Is 5'7 too short? I've been using Tinder for about a year and some months now and have only gotten 2 matches...

Is 5'7 too short? I've been using Tinder for about a year and some months now and have only gotten 2 matches. Every girl unmatches me when they ask for my height. We can have great conversations and have similar things in common but once she asks for my height, it's automatically deal breaker. Recently I just the first match in months and it was going great, we laughed it up, joked around and overall felt like we could've gone out for the first date. Until she asked me of my height, once I told her, she said to me "lol, wasted my time. Later shortie" and unmatched me. Fourth time of this happening. Am I doing something wrong? I've tried being myself and it's great for attracting friends but no one wants to date me really.

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what's your approach when you do tell these girls your height? I feel that confidence when confronted with these questions helps a ton, but I'm sure you already knew that.

Honestly it's good to find people like that, because then you know they aren't worth YOUR time. If someone won't be with you because of something out of your control they aren't worth it. If they like you for you, those are the special ones. I mean, my boyfriend is 5" and honestly he's so adorable. You're worth more. You got this, fellow bro.

They ask what's my height and I generally say "I'm 5'7 but still a chill dude" or something like that.

In the real world, no its not. On the internet its a different thing. Women have hundreds of males to choose from and live in their delusional world where they expect a perfect man for them. Im honest youre probably not going to have a chance with most girls on tinder. Go out dating in the real world

I mean don't even add, but a chill dude. Just say your height. How tall are you, 5'7, or whatever I'm terrible at the signs but you get the point. Say your height, that's it, and let them say the next thing. If they say ew, that's their loss.

So go to a singles event?

Idk how to meet women. Most of the girls ive been with were friends of friends

Meet people IRL.
My ex was your height and never had problems meeting girls, but he never even tried online dating.
I also know a dude your height who has luck with online dating, but he fucks fatties.

Calling bullshit. You are not telling us something. Lots of men that height get girls easily from tinder and lots of tall guys get 0 matches.

The only guy that height I know who gets laid from tinder is a guy with a 9/10 face who is extremely charming and funny.

>all women aren't worth your time

Most guys I know that height are good looking and charming and get girls easily. The only turbovirgins I know are tall lanky guys.

>over a year
>only 2 matches
Your profile is shit. You probably have unflattering pictures and a boring dumb writeup.

>girls straight out asking for your height
Lol, never happened to me. Are you obviously tiny in your pics or something?

My guess is he implies it in a very insecure way in his profile.

>is 5’7 too short
Hahaha hell no it ain’t

5’3 guy and i’ve had plenty of relationships throughout my life. The most important weapon in your arsenal is your personality. Find a gal who is down to earth and maybe hit the gym work towards a 6 pack. Dress nicely and taking good care of yourself is all it takes. Confidence is sexy, never forget that.

I've been hitting the gym while now. I can bench 250 now which is huge for me desu.

Didn't mean to day desu

Say, fuck auto correct

>auto correct
Found the newfag.

Lol OP. Everybody on Tinder lies about their height. Every 5'10 guy on the planet puts down 6' for effect. Just lie. I'm 5'6-1/2". On Tinder I'm 5'8". I go on dates and the girls don't even know because I'm still much taller than them.

My advice? Put down 5'8" or 5'9" and only go after women that are a few inches shorter than your actual height. Do that and you're good.

Godspeed OP.

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Don't put down your height. It makes you look insecure, whether you are 5'6" or 6'6". There is a reason why tinder does not have a user's height in their profile. Tinder is based on looks, and if they had height, girls would filter out guys under 6' and as a result get far less good looking guys.

The world is incredibly fucking shallow and women are superficial af and your personality does not matter. Just take it from me.

>girls would filter out guys under 6' and as a result get far less good looking guys.
Untrue. They'd get far fewer good looking guys.

Hold up. Maybe he meant they'd get a good looking guy, but there'd be less of him because he was only 5'9" instead of 6'

I agree with this, I don't put down height. but if they ask, I'm 5'8". And on dating websites where you have to put it down, same thing.

