Saturday Night Comfy Thread

What’s on your mind anons?

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Have a crush on friends sister. Chilling with friend.

Need food, but a bit too lazy to go to the grocery store next door and grab a frozen pizza.

I can feel the crushing feeling of spending another Saturday alone, at home playing video games creeping in, and I desperately want to change, but I've never been to a nightclub or bar and wouldn't know where to go in my city or what to do when I got there

Join something where you meet people, then you start to go out with that people.

Another saturday alone here, may get a little drunk

Tryna figure how to get laid at bars or social events..... I've been in relationships most of my life and don't know how to get casual sex or Fwb going (tinder is kinda lame)

gonna be watching tennis

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A friend I want to bang and hold hands with, her friend who wants to get banged by me and a thot who I'm not sure if she wants the D or is just getting her dose of male attention.

im getting jealous with my other friends moving on and having actual lives/ getting relationships when im perfectly content with my life as it is but i tend to lose my fucking mind when another finds "The one" for them

A female friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go get sushi today with her. I had to decline because I’m broke at the moment. I still wanna see her so I’m tryna figure out how to hang out with her tonight. Kinda into her and I think she’s into me.

ask if she wants to chill out at ur place and play games or some shit (ya fuckin NEET)

It's just so strange how my emotions have flatlined after months of anxiety. I don't feel any rushes anymore, I don't like it.

How having a crush was so much nicer when I was a clueless virgin. Love just doesn't have that same excitement anymore, anyone feel that?

you explain me on a fukin personal level

Back then it just felt like SUCH a rush to have a crush. Now, I just ask them out and it either works or it doesn't, I'm not invested at all. How do I fix this?

Same situation and she suggested we go to the movies :D

annie is that you

Going to find my way out of this Jow Forums nightmare. Too many depressed people here who can't stop obsessing over this and that. I just want to find a chill online community where I can talk with strangers about life without being smacked in the face with the same boring shit all the time.

Dinner dates are for friends, not lovers. Ask her if she wants to grab drinks instead.

make little hints here and there and get really close and nice with her but not too nice you dont want to end up in the friendzone. then one day when you dont have shit going on decide "Today is the day" and think about the tiny details it will make you anxious as fuck but it will feel like a wave of relief or pain when you get the answer

I don't know how to be social.

I was never socialized as kid and my dad was very verbally abusive, it made me very quiet and internal. I don't how to be a good conversationalist, how to project emotions, how to flirt etc... It stunted me.

But... that just gets you rejected, though? Women feel I'm week if I wait that long.

make sure it isnt a lust thing and she isnt a thot and you should be good

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I mean we’re both 20 so not an option.

I have the means to break out of my isolation (in a band, bandmates are normies, invite me to parties all the time) but I'm so scared to put myself out there. I'm 21 and I've never been to a party for more than 30 minutes, shit social skills, never asked a girl out, in my first year of college, etc., I feel like a gigantic baby and I don't know how I would handle hanging out with normie adults. But I think I'm going to try next time they invite me, even if it's really scary.

I wish my sister would leave so i can start drinking

i have like 15 likes on tinder because i was AFK basically and it just added up and i swiped and got two matches....

but that's all tinder is for me it seems, i swipe and that's it. When I talk to girls on tinder we talk for like an evening maybe back and forth a little bit and then we never talk again xD LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

the two girls i matched with tonight are cute tho!!! :O
oh well whatever. im gonna smoke weed and drink hot chocolate alone


I guess I smiled at this.... Now what

In couples counselling the dude was an utterly useless douche who let my husband steamroll right over me. Anytime the attention was on him and how he was forcing me into some cognitive dissonance or position where I'd have to sacrifice myself for his wants, he'd change the subject to something unrelated or try to turn the attention back on me and attack me for something five years ago. Dude just sat there and watched this go down. Basically made it out like I'm an insane person for having a basic need of respect. I think I'm going to cancel and switch therapists to a woman who will maybe see what's going on better. This one's only empowering my husband to be an entitled shit. Sucks. I can't see a good outcome staying or leaving because the kids. I might push him off a cliff if I ever get the chance.

