How to get over the fact that the guy I’m seeing way better looking than me?

How to get over the fact that the guy I’m seeing way better looking than me?
I’m average and quite shy. He’s tall, good looking and work out. I don’t know why he chose me out of every other girls. I feel so insecure. Any thoughts?

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Step up your blowjob game.

I need some serious advice here bro

Cause you have low standards, will almost never refuse sex, and he probably is fucking hotter girls on the side.

Don’t be insecure, just be grateful for what you’ve got. Honestly that’s part of what ruined my last relationship, my ex just refused to believe for more than a few days at a time that I actually wanted to be with her, and having to keep reassuring her at length was incredibly tiring. Best policy is to not question as much as you can stand, because that seriously wears on a guy’s nerves. He picked you for a reason. Don’t make the classic neet mistake of putting your s.o. on a pedestal, just let it be what it is.

Incel spotted

He probably sees something in you that you do not see in yourself. You should reevaluate how you see yourself.

Yeah insecurity is really a fuck up thing. Dunno how to get rid of it. It’s always in my mind. I always too hard on myself. I always wonder why’d he like me in the first place

No. It’s totally based on first impression cause we only hang out once. We’re not that deep into the water. So this’ why i am insecure

It is serious. Do everything you can to make him happy in bed. That way he will never leave you.

He chose you because he didn't want a thot. Relax and enjoy.

Guys tend to date down because it gives them the freedom to do whatever they want without having to worry about you leaving them. I'm an 8/10 who normally date 6/10s and they won't leave me even after I cheat on them because they know they can't replace me. The girl I'm dating now is basically like my slave. Multiple blowjobs a day, cooks every meal for me, cleans, etc. You won't get that sorta obedience from an entitled hot girl.

>I don’t know why he chose me out of every other girls.

Are you actually a nice person and kind of awesome?

Im a 7/10 and my gf is a 4 bordering on 5. Chose her because she volunteered with me at the SA and a soup kitchen and she herself was a blast.

I'm 30 and have been around the block enough to know that good people are hard to come by. Most are careless and too wrapped up in selfishness and personal wants. Finding a good woman out there isn't easy, they get snapped up quick. Especially if they have any single attractive feature, like my gf does (she is cute).

You're kind of a jackass aren't you?

That's just how relationship dynamics work hun. If you're not hot you're gonna have to compensate in other areas to get a high value man to love you.

Im a man. And no, that is not how a healthy relationship works. But you'll grow up one day.

Exactly. It’s a toxic relationship

You don’t even know if OP is average looking or not. Maybe her insecurities made her look down on herself. Usually she has to be decent enough to catch a guy attention. First impression is important cause no one fall for personality when they don’t even talk to each other yet

If a girl is attractive she'll know it, trust me. Attractive girls live completely different lives than average girls.

How different it is?

My girlfriend thinks the same as me, she's really self conscious, thinks i'm the prettier of our relationship and that she doesn't deserve me. I gotta admit she's not the most beautiful girl i know but i love her anyway, continue loving him and don't over analyze the situation.

a hot woman has just as much if not more value than a man who has an insanely successful career. men dont care about what a woman does for work, she could be a complete bum but if shes at a certain level of attractiveness, she can have access to a high quality dude and his money for nothing but having good genes
average to ugly girls dont get that

My gf is an 8 but she's totally a spoiled bitch with a shitty attitude. I think Id be much happier with an uglier girl with a better attitude.

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This. I had a girl who always told me “I still don’t know what you see in me”. I eventually cut her off and blocked all her contacts. OP, learn to show him appreciation instead of questioning everything.

you probably would be