OK ... I apologize for being poor

My humblest apologies.

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Eat the rich. It's their fault. Fuck the Jow Forumstards who think it would all be better if we gave our overlords more money.

Dude, that's not how the economy works.

The rich have money because they know how to invest it. Investing money properly creates jobs and wealth. This wealth allows more and more people to become educated and gives the people more and more equalities and opportunities. Capitalism litterally solved all the world's problems: from world peace to sex and race equality, you have to thank capitalism.

>Fuck my wife please rich man.

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>he believes in trickle down theory
Don't believe the Jewish lies.

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this really aggravated me so I fixed it.

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It's everyone's fault but their own. This attitude isn't exclusive to the working class but it does show why we're all sick in the head.

I should've put something about uniting the Eastern Church instead of the pilgrimage line, but oh well.

how about the billions who have died of starvation in countries where cheap labor is outsourced to during capitalism's lifespan

also this system necessitates that there is an imbalance between the educated rich and the working class, clearly if every working class person were in positions to pursue education and opportunity there would be no surplus value produced for capitalists to appropriate/invest and no capitalism

it's basic logic lol

You know the difference between medieval and current-day Europe?

Back then, the leadership offered the people protection in exchange for taxes.
Now, they offer the import of rape and murder in exchange for taxes.

nice Jow Forums meme my dude

Is it reality or not?

what part of Jow Forums meme you don't get...

So you don't have any refutation. Ok, thanks!

and you haven't given anything to support your claim

What about serfs tho? They can't go on a pilgrimage.

Look at Germany, we pay €50 billion per year for these illegals.
They are magnitudes more criminal, e.g.they commit >10 times more sexual assaults per person than German civilians. Further they have much more offspring than native Germans and will gradually replace us. The more they do so, the more Germany will turn into a mixture of Africa and Arabia.

You don't need to apologize user. That is consistently the most fucked up shit I see around here is people making fun of there fellow user's financials. There is no reason for that shit. Not even funny.

lmao nice Jow Forums meme dude


blue pilled npc post

alienation due to capitalism my fellow comrade.

The "lords" are descendants of the warrior elite who had the ability and guts to make it to the top.

Indulgences aren't about absolving sins, they're about making purgatory more comfy. Sin absolution is 100% free and goes through confession.

What are you trying to say? This shows that crime has been rising.

do you have any basic reading comprehension skills?

Do you? Most of their quotes mention an increase.

There are two sides of the coin. I don't know if OP was trying to start a political fight but the economy is a function of nature and the only thing politics can do is adulterate it. Our world was made by people and situations that we have no say so over. There is much to be improved and so much more to be appreciated. One thing I do believe is that we shouldn't poor shame our anons. Nigger and faggot and all that are common but to devalue somebody based on value is nothing but dickish. This is where we would want to help each other out.