To all femanons

What does a guy need to have or do for you to be attracted to him or consider having a serious relationship with him?

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>not a slutty man-thot
>ready for LTR
>good sex drive
>willing to treat me like a whore in bed but a princess out of it

I'm single and going to be a cat lady lol

What do you consider as conservative?

Not female but aside from the usual shit my gf liked how I cared about my little sister. So maybe show that youre a good father figure

> dominant personality without being a bully
> shows he can and wants to be committed
> takes care of me / I feel understood, loved and safe with him

the plus/extra : we can have engaging conversations and share some similar interests

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>looks well put together
>not too scary vibe
>decent human being
>matching sense of humour
>doesn't argue about legitimacy of values and believes
The bare minimum

>Isn’t a hardcore commie/Nazi
>Not a fucking idiot
>Not obese

>doesn't argue about legitimacy of values and believes
What does that mean? Like he needs to be ok with you being a racist?


That is some juicy bait.

For me :
Conservative, preferably Christian, treats his family well, is motivated and willing to work (too many guys have tried to be with me haven’t had jobs while I have, leaving me to pay for everything)
Confident, not afraid to tell me what he wants and doesn’t want
If I do something he doesn’t like, I want him to tell me so I can work on it. Instead of being passive aggressive towards me..

It’s not so much about looks for me, but obviously clean and well presented is preferable..

Also sense of humour is always attractive, we’ve gotta be able to laugh at stuff

You'll find him soon enough user. Met mine online a couple years ago now we're married and have 3 cats

What if I'm a softcore nazi that doesnt engage in politics but understands national socialism is the most logical system of government, genocide is the only way to create a sustainable planey and eugenics is an ultimate good?

Oh and I dont like blacks.

>need to find him attractive
>financially stable now or in the future
>nice to me
It might sound shallow but that's about it. I have a huge fear of being left alone without enough money to live so I just want somebody who's nice and can provide a financially stable life.

>3 cats

Yeah , something just doesn't add up.

>cats have a political leaning
it doesn't add up because you failed math


>attractive enough that I like his looks but not so good looking i feel insecure in comparison
>Actually likes me as a person, actually likes how my body looks
>smart but not a fathead jerk
>not too skinny not too fat not too muscley. My biggest leaning is a cuddly body type on a man.
>hard worker, financially stable or will be in the future
>actually fucking funny. Dark humor and autistic preferred.
>not a wreck but not boring and super straight laced
>can communicate with me at least half the time
>good strong sex drive, open to trying new things/dominant man in bed, average sized cock is good for me.
>nice to me
>wants traditional goals of wife being domestic partner, taking care of kids and having the home in good condition, but allows me to work if I get too bored at home

Be my gf.

Hmu gimme that kik or discord or whatever you use

He needs to be funny, friendly, and confident, mostly. The rest we can work out later. If we have a shared sense of humor, if they aren’t super insecure/a major pussy, and if they make an active effort to be friendly and kind to me instead of blowing me off, they’ve basically got it in the bag.

post results

>black or financially stable
>big dick

>open minded/not conservative
>doesn't complain all the time/criticize everything
>not a normie
>doesn't have to be cute, just gotta be a pleasant person to be around overall
>similar hobbies
>ok with not having kids

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>willing to banter
>doesn't put pussy on a pedestal
>engineer mind
>if normie, is aware he is one

> 6 foot 4 fucking minimum, fuck off manlets
> makes at least 100,000 a year, fuck off poor people
> Muscular, fuck off weaklings

T. Incel

Half of the posts are incels projecting what they think girls like based on their repressed homosexuality.

The two guys I'm watching atm because they fall within the parameters are: late twenties KHV and pudgey manlet. Sounds shit but they're both so exciting.

You never gave her that info man

No one to comment mine?

It's pretty normal so posters don't bother.

pls be in netherlands

I'm an American in the south(ish)east

Alright. Sometimes I'm scared my expectations are too high.

Goodluck on finding your fictional disney character, who you aren't actually attracted to, just in theory.

>If I do something he doesn’t like, I want him to tell me so I can work on it



is that what you REALLY want?

Well...yes, why?

Sounds like it

that's what you pretend to like, in actuality your attraction is much different. what are you attracted to?

Wait wut? Did you marry a blowup doll with attachable dildo?!

Too bad you are a man. Id bang you. On top of a pile of shitskin and kike corpses.

>t. girl (male)

If you are willing to compromise on the last part, contact me.
I am conservative in many aspects of my life: missionary with the sole purpose of procreation is my only kink I know of.

What women truly want but wont admitted.

Come on. Men also want a young fertile fuck sleeve maid. A wishfull fantasy aint hurting nobody.

Hey did you meet me yet?

That's what I think I want. I don't have another answer

that's 'relationship' shit but what about real attraction?

If you think any women thinks about the average virgin enough to want him to kill himself because she's too busy fucking someone else, the wish fulfilment is for you, not the incel writing the post.

