How many fathers out there cried when their child was born? Even if they arent an emotional person?

How many fathers out there cried when their child was born? Even if they arent an emotional person?

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I cried through my penis, but it wasn't really a baby. It was a chicken

I cried when my niece was born. I cry over music, weddings, funerals, nature, fucking everything pretty much. Not like sobbing but like a steady trickle

I didn't fucking cry man. It was just allergies.

My dad cried when I was born only because he was afraid I wouldn't survive/grow up well. I was very premature

>Allergic to responsibility

Negro detected

>men can't cry even at monumental moments in their life
You're the reason toxic masculinity exists

My husband cried like a faggot.

It's not toxic not to cry. That's just testosterone you fucking retarded woman.

My brother cried when he saw his baby. Probably because after traumatising years of serving in the army and fighting wars, he had something nice to look forward to.

Testosterone has zero to do with emotions. When you hit milestones in your life, do you feel literally zero emotion?
>fucking retarded woman
Yeah, I guess you are a robot.

There really is no excuse for a man to cry.


You losers poke holes into it, trying to make extreme exceptions. You just set a limit on yourself on where your masculinity ends.

autism squared

It's common. Relax.

Peanut, if your mommy issues free you from responsibility for your actions, they also make your opinions worthless.

I'm worthless?

omg you're gonna make me cry

Men have the highest suicide rate and literally force themselves to suffer- but no, you're an internet virgin that seems to think that men have no reason to cry. Sure, let's keep making them feel shit.

Real men cry and don't give a shit about it. Nothing screams immature boy more than caring about whether you cry or not.

When my baby was born i did not cry. Thats a meme.

You're very tired when it happens and u have to get to work right away once they are born. So...

>let's keep making them feel shit.
Why are you treating men like children?

If they want to stop feeling like shit, then they'll stop. Nobody needs to intervene. Real men have self-control and strength, they can handle any problem. Because if they can't, then who can?

The world is on our shoulders, no one else's. If you want to cry about it, then yeah, I prefer you go kill yourself. Leave the weight of the world on men who can handle it.

Dude, you're talking to Peanut Butter, perhaps the most autistic person on this board, save your breath and the calories it would take you to type a response to whatever bullshit he says

>Testosterone (a hormone) has zero to do with emotions
I can't actually believe someone posted this

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Stop acknowledging tripfags

You're right btw. "Let men be men!"
More murders, rapes, assaults, suicides and homelessness.

cuck nerd the world is shit you're tooling around with shit all over your shoulders. Go on Atlas, your world needs saving.

You'd best start believing in fucking retarded boards, user.

You're on one.

One hormone doesn't control your entire body or the control the want to cry.

Dude if I brought life into the world I might cry but who cares if you do or not. I'd fight a bitch with tears in my eyes as well as without.

They cry because their fun life is over and now they are just a fucking support system.

Children are the theives of dreams.