GIOYC/ Get it if yor chest

drunk edition

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I need to bust a nut desu

the sad part is that our tax dollars are getting burned in real time over here.

Do you faggots REALLY need to fuck with my games? I mean really?

You somehow made all of my single player games into "counter operative" multiplayer. Which would be cool, that would be cool. Having some enemies being smarter than others would be cool.

but you faggots cheat all the fucking time . Those barrels weren't killing shit and when they did.... the timer didn't change at all. It was really fucking obvious then. Or that imp on the ledge that didn't die after getting nailed by a grenade.

Seriously, how pathetic are you cunts? How much money has been spent on this shit? How much? More than a c-130 flight that's for fucking sure.

Stop fucking with my games. You guys even said "We won't mess with your games anymore." and here you fucking are, messing with my fucking games.

I have absolutely nothing to fucking do. This is why I stopped doing anything because no matter what it is I did you fuckers mess with it. You even mess with the color picker in photoshop. It's really fucking obvious when I can't get the right colors from it half of the time and I blur the photos to get rid of the moire effect that comes from compression. Which is probably the excuse you dumb mother fuckers used when people brought it up.

"Oh we didn't do that, that was probably the small color changes from compression"
except I purposefully blur them to get rid of that shit. So you dumb motherfuckers get caught red handed.


You're already psychologically abusing me, poisoning me, and so much more... do you really need to cheat as well? Are you fucks getting that stumped by one little random ass guy? Isn't this your fucking jobs?

go rape someone or get a prostitute, god knows that's the only way that's ever going to happen.

Oh that's rough

My own brother is a normie

Ive yet to feel a fire as string as hers. Infinite in my heart: Its only been sinc June but it truly feels lile an eternity. V, what shall I do? Learn to let go or take a risk upon a ’chance’ meeting?
Why did i let you go?supid stupid stupid. even the sun quivered at the flames i felt for you. whatever

like the time I was playing RE4 and you made one of the el gigante enemies have 10x as much health.

or make random enemies invincible.

Or all those times you assholes were doing everything you could to cheat at battlefield 3, 4, 1, and five.

or when you kept crashing me to desktop when I was wrecking shit in an AT-ST in battlefront 2.

Again, why? Did you think "lol this is going to be so funny he's going to wonder what's happening." when I knew exactly why it was happening the entire fucking time. Like fucking with my interp in DoD.

Then you dipshits try to explain it with really really shitty explanations.

Everything I said about their cheating was true. In video games and in life.

Now let me go home you dumb mother fuckers.

Stop fucking with my shit.

I just want to find a not ugly introvert woman who is satisfied with staying in every day watching tv, eating, gaming, and fucking.

Why the FUCK cant you just be turned on by normal shit?? Why do you have to constantly go and jack off to the most degenerate, vile and impure trash there is on the internet? You know this hurts me like knives being stabbed through my heart. You have absolutely no shame in this shit and absolutely no regard for anyone but your own fucking self. You dont give two shits about who suffers as long as you can jack off, even if the person youre really hurting cares about you and swore to always be by your side. You do barely anything for me while I go out of my way to make you happy every fucking day. I am sick of being treated like a doormat. You need to rein yourself in and develop a sense of self control, because its apparent that you have none. Youre making me start to hate you, and that is something that goes against every fiber of my being, but the thought is starting to creep into my mind and I fucking cannot stand it. Fuck you for making me feel this way you selfish bitch

>jack off to the most degenerate, vile and impure trash there is on the internet

What did they mean by this?

I'll be here every thursday

Duck job good

Go good job

I wish it was easier. I wish I was normal. I know that’s just a societal concept. I need to be more assertive, more brave. And I try. But how do I become that. I had and still have so many chances. Why can’t I take them. Why am I so afraid.

u will

Oh fuck

You are both guys, aren't you?

It's usually guys who fap to disgusting shit and, sadly, it's also usually guys who care as much as you about their loved ones write so much.

Get gassed fags.

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I fucking hate this life and this world. I won't shed a tear if anyone I ever known fucking died.