Are you a funny engineer-minded fellow who doesn't take himself or me too seriously?

user leave her alone. Women aren't like described on Jow Forums. And what about what she said even looks weird or wrong.
My wife likes me for exactly these reasons.

i listen to pretty heavy music
its considered turnoff for most females?
or maybe its just my face being a turnoff

No, heavy music is not considered a turn off for (adult) women, edgy men who act like their interests are the reason they're persecuted are a turn off.

normally you wouldnt tell i listen to such music
i dress normally, minus occassional hoodie or tshirt but thats mostly to gym

Can you define "real attraction"? I'm probably not the best person to ask, I never had real feelings to anyone

your wife is a liar or you are a provider.
as in sexually speaking, not just commitment, the more superficial side. for example confidence.

You could wear a five finger death punch matching outfit and that wouldn't be an issue for most women who like metal. You don't want to date someone who dislikes you over something as petty as music taste

>it doesn't add up because you failed math\

I admit I sucked at math, but you should have a kid by now not three cats, they're leftwing.

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Sexually I'd love a good dynamic like dom/sub. I'm a virgin so I'm not gonna be picky about it but I'd like to find someone complementary. I never really thought about confidence, I guess it's not that important, and I have a thing for introverted, shy men

pls be in netherlands

Man the propertions in this game are retarded.

Goku would be as tall as Broly's knee.

do you mind if i ask you questions someplace else other than here? i'm a little intrigued

Nope but not far
AbjecteGarce#0859 let's chat

But earlier you said you desire a dominant man? Here you claim to like shy ones? Personally I'm very introverted and submissive, is that something which you know other girls to desire?


didnt work, add me

GarceAbjecte#0859* shit

Would you desire to be dominant, and him submissive? Or is it the other way?

They have no idea, trust me. Their little list of requirements is as relevant as a 5 year old saying that he wants to be an astronaut. They'll meet someone who fits the bill, but won't feel "the vibe", then they meet someone completely opposite from what they thought they wanted and tell their friends "hah, it's funny, I always said that I'd never date men who xyz".

Ask men for advice on how to get women, not women.

>tfw girls all want a dominant guy
>tfw you are not a dominant guy
Life if pure suffering.

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You need to become dominant by getting good at playing Crusader Kings 2. Once you can handle feudal politics, you'll dominate women easily.

Oh, user. As a fellow submissive, I feel your pain so well. Why did nature make us this way - to desire women, yet not have the nature which our desired desire? It is some kind of cosmic joke, as I see it. What do we do, anonfren? I don't think I can ever "become" dominant, and perhaps you feel the same. Are we forever doomed, then?

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The only strategy game I'm any good at is XCOM 2...

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sadistic tendencies

>Distant, because indifferent guys are cool
>Condescends to me, shows he's assertive and self-assured
>Cheats on me, I'll just live in denial over it
>Treats me like trash, nice guys are pathetic

T. Incel

I'm not even *that* submissive, but it's just enough to be a complete turn off.
The worst part is that I'm otherwise pretty much fine. I look OK, I don't have a submissive personality, I don't want a girl to be a surrogate mommy, I just suck at being dominant when it comes to sex.

I'd be down if you changed your mind about kids, or if you're just biologically incapable. Sorry.

>Browses Jow Forums
>Doesn’t lift
>Likes Trump
>Isn’t dominant
>Lives with parents
>No job or below average job

Dragon Loli #927?
Not gonna give my full discord, so ill give all but the last number its not yard to figure out but too much effort for most trolls

Why you gotta be so mean?

Other than likes Trump I actually agree with this


fucking shallow cunt

A fighter jet, two boxes of fresh pineapples, and three limited edition LEGO sets.

My favorite kind of a guy is a genuinely sweet guy with a sense of humor and a creative side.

I also like guys who project confidence but are actually a bit awkward or shy or nervous. Someone that doesn't let those things stop them, but still needs reassurance sometimes. And I love making that kind of guy really flustered.

For all you submissive anons out there, this means you. Just actually be able to take care of yourself, please. I love taking care of people but it should be because I want to, and not because you've gone from depending on your parents to your significant other for even basic life skills. That's not being submissive, that's being dependent.

Some of those are subjective but yeah this is one of the only lists that don't kill me

Im not dominant or submissive so I guess Im double fucked

I fit all that but I want kids in the future.


Virgin? Kill themselves? Did you even read what I wrote?

Example: Current bf doesn’t like when I put my arms on his shoulders and move him out of the way if we are in a small space and I need to get past him. He told me he would rather me ask him to move because it makes him feel powerless when I move him.

So I don’t do that anymore :)

This, pretty much. Good taste user.

Honestly, its a turn off for me when girls have big fucking lists for what they want in a partner, even if the contents of the list can be reasonably achieved. Shit just looks stupid

Where do you live?

You called the list simple wish fulfilment and it had this on it
That's what I'm referring to.

Yeah that's mostly what I meant, hence why I said I'm 'not a dominant guy' as opposed to saying I am a submissive guy.
It really sucks knowing nobody wants you.
I'm not gonna blame feminism or society in general for making me this way, but I wish they hadn't lied and told me that it's ok to be like this.

I mean its a thread full of girls that post on Jow Forums, of course they'll have retarded and gay requirements like being "dominant" and a rapist in the sheets but a Prince in the streets

What if we just want to do fun things like shuffleboarding?