, is something else.

There's something to be said about getting off on young girls - there's definitely a psychological thrill there of porking a hot young thing - but most don't know what the fuck they're doing and expect you to cum buckets from the simple privilege of having your penis in one of their holes.

Somewhat true but girls have different pussies, like inside curb, tightness at spots. You finger some differently etc.
Otherwise I agree, the lust part can be burnt away pretty quick like 3 months max then being together will be a chore at best if she doesn’t know how to handle subtle emotional bs which generally means a girl that’s 26-28yo for a 36-38yo dude.

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you know lana del rey (girl in your op) is 33 right? what’s wrong with just a bit younger?

Children. You ought to have them with women under 30.

>I don’t want to settle for women of my age.

And what will they be settling for?

Mines a beauty, blue eyes, brown hair, phat ass, still firm everywhere keeps in shape but still got a little squish. retains hourglass shape and is about 5' 2, 135lb

I really dunno what kind of shit this faggot here was regurgitating but I've fucked between 18 to 50 years old across 12-15(?) women and this one is one of the best so far only complaint is she's very vanilla I have friends who are into poly, swinger and bdsm and she doesn't want any of it

Good for you. When I will have a waifu the last thing I will do is to post about her online. Why would I? It means your opinion of her is more important to me than my partner herself. That doesn’t really work with me.

under 35 is fine, my dad is a doctor and a fertility specialist and he says that’s the age egg quality and quantity really starts to decline. tons of women in their early 30s have healthy babies.

Your dad is a shit medic. I have a healthcare related degree too. Never make kids with a woman over 35, doesn't matter wtf her blood tests say.

You know Kate Beckinsale is 45 and she’s dating a 23 year old..

Not that user, but you’re retarded

>healthcare related degree

my dad is a medical doctor/ob-gyn that specializes in fertility issues so i think i will trust his word over yours but thanks.

Idgaf of your opinion. My nephew has fragile X syndrome was born to a mother when she was 34. His brother is okay. He was born when she was 26. Kys!

I shit on your dead. Will give it writing in 6 languages in front of a judge. Bye!

It may be a bit late for cradle robbing. A twenty year old would still be pretty fresh. I recommend that shit. To a young woman, you're pretty well of if you can afford dinner and a movie every weekend. You can train her in tasks that you cannot get to and take care of her in return. She is still fresh when you are old and when you die, she gets your money and can fool around with a young stud. It is a win for everyone.

I'm not looking down on you but you have to know that from a factual scientific point of view, you're an unhealthy male and your circuitry isn't quite right.

She's well past the age of healthy babies and it gets worse with time. From a pure genetic point of view, the idea of dating someone older than you as a male, especially that much older than you, should disgust you.

In summary, your opinion is mostly hot garbage and OP really shouldn't value what you have to say because it's only slightly better than believing a man going around claiming he's the Queen of England and actually believing it.

We probably won't even have kids. I picked her because she's sweet and hot. I don't understand why everything in male female dynamics have to be based on reproduction. How does any of what i said make me unhealthy or wired wrong aside from the strictly scientific perspective of genetics / having kids too late in the woman's life?

Because our survival as a species does depend on what we do sexually enmasse and it's selfish to think of only yourself. However, I don't look down on you because we are advanced enough and have a large enough population that we can tolerate abnormalties so long as they only affect the person involved. so the fact that you want to bang an older woman and never have kids is fine by me but I don't think anyone should listen to your advice on whether or not going for a certain age when you're a certain age makes sense because you're very clearly defective fundamentally in that area.

Just like I don't give a shit if you're gay. In fact, I honestly hope you have a happy life but I don't think we should be glorifying the fact that you're gay or taking advice on which gender I should be fucking from you. I think you should be accepted as a human being and productive member of society but not as a bastion of wisdom and advice on the areas you're clearly not fit to dispense advice on.

Half your age plus 5-7 years.

The denial seeps through your words

Of what?

doesn't matter. chances are good you have hit the wall already and the hot women your age will start dating down and becoming cougars.

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting, you ESL vermin