How come women with autism find partners yet men with autism can't find a partner at all?

How come women with autism find partners yet men with autism can't find a partner at all?

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Because men are easier on women than the other way around.

Fuck, in America, you just need diet and makeup to have your fucking pick.

1. there are spectrums
2. you aren't seeing the single women
3. you aren't seeing the taken men
4. those on the spectrum need to be with others similar to them but autistic guys go for normal women
5. autism shows differently in men and women

In times with no real dangers men are not valuable

Because women with autism normally show lighter symptoms.
Women with really heavy symptoms can't find a partner either, men with light to moderate symptoms can normally find partners too (my boyfriend has Asperger's and, well, he's my boyfriend).

They do. It's just you. Stop being such an angry cringy incel.

as long as you are hot you can find a guy ezpz. guys have to have a specific personality (and good looks) to score women. guys with autism don't fit that bill.

i also find that women with autism are just as picky as girls without it. they aren't going to be dating guys with autism, just the guys all the other women are dating.

>guys have to have a specific personality (and good looks) to score women. guys with autism don't fit that bill.
That's untrue. Guys with different personalities can get girls.
And my boyfriend who has autism has me.

It's also not a great idea for two people with similar issues to date, they need to compensate each other at least a bit.

by specific personality i meant confidence and extroversion. yeah there's exceptions but that doesn't disprove the overall point.

Autism isn't your problem. Not being rich is.

I'd never date an extrovert guy. Confidence... depends on what you mean by that.

My friend has autism and he got a gf before me.

How do you leverage being rich to get people to go out with you?
>wanna go out?
>would you like to go out if I pay for the meal?
>>no, wtf, I thought you were paying anyway
>No, but you see, I have money
>>everyone has money you dipshit, now go away.
>but I want to fuck you in your pussy.
>>I am leaving

If you got rich with your own work then you have your life in order and the confidence needed

Girls with autism go undiagnosed more often, most probably because people expect less of women and they can live a completely normal life as an average girl just by finding a partner whereas the opposite is not true.
Girls with autism can much more easily date because men will date anything and initiate dating, which is incredibly difficult for an autistic man.
Men are supposed to be providers while women aren't and autism tends to be crippling for a career.

Oh yeah I forgot you have autism, that shit's naive af

They will want to go out with you when you have status items only money can provide. A posh watch, a posh suit, a posh Porsche etc. You need to stack all those things on the stuff normies get told to do (groom yourself, get hobbies etc) for full effect.

What if I just show her my foiled out legacy deck?

Diagnosing a functional autistic is probably the worst thing you can do for them.

Because men care less about a woman's social value than women do about a mans social value.

Being autistic ranks you amongst the bottom-tier of the social hierarchy. It's because autistic guys tend to be very socially awkward and simply don't gel with the majority of people. Hence, they have very few friends and most people don't really like them. Autistic guys have low social value and girls pick up on this. It activates their 'creeper' alarm.

Men don't care about how many friends a woman has or how well-respected she is amongst her peers. As long as the girl is pretty and has a decent personality, we're attracted to her.

Autism makes you appear weak. Weak women are attractive, weak men are not.

what a hypocritical statement

men find our vulnerability and weirdness endearing and charming

t. autistic female

btw, ime i have dated/been friends with lots of autistic men who have had tons of relationships in the past/loved by women, so i don't think that this is an autism problem at all. just date other autistic women or find the real root of your rejection

>just date other autistic women
but autistic women do not date autistic men

yeah they do though? my current partner is autistic and my 2 best female friends, both of whom are autistic, are in relationships with autistic men

you're just a sped

I don't personally agree with the guy you're responding to, but for a lot of people, that would probably be true, though they might not want to admit it.

Lots of guys enjoy being with a girl they know they can be considered superior to. They want a girl who they make more money than, who they're taller than, more educated, stronger, etc. Plenty of guys have fragile egos and would never date/marry a girl they couldn't view themselves as being better than. It's why plenty of guys, if they get a gf who is noticeably more attractive than themselves, will be really insecure that they'll leave them.

When it comes to women, at least here in the west, they're conditioned to seek male partners that fall in line with traditional criteria about being "strong" and all that jazz. So a lot of them aren't attracted to men that don't meet that criteria.

Everyone is different though, no one forces you to buy in to any of that

Women are the scarcity in the game of sexes.

So even a disabled woman has her pick where a disabled guy is just waste of flesh.

Women are totally fine with sharing a top dog with other women. Men don't have that luxury as only exclusivity ensures that they can pass on their genes with a given woman.

So if only the top 40% of men get some anyways, you bet there aren't any disabled or autistic dudes in there.

why on earth did you end up dating an autistic man?

depends if you are autistic with no self awareness or not.

Autism or not, they still have reproductive capability.

>top 40%
It's top 20% guys and going up every day.