I feel like this girl I've been talking to likes me less than I do her. :S

A friend from childhood, I think I love you, but I don’t want to. You said it stresses you out that I don’t care about anything. But I do. I care so much about my friends it’s probably to my own detriment. But apart from that, I don’t care about much. Because everything else doesn’t matter when we live where we do. It’s not an easy life, but we don’t go without. But I think I love you, and I can’t ruin that

I don't know who i am and everything seems to be oriented around me
bandersnatch is a pretty acurate description of my life
Part of me thinks i'm in a game and i'm the only living one, or that everyone is in his own dimension/game with a book a game or a movie depicting your life from the start to the end

Ice needs to shoot and kill these invaders to send them a message to fix their own damn countries. We lead by example. We do not dictate

I guess I'm just destined to be alone and never be loved.

I just want to be your waifu but I know I'll never compare to 2d

all of those silhouettes..

I think I'm trying to find a needle in the haystack again

Good one

>Not ugly
>Fatass habits

This is what we call high expectations. You want a walking contradiction.

Both me and my girlfriend have been diagnosed with depression.
It's so hard to keep going when we're both facing a depressive episode.
I hold onto the fact I love her and that's what makes me go on. She tends to get rather introverted, I just hope she still loves me.
I should go back to therapy but I have no money, my doctor prescribed me a natural mood stabilizer but it's not working. I'm too afraid of antidepressants though.
How can I help her without wrecking my mental health?

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I can't move past this.
I'm sorry but I think you need to just live with the consequences of your actions. Maybe in another few years I could change my mind but I already gave you so many chances and you threw it in my face, you shatteres my already broken heart, and now you thinking you can fix everything is ridiculous. You shouldn't have rebounded with me, went back to her, stalked me, married her, and took out every kind of positive and negative emotion on me. I just want to protect my own well being. I want to protect my heart that I have too easily to you.

Time passes by so quickly..
But the wounds never really heal.
They just don't. Take care J.

Draw some lips on your hands and you've found her.

help yourself more than you want to help her don't make her go before you

>people who can only redirect blame and not take responsibility for themselves
You mean like men? You mean like the men who the Gillette ad was literally made for? You mean like the men who are proving the ad's entire point?
Lmao nice.

In ten days I've seen myself precipitously slide off the things thaf made her happy, and now every day I'm going crazy with constant, obsessive shoulda coulda woulda

I'm sorry, A. I went with my ego and made you disappointed. It was your special day and I couldn't be a good friend. I know you hate me now, I can understand. But I hope you know that I care about you.
Fuck, I can't think straight anymore. I've been thinking of the scenario that I should have done. I'm a fucking idiot.

Deep inside I just wish you would read my messages. I wanted to talk with you a little bit longer...

I want you to leave me alone. I’m tired.

I feel so bad that I have ask for disability checks. I literally lost all motivation to live, I can't even work as a fucking cashier. I have no future at all I don't know what to do, I have no friends no nothing useful to get me out of this hell hole of a life. I'm dead inside, nothing makes me happy anymore wtf.

But I can't stand the fact she feels so bad.
Ever since her father died last summer she's been different. She doesn't enjoy kissing or touching anymore, she even told me she doesn't wanna have sex until she loses 10 kg.
At the same time she's been going to the club more than she did before. She went without me once and got kinda drunk. She had a lot of fun with her friends and we argued cause she usually invites me too but that time she didn't. It was awful but we managed to get over it, we always go to the club together now.
I still want things to get better, ideally like they were during our first year together. I hope this will pass.

Now that I'm not in love with anyone anymore it's kind of incredible how much I was worrying over nothing.
What I've learned from all this is that giving up is sometimes the best course of action long term. It's hard to give up hope when you're in love with someone, but hindsight is 20/20.


Happy birthday to me.
I'm glad, glad, glad !!
Yesterday's event was a success !!
I forgot my backpack with my computer inside at the bar last night. They threw us out because it was closing... Tomorrow I'll have to go take it back.
Hey Bandersnatch, it's not that bad, is it? Tell me, do you feel down ?
- S


Maybe it's not really love that I feel. Just infatuation.

I need you by,
I need you by my side babe
It's so right
It's saccharine, it's so bitter

I still fucking hate you.

Aw I hate you too dear.

Kill yourself.

Sorry, no larp intended, possibly you may not know who I am!

if you still hate me would you mind inboxing me that you hate me so I can try to clean up the wreckage that is my life lol thanks

I treat myself bad and I can't change it

Go fuck yourself, I have serious issues with that girl.

I got so drunk I almost died last night AMA

Who hurt you?

