Is it bad that I never want to work? I don't care about having fancy shit or anything like that. I'm depressed...

Is it bad that I never want to work? I don't care about having fancy shit or anything like that. I'm depressed, with bad social anxiety so I can't work, I dropped out of school I'm basically a shut in. All I do is draw and play games. I just want to stay home and be a housewife or whatever without having to interact with strangers. I like cooking and cleaning up. I don't even want kids, all I want is to stay indoors without being judged for it anymore. It's not like I'm hurting anyone so I don't get why people give me such a hard time for it.

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Nobody wants to work. If we do so it's cause we have to. I think that being unpretentious about your life in general doesn't exclude the possibility of finding a job that is not too strenuous. You can even do some online work. Don't you rely a bit too much on the possibility of being a housewife? That's way more exhausting than an easy job.

What will you do when your parents die or kick you out?

I have a bf actually, but I'm quite the opposite of conservative so I feel like it would be wrong of me to stay home while he works, even if I'd take care of the house stuff and food

Leaving the house/socializing is way more exhausting for me than cleaning and cooking and laundry and stuff like that

Well, your choice seems to be well thought-out. Why are you asking for advice then? If you and your bf are okay with it than it cannot be 'bad'.

I can't help but feel like a piece of shit for it

>Nobody wants to work. If we do so it's cause we have to.

No you don't. Welfare is accessible for everyone. If you wanted you wouldn't need to work. but alas, you think you deserve more, so you work.

>Welfare is accessible for everyone

Something tells me you're not an American

If you like to draw, maybe you can at least aim for Freelance illustrator/Concept art/artist... ? It may not get you a lot of money if you don't socialise and get your name out there, but if your skill is good enough, with good portfolio piece on your Artstation gallery you'll get exposure and clients for some pocket money to help your BF. Living by art alone is hard when you start, but if it's just to boost your self-esteem and help you household income a bit, I can't see anything bad comming from it ! You'll have to learn how to handle client to avoid getting scamed tho, but I can advice you on this if you want : [email protected]

>I don't even want kids
That's the only real problem here.

I don't think her not wanting kids is a problem at all actually

I just mean staying inside all day and all the other stuff would be fine if she was okay with raising kids. I mean not even interacting with people at all except your husband is very bizarre. Not saying it should be illegal it is just weird.

user, some people don't like people.

I'm sure you are right. There are also some people that think they don't like people but they are just scared of being hurt. If you really think you don't like people then you are probably right but that doesn't mean it isn't a little strange, nothing wrong with being strange though.

Because you're human and we crave social interaction even if we THINK we don't and it's exhausting. It makes us happy, just like working out even though it's exhausting.

Go jerk off to Jordan Peterson, fucking tradcon

Save money, invest it, earn passive income.
It will take some years but it's your best bet.
Work is something you do because you need to. Many people simply delude themselves that they want to work, they don't. If they liked it so much they wouldn't retire when the opportunity arrives.

Jesus christ, you have a lot of pent up rage. All I was saying is that being a housewife isn't that weird if you are also raising kids because you are interacting with human beings. Also raising kids isn't a bad thing and if she wants to be a housewife why not try raising kids because it would be more rewarding than just cleaning the house all day. I mean realistically cleaning is not that time consuming so really she will be on a computer or watching tv all day. I'm not a "tradcon" at all.

I'd feel way more rewarded investing in my hobbies
As some anons said I just don't like being around people, I only do when I'm extremely comfortable with someone but that's very rare
Plus I have no interest in procreation at all

its time to stop being a libtard

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