Two days ago a female friend offered to set me up with her sister
Yesterday I said yes
Now I'm waiting. I'm having dinner with the friend later next week, maybe I bring it up then. Feeling anxious.

Trying to work out how to move things forward with this girl I made out with that texted me telling me she likes me. I like her too but I'm pretty new to this stuff. I wanna do a date but I haven't the slightest of where to start.

Started with a girl I was interest telling me she was coming over and ended with me coping with her telling me she'll never love me.

My gf gives me a lot of anxiety. I don't remember having this much anxiety in my last relationship. There's a lot of red flags too. Sometimes I wonder why I stay. I just want to love deeply and be loved the same the way in return. It seems it's a tricky thing than I thought to find. It's usual one person feeling that way but not both. I want it to be both. The whole thing makes me tired

I want to get a head start in studying but I'm just wasting the night on Jow Forums [spoiler]as usual[/spoiler]

Got fucking arrsted for shoplifting today cuz of sheer incompetence of friend tryna smuggle out the items that beep at the entrance, not very coumfy

still can't tell if his method should be taken seriously

Feel out of place. I’m 21 and seeing people my age graduate college this year yet I took a different route because I did bad in college. I took a lot of community college courses but never got a degree. Wanna transfer to a university but I feel like I’ll be old and the odd one out because of my age.

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My neighbors have been blasting Tech N9ne which would be fine if it wasn't midnight, and then they had the audacity to skip Riot Maker.

I'm not having a good time in life. The whole world's gone to shit (for reasons I'd rather not get into because it requires going down a philosophical rabbit hole), I'm depressed and never will not be depressed, I'm unhealthy and can't seem to slap myself hard enough to get healthy, and I'm just down. All I can hope is that if I have a heart attack it happens in my sleep and I will be too comfortable in my bed to stop it.

Had a bad day at work so I dropped all my plans and stayed home
Stayed in bed watching Punisher and fell asleep for a couple hours. Woke up and now looking at shit on the internet because I've got no games I want to play atm

Feeling inspired and genuine.Someone is fighting for their last breath. So enjoy and live your life to the fullest.

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󠛡 󠛡 ▲
▲ ▲

Just got off work. Tired, listening to music and relaxing. Trying to think about what I should do next in life.

I just graduated college and I'm trying to get organized for the year but I don't know what skills or goals I want to develop. I'm torn between learning french (learned it from middle school, through high school but never became fluent) vs spanish which is much more practical because i live in the central us.

the whole thing seems silly though and i'm really passionate about french and know nothing about Spanish but even with this whole language learning thing I'm mainly thinking about it because I can't think of what else to learn or do for the year. Drawing makes me wanna die if I try to do realistic drawing. I don't know anything about coding or programming but that doesn't sound fun. I already have a fitness goal.

Any advice?

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Go get a job with your degreee.

Nah dude, there's a married woman in her 40s in one of my classes. She's super chill and actually hangs out without after class or when we go drinking so no worries there.

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Pretty much some way to be more consistent in my life, maybe a schedule? Any advice anons?

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besides that obviously.

I wish I was less insecure.
I hit the gym today and ate healthy to try to improve my self image which should help some of my problems. I am constantly comparing myself to others and it’s hard to stop. I’ve noticed this makes me a very jealous boyfriend.

Just got Lessons of Hemmingstedt achievement for EUIV
Anyone else play it? Takes up a lot of time, but it's good.

I'm a leech.

When you have housemates how do you go organising food?
Do you generally buy a single pool of groceries, cook a group meal and share cost?
Or does each person go out and shop by themselves, cook for themselves?

I'm a reformed NEET and I'm moving from my parents house for the first time at 29 and don't know practical little things.