Meaning, most good looking guys are under 6' and a girl stupid enough to filter them out would not see them.

>most good looking guys are under 6'
t. manlet

I mean, it's factually untrue.
I know plenty of short virgin guys, and plenty of tall guys who get laid. Being pleasant to be around is unrelated to height, and it surely helps to be funny and charming, but height is a good thing in men normally.

Stop bickering guys. If you are a few inches taller then her, have a decent posture, and aren't ugly, you are good. The rest is all your game.

Why so angry at facts?

If you are going to cope this hard, virgin lanklet, at least make it believable. Nobody knows "plenty of short virgin guys" unless you are in high school. How do you even know if someone is a virgin?

>By the eminent scientific journal "standard"
Unsurprisingly, the most swiped right heights for men and women are slightly above or slightly below average.

You want to know some facts?
Nature, an actual scientific journal. Tall men have more reproductive success.
To the point that, in the Netherlands, they literally wiped out short guys:

Not even saying short guys are ugly, but you're lying.

>How do you even know if someone is a virgin?
Because I'm friends with them and they talk to me about it?
I also know short guys who have girlfriends or fucked around, but I know at least 5-6 of shorter guys who are virgins in their mid 20s.

Just get a better personality

Just be yourself


Manlet UK thinks 5'8" is tall, what a shock.

Bullshit. Unless you are 16.

The article literally says the most swiped right heights are average and below average. None above average. I know that you tall virgin males are extremely bitter and make up all kinds of shit to cope, but seriously, tall guys too can get girls even if you have a disadvantage in looks. It's all about personality and confidence.

I'm in my mid 20s. Do you think short guys get magically handed a girlfriend at 20 or something? Because, yes, there are short guys who can get in a girl's pants with no major problem and I'm not denying that.
But also a lot of short guys who are not the best at dating and don't get laid.
Since they're considered less good looking than an average or tall guy, they have less chances to rely on their physical appearance alone to get laid.

I love these threads
>height doesnt matter
>I say my height and girls ghost me
>well, you probably just act insecure in his you say it
>they ask for it and I reply
>well, they can probably feel your insecurity through the texts
OP, these people are absolute cattle who believe in a just world where people only ever have problems due to their own changeable characteristics. They cannot empathize with you nor have any desire to.

You are not going to find the most sensitive and mature women (or, for that matter, men) in the world on Tinder. You are MUCH better off meeting women as friends in person, letting them get to know what a great guy you are, and then moving toward romance.

The article is not a scientific article, it's an article from the standard.
You can say that most people on dating sites are men who can't get laid IRL, so short guys, and it's already debunked. Since it's not scientific, the sample is rather random, etc.
Also, you're lying - One is average, two are above average and two are below average.
I'm a woman, I had a boyfriend who was 5'6" and a boyfriend who's 6'3". I have no problem with either. I do prefer, physically, the taller one.
Just the fact that you need to cope this hard is pathetic. I don't care how tall you are. Being tall is better because most women like guys who are a little taller than average.
Personality seals the deal.

This. Accept your place as the beta male who sits by the side and waits for girls to finish screening around then catch them on the rebound and hope they will stay with you while you provide financially for them.

More like
>height is everything it's only because of my height I cant get girls
>not because I am a fat smelly neckbeard neet

>hahaha manlets btfo
>facts dont matter tall men are more attractive because my anecdotal evidence beats facts
>I am a virgin because I choose to be! I could lose my virginity anytime because I am tall!

I think you're mistaking correlation with causation. Short guys try harder in their profiles in order to make up for their (literal) shortcomings - they have, over time, developed the necessary personality traits to score, since they can't rely on classically masculine traits like height. This applies to the tall guys as well, they probably have a positive bias towards themselves in thinking that 'being 6' is enough' and so don't put in as much effort as their shorter compares.

