How do i know if I'm handsome or not

how do i know if I'm handsome or not

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ask your mum

look at mirror

post face

If you were handsome you'd know.

Don't you have mirrors?

>small chin

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>Wide interocular distance
>Wide nose
>Chin too small

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>got 85%
Lmao, I don't believe this crap. I'm 6/10 at best.
Also the review on the play store is funny as heck.

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post photo and i rate

Nice try, NSA.

just be yourself

if you have to ask your not
not even joking being handsome means being so far above average looking that you cant miss it

Has a non ugly girl ever shown any hint of interest in you?

your mom will not lie and of course you have eyes for yourself. there isn’t a reason to believe you can’t just gauge that but of course women also just like being in control sometimes. you can always degrade yourself and pick one you don’t think is attractive enough but unless you aren’t sure you can rise you just need to make sure you can eat well enough to grow big enough that you don’t need to look down when talking to them because everyone looks bad that way and by then you may not notice we changed the topic.

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Bad symmetry because my left eye is fucked from getting punched

Oh and I’m a 5/10 at best according to most girls I talk to, so that thing is fucked


You are ugly

>You are good looking!
>Prominent Features
>Good face shape
>Big forehead
>Good interocular distance
>Good nose for face
>Small mouth for nose
>Normal chin
>Bad face symmetry

whew, what a relief

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This. Bottom line is YOU WILL KNOW. Girls will let you know that you're good looking, either directly or indirectly by checking you out in the distance.