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1. I wish I was 20% comfier right now
2. I'm in that ambiguous period where you're on the right path, but it hasn't begun and it makes you feel slightly anxious to be pre-busy
3. I wish my friends were all normal happy and healthy. I struggle with shit, and most of my close friends have some sort of anxiety or issues. It feels like the moments we are all fully happy together are short blissful moments. It feels like we could all be the type of friends you see in a Steven King novel, we're that close to one another, but we all have some real issues that hold us back from intimacy/being able to just "hold it together" enough.

thoughts welcome.

When living with other people, it can be very good to be the one creating structure. As in, suggesting to your housemates that you'd be happy to cook for everyone if they'd chip in for some groceries.

But I suppose it all depends on how they are and how you all act together. Best thing to do is always to ask- everybody has a way they'd like to do things, everybody enjoys certainty around food and money, and nobody ever dies from asking how everybody wants to handle these things. Seems like it often brings people closer.

you would talk to them about this. usually it's all separate but if you guys are close and have a lot of people it might be affordable to have group meals and group groceries and shopping trips. you need at least two cooks though and a dish washing schedule for it to work. it's usually just you shopping for yourself, buying your own food, cooking for yourself. if they don't mention it then it's all your own responsibility. you also need cookware don't forget (i forgot this in my recent move)

get a planner and a calendar and use them

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Always pain in ass to share that responsibility

For example i eat truckload, i have to cook for myself, i actually sorta enjoy it

Thanks anons.

I won't know them at all, and I'm actually a terrible cook. I'll just have to discuss it when I meet them.

Is there a small chance the counselor is watching to see how you two interact to get an understanding of the relationship dynamics?

Otherwise, I'm just an unmarried dude but getting a female counselor seems like a good idea.
It sounds like a part of the marital problem is he steamrolls you all the time, so if he does the same thing in counselling then nothing is going to change. And your husband- by definition of participating in counselling- should be wanting the relationship to change for the better.

What was the point in getting a degree?

to get a job in a field i like. i'm looking for work now but i'm saying that's not what i'm looking for advice for.

Sounds like your avoidance of responsibility has just wasted a lot of money and is hungry for more.
Might as well just tell everyone you’re going to be a poet and write screenplays in the park.

Get a job, loser.

Sorry I'm an adult who has bills to pay that can't just afford to pick up any old job dude. I paid for my degree, so I'm definitely going to try to get some return on that investment.

I'm not avoiding responsibility. If you spend your entire day looking for jobs you go crazy. I need hobbies and a life besides work, and it's easiest to set that up now before I'm too busy to do anything.

Fairly mixed emotions. I've for all intents and purposes finished my Bachelors which is good, however my grades are pretty poor.
I've also gotten my first job (just working at a grocery) but I'm 25yo so I've got anxiety about being my age in that position.
I'm not expecting to be employed in my field (Biology) since there's just not that many jobs and when there are they require masters or PhD.
Mainly just transitional anxiety since my free ride while studying is coming to an end and I'm going to have to support myself.

I've achieved 2/3 of my new year resolutions though.

I need to catch up with some work and schoolwork so i deactivated my fb for a couple days. I need to get into dating and meet someone new. Need to keep up the gym and eating right, the results are starting to become more visible and I really like that.

That's about it

Eh, was doing okay for a few days but got that overwhelming loneliness back. Was dumped not too long ago by someone I had a crush on for a while (and he had one on me) but he suddenly had second thoughts about being in a relationship. Some days I do really well but others its just...bad.

Beyond that, I just feel like I'm failing at everything I do. Been accepted to two universities that I couldn't attend because of financial reasons. Gonna try a third time next fall but I feel like that will fall apart. I just want to have something in life.

That method was taken out of context, but the point of it was to make small-talk with everyone at the bar, so that you'd be familiar with others and increase the chances of getting bitches later at night.

Thanks! Will do.

Fear anger and despair actually. And it looks it's here to stay.

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