How important is saying "Happy birthday" for you?

How important is saying "Happy birthday" for you?

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Everyone but my parents forgot about it a few weeks ago so I tell myself it's not important.

It's not. I'm not that interested in my own birthday anymore.

a lot for me this year.

Usually nobody remembers my birthday since i'm not on facebook but who cares

My birthday is a public holiday so it hurts when people not only forget the date but also the association...

A lot when it's a close friend, otherwise it's no big deal.

Very unimportant because I'm terrified of aging and not being a kid anymore and I can only pray people forget how old I am so I can keep my boyish charm forever

I made the conscious effort to remove my birthday from my life. But hey it is the day i buried my father..

It pisses me off a little if people who know damn well it is my birthday don't acknowledge it, but otherwise don't care and would rather less fuss.

incoming sad sack

I always felt birthdays were the one day that you get to totally selfish on and it's okay. some people act that way the entire week. it makes me sad when I see people's friends go to lengths to do things or get together with their own friends or when I see my friends do that with other friends. my birthday just makes me realize how alone I am in the world and that I'm just a filler npc for other people's stories

When they rape and kill a girl you like and send it as a x-mas card

i dont like saying it and like my own birthday even less

If I value them as friends then sure. I'm pretty bad with birthdays myself so I try not to get too offended if other people forget mine. If it was a close friends I'd be quite offended though.

It's a bit rough when you see that. My friends are generally not too bad so I'm alright on my bday, it wasn't always like that though.
When I finished highschool I went out for a week long holiday to celebrate with friends. One of the friends had a birthday two days before mine (both falling on the week) and the difference in effort was really hurtful desu.

You basically have to work your way up the friend tiers to get a birthday goods.

I honestly don't care one way or another. It's just a day.

I stopped caring after I turned 18. I hate being center of attention especially when its forced or when people think they "need" to show attention.

Who cares.

If I wanted to me measure my progress in arbitrary numbers others made up I'd be playing runescape or some nerd shit.

How is age arbitrary?

I miss people telling me it, or just remembering it's my birthday. I end up telling people happy birthday because I care haha..

t. edgy guy who just stopped playing runescape

Let's just say this is part of my ~/.bashrc:

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Not all that important. I don't say it to anyone more than once a year or so

It depends. If I really like a person and remember the date of her birthday I expect mine will be remembered too

Enlighten me, what is that I'm looking at? A code that does what?

Not at all. Mind me, i never ever want to celebrate my bday and those days have no meaning to me.

There are clearly complete English sentences in it and an image so use your context clues.

Back when I was a teenager I remember making some passive aggressive joke post on twitter about how my phone remembered so now my phone is my best friend, no one said anything
I'm not even excited for my birthday anymore, I DREADED my last one

Thats stupid.

Personally, I couldn't give a fuck.

Mine is close after Christmas, so I get lost in the shuffle. It is not super important to hear it, but when I do, it's the fuggin best.

I honestly hate it. Fucking low life plebs from college all say 'happy birthday' to me even thou they don't speak with me the rest of the year.

I don't really care anymore. I just need my family members to remember it.

Very. If no one says it i get extremely depressed.

I don't deserve it. So, not really important.

I absolutely loathe birthdays and I don't know why anyone over the age of like 15 would still be into that.

It never was, it always felt 'fake" to me.
But at least I can tell who really cares about me, because they at least call me. so I reciprocate their feelings by calling them back when it's their birthday or buy them a gift if they're nice enough.

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Belated happy birthday user!