Using me for my apartment

Quick backstory
>met a girl on skype in 2016
>have been talking to her on and off, sometimes lewd talk but never sent nudes
>was in my city last winter for an event, we got pizza but she didnt want to hang out after

FF to now. She's been texting me a lot lately, she wants to spend the weekend at my apartment and explore the city and do stuff. She literally texted me
"Hey what are you doing Feb weekend?" 'Can I..come over? :)"
How do I make sure she just isnt using me for a free apartment? Id like to get sex or a BJ out of it but i dont know how to bring it up without being direct?

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Invite her over and try to fuck. If she just wants to be friends or use you kick her out.

She mentioned having wine and relaxing for the Sabbath (shes jewish, Im not) so I suppose if we're both in the mood. I just have this suspicion she'll say something like "why the did you think we were going to fuck? if you kick me out where am i supposed to go now?"

>she wants to spend the weekend at my apartment and explore the city and do stuff
Does she have any other reason to come to your city, like family/friends or a certain event? It sounds like she just wants to come visit you but if there's something else she's planning to do without you, I'd be suspicious that she's using you for a free hotel.
You could test the waters by flirting a bit and seeing how she reacts. Maybe tell her something like how you're going to have to share a bed when she comes, or something like that.
I'd say let her stay over, but keep your expectations low, be suspicious. Best case scenario, it exceeds expectations and you guys hook up. Worst case scenario, you make a move and get denied, but it's what you expected anyways. If that happens, it's alright to be upset but don't freak out and kick her out. Finish out the rest of the weekend and never let her use your apartment again.

This is pretty much what I"d do. Even if I went for it and she didn't wanna fuck I'd just be like "well damn" and I'd probably still let her stay. Just wouldn't really talk to her again if I couldn't be friends with her.

Alternatively, make an explicit effort NOT to fuck her. If she’s not into you, you’re safe; if she is into you, it’ll drive her crazy and she’ll be gagging for it by the last night.

She had made a comment about making sure I had a nice comfy couch for when she comes. It could be taken either way, but assuming she's not going to hook up with me, should I offer her the bed as nice host or just say fuck it and let her sleep on the couch for 2 days?

Tell her she can sleep with you in your bed you Cuck....
If she says no let her sleep in the couch or not.

user, you have a very bad case of not projecting your intentions to her. She talks dirty, which means she might have sex, but you haven't escalated. You have to escalate as a man. It is the only rule.

Right, what the fuck? "I have a comfy couch, but my bed is comfier (; you're welcome to join me instead" or something fucking dumb like that

100% this

Ok next time she talks to me about it ill bring it up. thanks bros

Any recommendations for what kinds of wine to get for her? I'm not a big wine drinker


even if she's just "using you for your apartment" she should be your friend at this point let her stay. fucking bastard

>be you
>make internet friend 2 years ago
>friend comes in to town and wants to stay at your apartment
>sperg out and only let her stay if she blows you

imagine being this autistic

Say something, something, suck the stress out of your titties.
It's a magic line. It always works.

Shes not my friend by any means. Just someone I know who i occasionally talk to a few times a year. And who usually talks to me when she's drunk

This only works if you are brown Chad.

>using me for my apartment
And apparently you're up for using her for sex. You're both trash, but the difference is you can clean up an apartment.

It didn't occur to you to say something flirty like
>The couch isn't that comfy, my bed on the other hand *wink emoji and tongue out emoji*

It doesn't matter as long as it's red and not the cheap shit. Also get chocolates and offer them to her casually. There's no stronger aphrodisiac than red wine and chocolate apart from maybe chocolate covered strawberrys and red wine but thats too forward. Dark chocolate ideally.

op, I made you a decision matrix

stop worrying, just try to have a nice time with this person and unless she tries to fuck somebody else in your apartment (unlikely) you have lost nothing

she probably isn't certain about what she wants either, but she probably is entertaining the idea of fucking you

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Uh idk what're from, but in America, unless it's Valentine's day or like Christmas wine and chocolate are cheesy as hell. I don't even know if they do that in movies, Just keep wine really.

Obviously I don't mean leave a trail of rose petals to your bed and be waiting with a heart shaped pillow over your crotch. I mean when you're a glass or two in and hanging out on the couch or in the kitchen just casually ask "I've got some chocolates, do you want one?" When there is an appropriate gap in coversation. Also make sure you get rid of a few chocolates before she comes over so it doesn't look like you got them for her.


Well sir. It seems like you are an idiot questioning such an oppertunity. If you have an shot, you take. We and yourself can not know her intentions. If any sexual intwraction does not accur so be it. But it might. Be charming and not needy and you might get the pussy my dear user.

>Being so autistic that a normal social interaction makes you cringe

I think he was cringing about the way you overthink stuff which results from your lack of confidence. I cringed too to be honest.

>your lack of confidence
Cope harder

pinto noir.. sweet but still dry ;)

I had friends sleeping over at my place without asking for anything, much less for sexual favours.

That does't make sense as I was making a conclusion out of your insecure baviour and cringing on it. As others cringed on it. Coping would be assuming something out of the blue resulting from my own issues. But you clearly put your thoughts out there for me to judge so. Good luck next time.

Damn your spelling gave me cancer. Get off the internet and go read a damn hardcover dictionary.

>When there is no argument left you can still criticize grammer.
You are pathetic user. You spill it out on every thought of yours.

You're worried about her using you for free accommodations while you also just want to use her for sex. Classy.

Avoid drama by saying no, and sort yourself out

OP here. While the chocolate and shit sounds nice, I actually cant eat it anyways but thanks for the idea.

I'll keep that in mind