My GF is obsessive

So I met her 6 months ago, and she’s starting to show huge red flags, she’s been saying things lately like “ I can’t imagine life without you” “I want to see you every oppputunity I get” (she’s now calling me and texting me every day non stop wanting to see me everyday) also when I am in a sad mood or sound irratated, she automatically assumes that I’m about to dump her and I can see her about to break into tears. I want to break it off with her but I already know she’s going to cry and break down and it won’t go well. I didn’t know this at the time but I looked this situation up and its called Love obsession disorder. So I want to know how to break up or get her to break up with me minimizing the damage so to speak

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kinda just sounds like she's in love with you lol, it'll wear off eventually either way

She does keep telling me how deeply in love she is, but I feel like I don’t get any time to myself, she litterally wants to meet up everyday

Her fears are running rampant. Explain this to her and tell her how it's making you feel.

The cure to fear is security. You can help her by offering her security by telling her that you'll never leave her, but especially never stop loving her. The rest of her fears is up to her to deal with and you should encourage her to handle them herself.

my brothers gf is like this, very needy, plays mind games with him and gets upset of he does anything away from her

we'll literally be chilling with her and she'll be like "can we go hang out?!" "you said we could hang out today?!" like bitch what do you think we're even doing right now

it's super annoying and it's been going on for years, he deals with it but I'm pretty sure I couldn't, even though they fuck like rabbits

>say I’ll never leave her
Hmmmm I don’t know that’ll play into her hands, she’ll probably keep crying and I’ll cave in and reassure her that I’m there for her

There's a decent chance she's mentally ill dude. Depression or anxiety or maybe PTSD. It's not that she's crazy about you, more that she's not used to being happy. Honestly I'd recommend just talking to her about it. She probably knows she's being clingy. Tell her that getting a phone call every day is too much and she needs to slow down. She'll either agree to it or break up with you, either way you're free.

fuck that, this is emotional abuse. shes manipulating you into complying with her bullshit. if you continue trying to make you happy you will lose yourself in this relationship and eventually she will have no respect for you because you allowed her to do this.
either put your foot down and set some boundaries or leave. id suggest leaving because its probably too late to do the first one anyway, and she aint gonna change. shell find some way to make herself the victim in this whole thing, cheat or do something else to hurt you, and then walk away feeling that you deserved it.
or not, im just throwing this out there

Yeah that’s what I’ve been fearing, don’t want her to do anything drastic or turn me into a some evil guy who broke his gfs heart


I tried to talk but if I even sound like I’m implying I’m about to break up, she’ll go right to “you’re leaving me huh?!” And start breaking into tears then I pussy out and reassure her that I’m just in a bad mood because of something else

My worthless opinion is that you should combine the advice of this guy and then if that doesn't work out go with this guy

Iktf, it’s very annoying

You have to somehow get through to her that you're not leaving her but that her actions are driving you away. Not in those exact words though.

You’re opinion isn’t worthless user, I appreciate you putting your two cents in, they both have a good idea

don't pussy out then
say "no I"m not leaving you but we need to talk about this"

If you can't even talk to her then it's fucked I'd say

Okay, not a bad idea, some word play, was going to try and wait for her to say something she herself would regret and use that as a excuse to break it off but then a again I’d be waiting for a long time before she does something like that

that's not what I meant AT ALL.

I meant something like this.

I’ve just never knew what would happen the minute I cut it off for good, I have a feeling she’ll retaliate in some way

Oh no trust me, what I said is a only a desperate last resort

Yeah well, if this doesn't get better after trying for a long time then what else are you gonna do? Waiting probably won't fix it.

What would she even do? Tell everyone on FB you're a bad guy? Who gives a fuck.

If it's the truth, then you should tell it to her.

"Playing into her hands"
She's not your enemy. Don't treat her like one. Your posts reek of manipulation. You need to change your approach to how you talk to her. I'm starting to think you are actually the cause of her insecurity and not her. That's even more evident, as you said she wasn't like this before.
The problem is with you then, not her.

shes manipulating you man. she might not even know shes doing it, but shes still doing it
please do not listen to your happiness is the most important thing. you are not responsible for someone elses baggage and should not beat yourself up for it. based on what you typed in the op id be the fuck out of there. it will suck, it doesnt feel good to make someone else hurt, but at the end of the day, its not your fault, this is just the way this person is and they will not change
dont let her drag you down with her, because she will if you allow her to

I have an overwhelming hunch OP is actually the source of this problem, which means the relationship is highly fixable.

Your 'advice' of breaking up is weak, and of despair. Things are not always so hopeless. She clearly wants him and thus, there is actually a lot of hope for this relationship.

OP I think you're the type of man who can't see what is right in front of you. There could be a gold mine right at your toes and all you will see is sand.
Think of me when you look back on this break up, years ahead from now.

youre assuming things that you have no idea about
the fact that things have come to this point at all is reason enough to look at this relationship and seriously consider ending it. maybe you could fix it but its also only been 6 months and youre having these kinds of problems, im not sure its worth it and this is just the beginning

You are thinking of leaving her so it's not like she's wrong.
Tell her you love her but you don't love the way she's acting. Maybe ask her why she's so extreme in her feelings - get her to open up to you. And if she doesn't want to talk, just tell her directly that you need some space from her if you want the relationship to work.

>youre assuming things that you have no idea about

that's why I called it a hunch.

>only been 6 months
So the glass is half-empty?
If after 6 months, this is the biggest problem OP has, he's found a keeper.

Like I said! OP can't see what is right in front of him. And I don't think he'll learn from any of us.. he'll have to suffer the hard way and this decision will hit him later in life, years ahead when he looks back on this.