Well getting broken up with didn’t help but I think it was a culmination of stressors with that at the forefront

I’m still sorta drunk rip

I need therapy. I'm on day 6 without alcohol and now is when I want to drink the most. Been making it 4-5 days at a time since november, essentially repeating the worst stages of withdrawal for no reason.

Day 6 today. Hoping to make it through 2 more days in order to talk to someone as that's about how long setting up an appointment will take.

Throw wny alcohol you have away right now. It could save you

Paranoid pschizophrenia is a bitch user hope you feel better soon

I don't have any around me. It's so easy to get that's how I buckle every time. Down the street, 5-6$ then I start over.

Anyway this feels different. I recognize the craving and I'm not acting on it. Some people say an hour at a time. That's where I'm at, with minutes. I don't need to focus on the future right now, just that I don't drink over the next couple minutes.

Good move. If it helps, drink water or something else so your mind-muscle connection is appeased but not your health. I’m really happy to hear it feels different this time

Yeah I'm drinking so much water and orange juice it helps me feel better. Also have some sparkling water - at the worst I pour it into a glass like I would a gin and tonic and sip it from there and that works too.

I've got my workout routine lined up and I'm planning on heading over to the gym in a couple hours hopefully the cravings are subsiding by then.

I'm positive I'm gonna make it this time. I don't remember the last time I thought I'd go a week without drinking.. seemed impossible. Now im most of the way there and I hope I can make it to a month - because that always seemed more than impossible. And if I can do that I can keep going.

I'm happy being alive. Why would I do that? You miserable tick.

>>With that girl

Unnecessary words to that post

What you want a name? Initials? How about FU.

Here's something I've thought about a lot.

When I was in school I was sometimes asked by my parents if I'd been bullied and I'd said no.

That was a lie but it was a lie I believed. None of the other kids at school ever gave me swirlies, stole my money, or shoved me in a locker. This was also before texting or the internet so cyberbullying wasn't really a thing.

But I was bullied. It's just that the bullying came from the teachers and school staff, not the students. There were a lot of teachers who insulted my mother to my face, including a coach and hall monitor who kept telling me my mom was a slut and he was going to rape her. There were several teachers and school staff members who tried to kick me or trip me in the hallways and then laughed when I told them to stop. There were teachers who tried to provoke me into a rage and then started punching me several times when I yelled at them to stop.

I was bullied in school but I was bullied by the people in charge, who you can't really do anything about.

i want to fuck ,impregnate , and marry a 19yo that calls me daddy,

>I-if you get offended by something meant to be offensive then that means that you’re guilty and disagreeing also means that you’re guilty.
Fembots leave.
Men take responsibility for themselves. We don’t take responsibility for each other, but neither do women. It’s called minding your business, something that women should try. You certainly would not want a man to make an ad about women going to Starbucks and yelling for the manager telling women to stop being retarded and hold each other accountable.

I had a dream about Jow Forums, I need to stop coming here. I never liked it but I guess I wanted to know what it was like and I understand now what happened at other sites before. Jow Forums is the toxic heap they came from.

My plan worked. I got my gf to hate her group of friends and now she's pushed them all away.
All she has is me. And I'll keep her all to myself.
I get to have complete control over her now.
I feel giddy. This is a good day. I love winning.

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Men can't take accountability for their actions. They've been taught for centuries to blame everything on women. The backlash and anger you see today from men is because they can't STAND losing some of their power. It's funny as af.


Men can and do take accountability for their actions all the time. We’re just tired of listening to you whine about why we decide not to protect you.

I'll never talk to you again but you'll still see me everywhere. It's inevitable.

Oh? Protect us from war? The wars that you've started? Or do you mean our exes beating us up?

You're the ones we need protection from.

I remember when I first discovered Jow Forums. This was a very long time ago and you have to understand I am old. Very old. I even walk with a cane. Not because I'm old but because of a skateboarding accident. I can't ever skate again. But at least I can limp to the bus stop. Anyway.

Back in 2004-2005 I was in high school. There was this thing called myspace. On myspace there were a lot of kids at our school who posted about this place called Jow Forums. They posted memes there and trolled their classmates. Curious, I had to ask, what is this Jow Forums? And now I've been on this website for 10-15 years and can't escape. It's like a mind prison. I've seen it go from people who took the "Anonymous" meme seriously to lonely sad fucks to misogynists to nazis. Very weird place, this Jow Forums.

