What type of girl should a weird guy with shit social skills go for. Hardmode: no the same as you ?

What type of girl should a weird guy with shit social skills go for. Hardmode: no the same as you ?

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Fat chicks with mental problems.

This. Saying you have problems means you go after problem women. Want high caliber ladies? Become higher caliber yourself.

take what you can get. you shouldnt be choosey unless you got chad genetics.

But i can't get anything

How fat we talking here ?

40%+ body fat

Nice. How do i go about this now

Go to a bar or club.
Look for the fat chick with her hot friends and talk to the fat chick

be funny and eventually someone will land

I have terrible social skills

Then be alone for the rest of your life
Either do something or keep making excuses

Imo, chubs, moon faces, and big heads. Kino.

Sheet ok any first step helps then ?

Can social skills be learned or is it inherited? Particularly as you need to be quick witted, which I'm not sure how you'd go about honing.

Get a six pack. Girls like even ugly guys if they have a body...and I mean JOIN a gym and actually GO THERE at least a couple of times a week. Go to adult chat lines...not all girls there easy lays but you can talk Anonymously and get some social skills...Don't begin by saying you are loser. Talk about weather and stuff. And if she wants to see your dic while she plays with herself then unless you have strong religious objections go for it.. (make sure she not a transvestite male..she should show her boobs...) loser advice?...maybe ....but it got my confidence back and social skills after a bad divorce...

so, this just happened to me. please share your thoughts

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Partly inherited, partly learned.

Are you retarded nigga? Unironically yes, you are socially retarded in the traditional sense of being absolutely behind other individuals your age. You'll never be Chad, as most likely you missed some serious social development as a young child, but like any skill it can be honed.
Do you need to be "quick witted" with your friends (assuming you have any), no. You just talk normally, you do the same for women except words now reward pussy instead of laughs. It's natural, until you realize a lot of basic bitches are effectively the same cardboard cutout static personality. Then you'll get a lot of déjà vu and become shellshocked for a while until you decide to go out and fuck some higher caliber women. Rinse and repeat.

How do I partially learn?

it comes naturally when you get comfortable in the situation

Even in a comfortable situation I'm not quick witted though. It's very rare that I think of something actually funny or relevant, while I have two friends that can turn almost any statement into a joke somehow.

you can take the conversation back or say things fashionably late

If you’re a weirdo without social skills, just dress edgier and walk around like a potential shooter

Nice gentle girls will wanna “understand” you, and train wreck dyed hair/tattooed/pierced sluts will think you’re as fucked in the head as they are (exciting)

t. Friendless bullied autist but still have odd girls on my dick

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T. Creepy white pussy
Do not be this retards protege.


trench coats get you all the pussy

She’s just twisted and only attracted to people who don’t treat her right. Why else would she wear that shirt?

t. Dry dick bitchboy trying to give advice
Trenchcoats aren’t edgy, lame ass. I’m saying get some tattoos, put on some muscle, wear a chain, cut your hair low or shaved, grow a goatee or chinstrap, etc.

They can be learned. It's honestly the same as making money imo; you need to put in the time, effort, and get a little lucky (friend willing to put up with you) and when you first start off its usually a shit job.

T. Creepy white pussy proud of his VD from Suzy Rottencrotch