Please make me stop. The blood is so sickening but i constantly thrive for more and more. I deserve every cut...

Please make me stop. The blood is so sickening but i constantly thrive for more and more. I deserve every cut. The pain is worth the marking. However, there are people I will let down.

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Why do you do it?

Please don't kill yourself. If you seriously care about the people you think you'd let down, work hard and be kind to them. You can't do either of those things if you're dead.

As you build a life for yourself, you might find that it's worth holding onto.

Suicide is the one aspect of life where procrastination is always the right answer.

kill yourself

I do nothing but let everyone down constantly. Im a terrible friend, a terrible son, a terrible brother, a terrible person. I constantly want things and fantasize things i dont have or deserve. Envy is a sin. I am in a constant cycle of self loathing i cannot break. Sleep is my only escape.

You don't deserve the pain. Please throw away whatever you're using. You deserve help and a support system. Don't do this to yourself, the pain isn't worth it in the long run.

I'm sure whatever you think of yourself is not true. Especially not true to the point where you need to harm yourself.

Please repeat this to yourself.

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Ok, but why do you cut yourself? Be more specific

I deserve punishment for my selfishness









Do it on your thighs idiot, people will see.

Those aren’t even deep cuts, go do drugs instead of chasing endorphins you fucking underage ban.

Pray instead

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I understand that pain
Gym. Feeling pain in my legs felt sooo fucking good.



Fuck off neckbeard
Your pain is being consistently rejected by any woman you meet

I am so tortured and unique and special and a snowflake please dont think of me as normal I'm unique and interesting and special and mysterious.

I'm so dark and brooding and special. My fedora shows the pain I have to bear on my shoulders.

You're wasting your time acting like a fool on an advice board.

These are so fucking shallow, it's like you don't really want to feel the pain. As someone who got over a cutting addiction, you're just doing this because it makes you feel more like a victim
Either push the razor in deep and do a quick swipe, get an infection and suffer, or stop being a pussy bitch and quit lightly grazing your flesh.
That's not sickening blood, I've stood in puddles of my own blood.
There is nothing cool or good about cutting.
Nothing. It's not pitiful or cute or quirky, it's pathetic and disgusting. You will not seem strong for getting over it, you'll just look like a weakling.

You will feel super retarded when you grow out of that if any of those marks remain on your arm. You will be embarrassed to get close to people.

Don’t let it get to this point user. Physical pain isn’t going to keep out the emotional or mental pain. And the marks aren’t going to be a good reminder for making things better. You’re strong, you’re still here, pick up a hobby, or find a new interesting game to play to distract yourself. Take care of yourself. Drink water. Eat healthy foods. Learn to love the skin you’re in. You’re worth it, and things will get better. They have for me, it’s still a struggle sometimes- but my “glass is half full, not half empty.” That mentality has been hard to come by, but I know you’ll get there.

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Cut your vein along the whole forearm and just die already. Nobody cares about you, you drama queen.

Cutting isn't the answer to your problems. You're only making things worse. Instead of harming yourself go out and do something useful. If you feel bad for being selfish try helping someone.

Quit being a fucking edgelord, what are you, 13? Can’t think of a single adult who still pulls stupid shit like this. Get some help.

How about stop being selfish instead of cutting yourself, idiot

OP here. Half of you fuckers are retarded but the other half is cool. I understand they arent deep because i have a shitty razor and this was maybe an hour after cleaning them. It is also my third time doing it. That's why i want it to stop so it doesn't get to an extreme point.


based christmas, listen to this guy OP

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Read this and thank me later.

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The pain feels so good. I really want to do it to someone else but idk if I will ever find someone like that.

You're seeking attention with this post and you do not really want to stop. Progress will only come when you stop internalizing your anger and deal with the people you're actually angry with. That likely starts with the people you'll "let down" when they see the cuts you chose to put in a place that is difficult to conceal.

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Don't hurt yourself, try hurting your enemies slowly...
Just take revenge by making proper planning.

>taking things personally on le basket weaving mongoloid larp website

I'm in a psych ward right now, op, but I don't cut myself voluntarily, instead I hit depersonalization every time it happens
I advise you to stop while you still have control, otherwise you won't be able to stop

Looks like my face after I shave in a hurry.
You gonna take that arm to a job interview?

you go to job interviews in a fucking t-shirt?

Get professional help. Jow Forums is not the place to get real help.

is the pain worth letting people down?

cutting yourself doesn't make up for anything imo, it's just a dumb waste of time. you're dumb kiddo. grow up, find something that makes you happy, stick to it. workout slowly, just start doing basic exercises. listen to music. make better decisions, learn from your mistakes. dont just sit there and be all dumb and shit and cut yourself, it looks and is stupid. why? theres obviously something wrong so take steps to try and fix it, if it cant be fixed get away from it

Please, seek for help
No one deserve this pain, and that includes you
You will not feel better in the long run - I used to cut myself too, and I know how brave and excited you feel while cutting yourself - none of this feelings will last, you will have just one arm full of scars instead
If you feel you are letting people you love down, do something
It doesn't have to be great, you can take small steps for sure
One cut in less and a forced smile in more - try to stay positive and distract yourself: draw something, go for a walk, talk with your friends or your family, write a letter
If you don't feel in the mood, just stay in bed and try to not cut yourself: it takes a lot of effort, but you can do it
It may be hard, especially at the beginning, but you have just to get used to not harm yourself, so take your time, and don't be ever afraid of seeking for help
The thing about courage can be find in trying to get better - it's quite hard, but I'm sure you can do through it
Remember: you have the control of the situation
You aren't a failure, you are still here, in this world

that's not blood. blood doesn't settle like kool-aid lmao

Thank you. But where do i go for help? I constantly fear judgment so I hesitate to open up.

Get a fucking job....Christ, what is this, amature emo hour?


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I will never understand this. It seems whatever mild adrenal rush you get would be completely overridden by how much it hurts. I mean why not just do drugs like a healthy person?

I am a stripper.... mechanic.

Talk with your parents and your friends.
I know it could hurt them, but actually helping you is way more important.
Try to seek for professional help - go see a psychologist, you can go for the school one if there is one.
Good luck, take care of yourself, stay safe, carry on.