I was at other sites that were anonymous. That is probably the best concept about Jow Forums. There is beauty in it for several reasons. As far as the meme...well, I'm not sure that meant anything as anyone can be user, including CIA or Hillary Clinton.

I have a theory about the nazis and misogynists...I think they emulate someone. I don't feel like going into that. It seems like a cult.

I was always told to stay away from Jow Forums and I did until recently. Everyone who came from here told me not to visit. It's actually more tame than I expected but I do see this is the lair of misogynists.

I am not willing to give up. I will achieve my goals.

In a way, I'm sick of them stealing my ideas and profiting so much off them. I guess I need to look at the bright side ideas are all out there, something I could never accomplish on my own.

>wars that we start
Wars that we also finish for your pathetic ass.
Were not going to be on the lookout for you because you feel like you need us to. Do that shit yourself. Handle your shit instead of trying to cry your way into pity from other people. That’s what we do.
White women specifically are the most pampered and protected group of women in existence so it’s quite typical that they’re the ones who complain and cry the most.

I don't see what's so bad about being someone's one and only. Wanting to be there to take care of them. Her friends were trash and deserved it. They can all go to hell.
She's mine and I get to keep her forever.
She'll have everything she needs for, all I want is her.

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At least I was consulted about one of them.

You manipulated the situation. When she finds out, she'll hate you.

If batman just went to the hospital instead of letting his Lamborghini get wrecked then he would have stopped everything bad from happening


What war did you finish for women? You are so fucking dumb and useless. We don't need your testosterone BS. Go kys please.

The funny thing is almost all of the nerds here wouldn't be desired by Japanese women either.

I manipulated nothing. That's the best part. All I did was plant seeds and she did all the work herself. She came to me in tears after her friends became too controlling. She didn't like it. I just held her in my arms as she cried after they all became abusive jerks. They got weird and pushed deeper into my arms.
I love it. Maximum returns for minimal work.

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Try doing something artistic or creative.

>All I did was plant seeds

that's manipulation

i know. you have the right to do so, and ill probably never know enough words to cumulate a proper apology. remember, i've never loved before you.. and probably never will. (or atleast the same way).

I likely don't have a lot of time left. I refuse to waste it on hateful beings. I think we take our experiences with us, they live on. I want to make good memories to enjoy for later, not terrible ones.

All I did was question the way things worked between her and her friends. That's all.
After that they all did the rest.
It was fun to watch. Even if she could track it back to me, it will be too late.
She's too dependent on me. Her psyche wouldn't survive her taking me out of the picture. Too late now. She's completely my slave, body and mind.

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Around a year and a half ago my life started to spiral out of control after I experienced a loss I couldn't come to terms with. The alcoholism, reckless behavior, and self abuse that followed was nothing compared to the psychological issues that still persist.

To this day my thoughts are constantly consumed by overwhelming worry for someone whom I used to be close to, because I feel entirely responsible for their wellbeing and happiness. I realize in doing so I push away them away and make them loathe me, which makes the cycle grow worse.

I wish I could recover my personality, deal with the self-hate, and no longer seek to destroy myself. But I don't know how to start living again when time and psychiatry have failed. Living in the past has killed many opportunities that could have made me happy, but I don't think I am capable of doing anything but chasing the past until my inevitable self-destruction at this point.

I was watching a Taylor Swift concert on netflix the other night (believe me, there is a reason for it). It struck me just how they present someone, to be worshiped by the masses. It's so calculated all of it. It's not like someone like Elvis wasn't idolized either...he had women fanning themselves and fainting. It must be weird for them to know they are undeserving of that much adoration. Too bad people don't worship anything wholesome and healing anymore.

That just shows your insecurity and weakness. When she leaves you, you'll be so fucked.

You are like my dad was that way, always trying to protect.

The truth is every time a guy tries to protect me, I realize I would've been better off without him trying.

Oh she can go if she wants.
But like the others before her, she will be scarred and easy to pull back whenever wanted.
They are all interchangeable.
They make for nice fuck toys. Since they come back expecting you to love them. It's rather fun.

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Love is the only thing that matters in the end.

>what wars have you fought?
Idk user, what wars have I started? You’re the one who mentioned it

Yet you had to manipulate her to be with her. Talk about pathetic. lol

You're not even worth the time it takes to write this out.