I want to fuck the sister of my uncle's wife 45yo lady divorced for a long time ( more than 15yo) she has no one in her...

I want to fuck the sister of my uncle's wife 45yo lady divorced for a long time ( more than 15yo) she has no one in her life she lives with her parents, she likes me and she is kinda cool, she doesn't treat me like a child even tough she knows me since I was born, I'm 21 I have 0 experience with old female how do I convince without causing any family problem

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Oh wow.
Is she hot? Go for it, man.

Honestly, this isn't liable to cause any problems perspective of a family tree moving back on itself, but it's still fucking weird

Yeeeees so thicc, do I have any chance?

Anyone did experienced simular situation? idk how to act to make her want to have sex


The sister of your uncles wife is your mom

Are you retarded? Lmao

If she is your uncle's wife's sister and your aunt is only related by marriage then go for it. Incest is only really with blood relatives.

He coulda just said my aunts sister. You're also implying the uncle and his wife are siblings.

Good attempt at logic, I guess?

Go visit her and constantly ask her if she needs help, to the point where it's almost humorous and obvious you're being playful/teasing her.

Hug her alot, for small/cute reasons and make each hug last a second longer than the next.

If you're not a total sperg, you should have a good handle on it. Go make me proud, young nigger. Post a pic of what her body type, cuz thicc women ftw

Alright user I will follow your advices unfortunately I don't have any pic of her 5,5ft she do yoga/exercise thicc thigh/ass flexible



it'd be your step-aunt, right?

I actually fucked y aunt when I was 16. Don't do it OP, shit will fuck you up and then she'll give you a footsie under the table and the whole family finds out and your dad beats the shit out of you. Just don't, not worth it. Bitches in heat can't control themselves and you'll end up blamed

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>dad beats the shit out of you

Fucking your anut should be like badge of honor or achievment in xbox. You gave old woman good times. Beat your dad back he is cuckold and was jealous. Be he wanted to fuck her himself.

Well, he's dead now, so maybe I stand a chance. And nah, he was a great dude, I just fucked up. Although four broken ribs and a throw out of the window was an overkill. I spent two hours on the table lying on my left side, while they got all the glass shards out of my back and my right side.

so you dad tried to kill you? Lmao. Great dude indeed. Spit on his grave i know i would.

It was a first floor, so no killing, just maiming

>man of shad