The article you posted also touches on this point towards the bottom:
>“88 per cent of Badoo users are more likely to swipe right if a person’s bio makes them laugh, as opposed to 16 per cent who are more likely to swipe left if they don’t consider someone to be their perfect height.”
So yeah, short guys have probably put more work into their approach, and therefore have greater success getting the swipe. That's another important point: They're getting the swipe, but are they getting laid out of it? Unfortunately, we have no data there.

Moving goalposts when caught lying. Men do not talk about being virgins. So no, you do not know lots of virgin men, regardless of height. It's more than obvious you are trying to put down short men. It's the usual scenario isn't it? Your oneitis is dating a short guy while you are a tall virgin.

Your insecurity exudes through your posts.

Your cope just went into orbit. Why is it so hard to accept that physical attractiveness peaks in males below 6'? How many famous good looking guys are above 6'? Very few. All the most sought out good looking actors are somewhere between 5'8" and 5'11".

Yes, they do. Maybe not to you, but I had men admitting to me they were virgins without any major problem, all the time, since I was 13 or something.
I'm, again, a woman. I am happily dating a tall guy.

The points I raised are all valid. I know it's more convenient to sidestep them than it is to address them, but thinking people can see the holes in your argument/evidence from a mile away. I'm willing to accept your argument, but you need stronger evidence, or you need to reword your initial assertion so that it fits the evidence you've provided. Otherwise,no one is going to be able to take your seriously.

You're that same larping bitter male who always appears in these threads.

>I am not going to accept any evidence that goes against my beliefs
All the facts are against you but you, like a typical incel, retreat into your shell of denial.

It's not true. Why do you keep lying? Just googled 100 top attractive guy on earth, then the height for the first 10.

1. Tom Hardy, 5'9"
2. Jamie Dornan, 6'
3. Anthony Joshua, 6'6"
4. Ryan Gosling, 6'
5. Idris Elba, 6'3"
6. Harry Styles, 6'
7. Henry Cavill, 6'1"
8. Prince Harry, 6'1"
9. Kit Harington, 5'8"
10. Chris Hemsworth, 6'2"

20% of the top 10 most attractive men are in your height range.

You're attacking again, but I'm not seeing any evidence. You provided evidence that shorter guys are getting more swipes, that's all. Your assertion is that 'most good looking guys are under 6'' but all you've demonstrated is that people between 5'8" and 6'0" get the most swipes. As much as we all like to mock Tinder as superficial, unless people are in the top 5% of looks, they're doing something other than posting shitty selfies to get the swipes. To that point, the evidence YOU submitted brings up the same argument. And so far, I'm not seeing anything that proves that these lads converted their swipes to getting laid.

Your argument is in a shambles, buddy. I'm trying to help you out here by encouraging you to shore it up. You need to pick up your game.

Actors use tricks to look tall.

In your world view, why did mission impossible fallout spend all that effort and money to try and make tom cruise as big as cavill?

Good work, user. That manlet's credibility is now shot to pieces. Watch now he'll come out as 'only pretending to be retarded.'

Alright first OP let me say I'm exactly your height 5'7.

You're fine, and for height in general I wouldn't worry about it. Like anything else some women are going to want some 6ft+ guy and that's what it is. I've had many women interested in me over the years despite this though; I'm just rather shy/introverted.

Basically, height is only going to be a problem if you make it out to be one. One of my friends I grew up with is like 5'1 or something, but he's just incredibly fucking confident. He managed to find women regardless of being so short. I wouldn't even call him a "good looking" guy. He's pretty nerdy looking and I would think most women would not want to even talk to him; yet he's got me way beat in the number of women he gets.

It's all confidence. On tinder; things might be a bit different; however, I'd say still if you keep searching long enough you will get a bite. At least, you're getting matches, because I basically can't get shit (but I put minimal effort into my pics).

Good Luck!

>The world is incredibly fucking shallow and women are superficial af and your personality does not matter. Just take it from me.
Says the guy with a bitter personality.

