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This should be a thing because there’s always 4 tinder threads.

Anyways, I’m a person that kinda has more boyish looks, like I’ll never be a super macho man. And I know this can work, because some girls have found my lanky ass hot as fuck, but I feel like this only hurts me on tinder.

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Not being a super macho man hurts any guy, bro. Not being white also hurts. If you're both, you're wasting time if you're hoping to match with a decently attractive girl.

On a side note, getting nudes from Tinder thots via a fake chad account is harder than I thought. Tinderchad got nudes a while back but he probably went for older women who are more insecure about their looks to get them.

You just need to know how to suck titties

Gonna meet up with a girl later at her hotel. What are the odds I'm going to get mugged? She replied late when I asked her for the address and mentioned a friend was there and would tell me when the coast was clear.


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Usually not into chubby black girls but her tits are huge

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Lol that’s a no for me dawg

Like yeah it's physically possible for people to be uglier than this, but jesus she uggo.

Same for me. Sadly horny as fuck and damn I want to lose my big tittyfucking virginity

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>there are anons that are so lonely and desperate, they would fuck disgusting mold ridden fatties they met online
You should be ashamed of yourself. You know your dead relatives + Jesus are watching you, right?

It's true and now I feel bad. Been forever since I last talked to a girl, let alone flirt in the area of sex.

All fat girls have tits. Those are just saggy pancakes


best way to confirm a girl so Im not getting fished?
thinking of a time stamp pic 4 pic

So for years ive been trying to place it safe and have friendly rapport building conversations. But recently ive gone on a series of dates where the girls are withholding sex to extract my commitment and it annoyed me.

Been experimenting with being super forward/sexual in my tinder interactions and its been going surprisingly well. The girls who stick around to talk about this kinda thing actually seem interested and not just like theyre humoring me with dry responses.

I usually just ask for her number by around 10 messages, then once you have her number that's 100% she wants to hang out so I make plans immediately via text. The only people who get catfished on tinder are the ones who pussyfoot around and don't make moves so they just talk back and forth forever on the app.

Tinder advice is don’t use tinder if you’re a man.
Women just do it for shits and giggles and a self esteem boost and you all play right into it like fucking retards.

That sounds paranoid as fuck lol

Just ask for her number, not right away but after a couple messages. Usually girls don't have a problem with that if the conversation is going well.

From there make plans for a casual meetup and leave it at that.


Is it dishonest to use Tinder pics of me from 3 years ago? I literally don't have any good recent pics and I have no friends to take them for me

>I can't get laid on Tinder
>ergo, it's the women's fault

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