Complimenting girlfriend

Is it better to compliment your girlfriend enough to where she believes she’s drop dead gorgeous, or compliment her rarely making her question it?

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Definitely not the first one


I think it a bad idea to over influence the ego by over exaggerating. This may cause her to abuse her power over you, take advantage of you, realize that she can do better than you. The opposite choice would have the opposite effect and may bring desirable results but, would be kinda psychologically abusing. It would be morally advised to be truthful with sugar on top.

So what should my compliments sound like? How often should I compliment her?

I’ve already made her believe she’s gorgeous but I’m sure I can tone it back a bit

I don’t believe she will abuse her power but she will won’t believe in your complements in a sense it will make it less special it’s the same way with i love you
Just tell her when you really feel it and do not try to have a powerplay mindset with it

Compliment her enough that she believes that YOU THINK she's drop-dead gorgeous. There's a difference between "you're gorgeous" and "I think you look gorgeous" and the second one sounds more personal and loving

Sound honest. Rarely poetic. When she needs it and when she earns it. Definitely start to tone it back but, not suddenly. If she is fed sugar for every meal, she will be tired of it and not appreciate it. Eventually she will respect you less because you start to seem dependent on her affection.

femanon here. compliment your girlfriend when you genuinely feel like she is beautiful. for example, if she dresses up more and puts more effort into herself, notice it and compliment her about it. Or if youre in a very happy moment where you want to say a compliment. or if she’s been working out and eating healthy, say she looks good. You don’t have to tell her every single day that she’s drop dead gorgeous, but definitely compliment her when you know she’s putting more effort into herself. you don’t have to feed her compliments if you don’t feel like it’s necessary.

Girls are like sponges for compliments. They'll soak it all up but nothing leaves a lasting impression.

You can't compliment a girl out of her insecurities and trying to do so will only make her suspicious of your motives, or make her dig her heels in and deny you even harder, which is frustrating in its own way.

At the same time it's not very nice to purposefully keep someone on tenterhooks for your own ends.

The best thing to do is to SHOW a girl you like her and are attracted to her. Do it as much or as little as she needs. Grab her for random kisses. Let her win arguments. Bend the rules for her (girls can always sense when you are bending a personal rule for her sake and they love it). Watch the stupid movies she wants to watch. Hear her out when she wants to whine. Fuck her as often as you can.

>Let her win arguments
I am not OP but you just turned that light on above my head.

I honestly cannot tell when she makes an effort. Get in trouble if I don't notice hair cut or new shoes. What are some indicators of effort?

>I am not OP but you just turned that light on above my head.
Keep in mind you don't need to be a doormat about it. And keep in mind that you need to exercise some tact because giving in too easily also has a way of making them angrier because they feel like you don't take them seriously.

No doormats here. Thanx bro.

You make feel like shit and she'll love you forever.

this man speaks the truth

Sad and dumb but true.

No girls on the internet but here I am. Compliments are so important!! But don't overdo it. It's good when she dresses up, when you're going out, out of nowhere on some random day, occasionally when you wake up together even if she looks like shit. Once a day is great, get her used to hearing it often, but not so often it's like you're talking it up. As a side note, never call her ugly, even as a joke or even if you're so so mad, that'll stick in her mind forever even if it's just once

listen to the woman and do the opposite
dont be dumb op

Does no one smell the manipulation in OP's question? It's so obvious to me but no one else seems to point it out...

OP, just say whatever you feel like. If you feel she's beautiful a lot, then say it a lot. Don't bother yourself with how she reacts to you, just do whatever you feel like and take whatever consequence comes your way, whether good or bad, it's always better to deal with the consequence, than to deal with anticipation and manipulation.

Unironially, that's how she'll love you more.

You compliment her when you feel you need to. When she looks nice, puts effort into her appearance.