What are some alternatives to lube if gf and I wanted to try anal? Would shampoo work?

What are some alternatives to lube if gf and I wanted to try anal? Would shampoo work?

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try a bullet

Use lube you moron.


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Coconut Oil is high quality

Just planning on using what we have, we don't really want to buy anything if we can

it's like 3 bucks for ky jelly you fucking Jew

oh wait you're in high school I shoulda known. 18 plus board cunt.

The problem is that almost every common fluid you could use for that will give you both a yeast infection. Some things (like soap) will even make your dick peel like it has sunburn (don't ask how I know that...)

Just go to Walgreens and pick up some astroglide. It's discrete, no naughty packaging, the cashier sells the shit all the time.

She looks like Etna

It is Etna

Shampoo is perfect for anal. Generally you want to use stronger shampoo (NONA sensitive skin), as it will retain its creaminess for longer.

peanut butter

leave her alone you clueless child.

Would precum work then? For some reason I tend to make a lot of it, so much it even looks like I peed myself sometimes

>think he's mature enough for sex and anal
>too cheap and inept to buy lube

pathetic. truly.

You can't afford $3?

Cooking oil


Extra virgin olive oil works extremely well. Coconut oil is a second choice. For added benefit, you can put some in an ice cube tray, freeze it, and once inserted, the cube will quickly melt into oil again. Then lube up your cock , her asshole, and away you go.
Make sure she eats clean and either shits beforehand or cleans her ass out with an enema bulb.

She has constipation and her shit is extremely dry, so it shouldn't be too dirty I think

Then she should be drinking a lot more water.

She already drinks more than 4 liters every day

go to Walmart. Shit is like 6-10 dollars. Self check it out, not noticeable at all, just like buying condoms

Not everyone is American user

off topic, but this reminds me of a porn of a constipated old woman who ran out of prune juice and the guys she called to get her some fucked her and loosened her butthole so the poo would slide out while also pouring juice on her. In the end she shits. Her name is Kathy J0nes if you're curious

Just swipe this bitch on the self scan and go on your merry way.
No shame. No one's going to notice.

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Pro tip user, anal doesn't feel very nice for the receptive party if they've got a colon full of shit. Whether or not any of it ends up on your dick, after a couple of minutes she will start to feel like she has to take a huge shit and will have to ask you to stop to avoid shitting all over you.

As the receptive party anal only ever feels good after a proper enema/douching.

If this is your first time trying it together then you presumably want to do it more, so making sure she enjoys the first time will go a long way to making her interested in doing it more often after this.

cooking oil.

get lube you retard