Convincing my bro to do something

How can I convince my little brother to go to college or at least to have a plan for the future?

I'm a 33 year old male and I live alone with my 17 year old little brother. My little brother came out as gay some years ago, this resulted in a lot of fighting with my parents and bullying at school. My little brother was in a really toxic environment so I convinced my parents to let me look after him so its been just us bros since.

My brother is going to graduate high school this year and he told me he is not going to college. I asked him why not, college is fun and there's a lot of cute guys there. He told me he hates people and after school is over he just wants to stay at home. This was not surprising, even though I improved his home life, he still struggled at school and hated going. I told him he can't stay at home forever. He asked me if I would kick him out. I said I'm already packing his bags but he knew I wouldn't do that. Our parents kicked me out the day after I turned 18, it sucked, I don't want to do that to him. I told him its okay if he doesn't want to go to college but he needs to have a plan for the future and he said his plans for the future is stay with me. I asked him what he would do if I got killed tomorrow, he said cry then kill himself. I told him that's a stupid plan.

In reality, I don't mind supporting my little brother. I have a good career so its not like money is an issue but I won't be around forever, you know. I'm worried what he will do when I'm gone. My parents have for most intents and purposes disowned both of us, they won't help him if he's homeless. He really hates people though. How can I inspire him to tackle that college life or like, get a job?

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You should find out if he has any hopes or dreams first. If he has anything he wants to do in life. Anywhere he wants to go or see. Does he have any hobbies or interests? You have to start from desire to find motivation. You're a good big brother btw, OP.

Tell him to stop being a sissy boy and man up.

OP, do you happen to be gay too? Just curious.

>In reality, I don't mind supporting my little brother
That lucky bastard. Support him as long as you can do he can join the /r9gay/ ranks

Hmm. He likes video games, he's on his PC all the time, he likes drawing, he likes anime too I guess and uh...he likes Netflix. Not the most job viable hobbies I guess.

I am bisexual.

Why are your parents such assholes?

We live in the south and my parents are old timey conservative Christians. They don't really like the gay thing. When I came out as bisexual, they loathed it. The only reason they tolerate me is because of the possibility of me still getting married to a woman. My little brother is different though, he's pretty firmly and unwaveringly gay. Because of that, they've pretty much disowned him. They don't even bother to talk to him anymore unless absolutely necessary. It sucks but nothing can be done about it, those old fogeys are stuck in their ways.

I'll never understand how you can be so obsessed with an ideology or religion that you'd disregard your in children.

Religion is brainwashing.

>blaming religion when it's just shitty people at fault
my mom's very religious and conservative but doesn't mind my sister literally being married to a woman. infact, she treats her like another daughter.

Okay? Your mom is still brainwashed to believe in hell and heaven or whatever mystical shit she believes in.

Make love to your little brother.

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He could probably do with a therapist, or a community of people who accept him. Moreso the latter. Usually people snap out of the "I hate people" edginess when they feel they belong.

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>its not Islam, its just the people!!!
This is you.

Are you a girl? Is this a desire which other girls have - comforting a sweet and clingy boy?

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No, it's just true.

Warehouse work, kitchen work, doesnt require as much human interaction.

>Hmm. He likes video games, he's on his PC all the time, he likes drawing, he likes anime too I guess and uh...he likes Netflix.
I hate to say it, but with hobbies like those he really will sit around doing nothing for years if you let him. He's going to be NEET for a while unless you give him a kick in the ass.

Marry that little twink.

Force him to take a community college class on something he’s at least marginally interested in, just to try it. Otherwise, make him get a job. Take away his internet privileges if he refuses.

Get him a therapist he trusts, seriously. Your brother's got some shit going on and, the best thing you can do for him is help him take care of it before he goes on to the next phase of his life.

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keep up the fight brother
we're all gonna make it

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