Be me

>be me
>too strange for normies on tinder
>too wholesome for weirdos on Jow Forums

where do i find a mentally stable, mostly introverted, not actually socially handicapped guy with a stable career and a sense of humour? not asking for applications please, just want to know where to find these people

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try tinder, trust me

From my experience you’ll always find weirdos if you’re looking online

Your local edition of reddit r4r. More normie than Jow Forums, less normie than tinder.

do you have a stable career yourself?

n o d o u b l e s t a n d a r d s

anything in particular i should put in my bio to signal them?

that place is all about sexy stuff though

Not necessarily, you just have to be specific and upfront about what you want. There's plenty of people on there looking for a proper relationship, either incidentally or intentionally. Just sell yourself like you would on any other dating app.

join a world of warcraft guild

dead game

Well guys online are online because they're either too out of time (read: too normal for you), or they're too socially crippled to hack it in person
People in person don't like being objectified for being 'a thing,' if a friendship doesn't happen organically then trying to force it usually comes off poorly these days and people are like as not to say 'watch out, they're after something.' Usually for guys it's sex, usually for women it's money, and usually the friends of the recipient let them know that they're basically being preyed upon-- that's all of receiving that advice, giving that advice, and being on the brunt end of it

Rather than constantly looking for some ubiquitous everyman who checks all your boxes, make friends-- socialize-- expose yourself to new scenarios and situations and people, and you may just find that the kind of person you're looking for, after all is said and done, is somebody who understands you for you, rather than for some ephemeral list of things ""you offer"" to them.

>inb4 people blam my advice for being too full of shit/'bee urself'/incel detected

Description fits me. Wellington NZ

got me there. it used to be a poppin place to hang out with nerds and meet nerd-wives thru ventirllo.

ironically, there's probably 10000000 men who fit this category desperately looking for girls. go out with friends and meet a guy at a concert, the one dressed in all black standing in the corner of the venue

You can normally find me at dance halls. Government scientist by day, dancer by night :)

You sound like you're looking for someone like me, except gay.

>option 1: use tinder anyway
There are weird people on Tinder. I haven't met them through Tinder, they're my friends IRL.
>option 2: meet me at work
>option 3: meet me through my small social circles
I have a Chad friend and I've dated 2 girls from his social circle. 1 was a girl he went to high school with and the other was a friend of his GF who dragged her along to a party. Chad and his friends are fairly normal but I'm usually one of the weirder ones at the party.
>option 4: meet me through my group hobbies
Past few years I've been going to an amateur life drawing class. This option has 2 problems, in that I don't regularly do group hobbies and that the introvert groups I've met seem to have a lot of young females already + old people + 1 or 2 young guys, so there might be competition.
>option 5: meet me through study
I've personally finished. Looking back, that's the best time to meet a wide spread of different people. If you're still studying (and thus young) I suggest being proactive in your social life and forming contacts with some variable people. Try to drift between some social groups. As you get older friendship becomes an activity and less achievable by accident, so at some point you will have to be proactive.

Trust me tinder bitches are weird. There's a reason no one in their life is dating them.
Your simply fucked
Turn gay or smt

helpful stuff, thank you! as for your studying option, i have already graduated. i never made friends then since my entire life surrounded my studies. i did date in my first year and my grades tanked as a result of it.

>where do i find a mentally stable, mostly introverted, not actually socially handicapped guy with a stable career and a sense of humour? not asking for applications please, just want to know where to find these people

there be fuckload of those, this post sounds like larping

A church?
You didn't really say why you are weird


Get a hobby,

Jow Forums oldfag here, 9/10 boyfriend for 5 years. Try the CG industry (VFX, 3D artists) healthy balance of geekness, fitness, and humour. We are smart as fuck and most of us bilingual.

Lets analyse this

>mostly introverted
This is fine as is, but wont match with other requirements

>not actually socially handicapped
Yeah this doesnt match up with the first one. Not ideally anyway since introverted guys are usually somewhat socially handicapped as well.

>stable career
Does not match up with number 1 either, since a stable career require in most cases to be extroverted.

>sense of humour
Everybody wants to be that, and has some to a degree. The issue you most likely want a guy with a greant sense of humour.

It feels like you just want a shy guy who is a chad, which is not a thing. Get your priorities straight OP, and be more realistic of what you want.

howdy partner

Being introverted doesn't mean being socially handicapped.
I'm heavily introverted, but I'm not shy, socially anxious or bad at talking to people.
And I'm a doctor.

Being introverted doesn't mean being mentally ill or even shy.

So you are not introverted thab?

I am. Extremely so.
Being introverted means that you like being on your own and find that refreshing. That's it.
It doesn't mean "I'm too socially anxious uwu".

look decent and some guys will pop, just chose one