I've Snapped

> Having a Nervous Breakdown RN
> 20 year old Looser Virgin
> Got a Pistol
> Wish me Luck
> Stay tuned for the news in Oregon

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Just kill yourself man, literally nobody cares

Don't be a piece shit, if you have to die don't take innocent people with you.
I know the world is making you suffer bur hurting other people will only make it worse.

Do it faggot. Takes normies with u to hell.

Oh baby

Fuck bro at least target your rage at someone who deserves to die instead of innocent civillians.

Yeah, suicide by cop bro

Boo hoo, your poor feelings, I’m so sorry your dick hasn’t gotten wet yet! Nice job on taking the easy way out, angsty faggot. Children are starving in Africa, fuck off.

Fake but wish I could say I was here

Drive down to Hollywood senpai.

Dont do it, my cousin lives in oregon.

As distinguished from a tighter virgin?


These please.

Write a 2000 Page manifesto and give it to the police. Maybe they can help

I never understood why people who claim they have snapped and are going to die anyway don't use this as a chance to take out someone truy evil. Your message is going to be drowned out by the hundreds of other mass shooters and other news.

If you want to snap go uncover some criminal shit while you're at it. Human trafficking is such a big deal. Go kill the men there and help those people.

All you need is a trip to Amsterdam...

you're a dick

I'm not a bad man
I'm a mad man
With a bad plan
To kill as many normies as I can
Come and join me on my quest
Or I'll shoot you in the chest
Cos I am the best with a bullet proof vest
And the rest
Can go on Jow Forums
Hate on Chad as much as they can
And post the tales of a supreme gentleman



one take.

Oh fuck off. Nobody is innocent you daft twat. There is no right and wrong, only individualist perception.

Shoot a democrat politician if you dare

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Make sure to write, "Hi Dave" in blood so we know it was you.


now what is perception based on?

elliot rodger didn't even kill the people who fucked him over just asian robots and normal civilians.

at least the two canadians who went ER actually killed the people who they specifically hated (roasties)

Fuck off asshole. Use a sword or something. Stop making our lives harder you selfish prick.
t. Jow Forums

don't do it , life can get better

Aim high and try to kill a politician. That way you can make international news and achieve maximum respect


You're a cunt dude.
You can't even comprehend how bad this will hurt your family until they die.

Retard if you don’t go after a (((VIP)))

Delete as many white roasties as you can. God speed.

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> 20 year old Looser Virgin
20 years old is nothing, man. You got your whole life ahead of you. You still have plenty of time to grow, learn, love, and, yes, get laid, if that's all you care about.

big if true


nope it's too late. Just take normal white woman they get laid at 14-15. White men at 30. It's over for western civilization. Time for change

It's based on a belief we live in a civilised society yet that clearly isn't the case

Is this the usual pathetic Elliot Rodger poster or some other faggot?
Either way:

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about all of my white (guys) friends lost their virginity at around 15

I lost mine later at 17 (I've always been rather 'stoic', not caring about it much)

on average, guys lose their virginity earlier than girls and also have more sexual partners than girls

you're just a fucking loser lol

Nice larp. You are still viring.

this is such bs cope most ppl get laid during highschool
just because ur little nerd circle didn't have any action doesn't mean its the average for the whole country

>implying losing virginity at 17 is anything impressive

nigger I know anorexic-stupid-absolute-losers-at-life that lost their virginity earlier than that

literally anyone without super-autism can get laid

Take some ghetto thig niggers out with you user. Do the world a favor