I'm not really that fat, I work out regularly, I have a job, and hang out with friends almost every Friday and Saturday. I can post a pic of my self

lankets btfo by the masketta man(let)

Just lie about your height, go up a couple of cm, as long as she isn't bigger then you, she will not notice.

Also - just by some big as Nikes - then you gain easily a couple of cm, especially when they are new.

She will not bring a fucking ruler with her, iam sure she will hardly notice

See this is why you don't take memes too seriously. My manager at my last job who was 5'3 had an insanely hot wife because he was really charismatic and took care of himself. Height matters to most girls but it's not the only factor at all. I cringe so hard when I see posters here start off by mentioning their height as if their value as a reproductive partner is exclusively attached to that number.

related side question- If you mostly match with uggos and fatties on Tinder does that mean you're not going to have much of a chance in real life either?

In other words, has anyone had bad luck getting hot matches on Tinder but then been able to go out and get with the hot girls outside of Tinder?

as long as you're above 5'4" you should be fine. Own your flaws and just adopt the philosophy of idgaf. Love yourself more than any hoe and you'll find one that can appreciate you for you. Don't let insecure fags drag you down.

Yes, ignore the retards. 1/10 women are ok with manlets, and only 1/10 of those will like you. They'll probably be fat and you wont want them though.

It's over. just accept it.

As someone who is 5'8 and above average looking I can say you're all stupid.

If women only looked at height half the tall neckbeards here would be with 8/10 women but that's not the case because women don't just look at height.

Think about it. Is a woman going to find someone like Steven Seagal/Tyler Perry more attractive than Zac Efron/Kit Harrington? (who are both short).

Don't get me wrong though I've seen some 9/10 women go out with guys that are just straight up ugly because they were tall.

Also if you're a manlet and you're not attractive you better work on comedy because that's your only way to attract a woman now.

Also if your only redeeming feature is your height then chances are you're going to be less attractive than even a average looking manlet.

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Yeah that's the case for me but only because I set my Tinder profile up like a autist, just one picture that I took 5 minutes before setting up the profile and usually had a shit bio.

But when it comes to meeting girls while I'm out and all that I have no problem.

Hahahaha lmaooooooo you're not a woman, you're a tall man who's so bitter that they're a virgin that you result to undermining the confidence of shorter men as a remedy to your insecurity. But it's not working sweetie teehee. You'll always be insecure, and bitter, and alone.

Yours sincerely,

5'8 lad

>Tinder is based on looks, and if they had height, girls would filter out guys under 6' and as a result get far less good looking guys.
You mean under 5’10.

My father is the same height as me (5'7) and he's ridiculously successful with women. He has no money and is fat and has a goofy-looking face, but he's super confident and super motivated to have sex; every time I'm in public with him he compulsively hits on every young attractive woman, sometimes I think he doesn't even realize that he's doing it. He's always dating multiple women at the same time and has dated multiple women who were younger and/or taller than him. I think that part of this is that he has really low self-esteem (probably partly because of his height but mostly due to other factors), and it causes him to act overly-confident and to try to get validation through sex.

I'm 29 and I've had sex a few times (including with a girl that was taller than me) but I'm not really successful with women and have never been in a long-term relationship. It really is down to your personality, I'm sort of a boring basic dude and women who are initially attracted to me lose interest when they get to know me better. But I'll also never be as pussy-driven as my father, and I think that having the motivation to hook up with girls is a big part of how much you will ultimately get laid.

FWIW my dad did a lot of internet dating in the late 90s/early 00s and he told me back then that women on dating sites are all damaged goods and are only good for practice, not for LTRs. So I've never used Tinder or PoF or anything, but I do have friends who are taller than me who have fucked fat girls from those sites.

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Keep telling yourself that, insecure manlet.

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>having the motivation to hook up with girls is a big part of how much you will ultimately get laid
>don't put pussy on a pedestal bro, just focus on improving yourself and the women will follow
It's all so tiresome