I've fallen in love with my mom and I don't know what to do

Its over, I've finally jumped ship from normalcy and I've fallen for my own mother. I'm a degenerate now and its disgusting. Please help me.

If you want some context, read on. My mom put me up for adoption when I was born because she was too young to raise me. I met her for the first time when I was 18 and I was an asshole to her. I hated her and I was a complete dismissive dick to her. I said some mean things and made her cry. As I got older, I kind of regretted doing that. Sometime in my 20s, I decided to reconnect with her, she forgave me without a second thought and we started a friendly relationship. However, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. She doesn't have a husband or another child so I offered to look after her. She moved in with me and I stuck with my mom throughout her sick days. It sounds kind of dark to say but we both fully expected her to die. I wanted to at least have been by her side before she died.

She didn't die though, she made a fully recovery and now she's healthier than ever. Now my super pretty mom is hanging around my house all day and she adores me. She thinks I'm like the best son ever because I helped her through cancer and she's always hugging me and kissing me. I realized over time I started having feelings for her and finding her attractive. I've done some unspeakable things to her in my head and I gross myself out. Whenever I'm near her, her smell alone turns me on. Whenever she looks at me, she turns me on. Whenever she touches me, I'm super turned on. Its driving me crazy.

I don't want to make her go away, I like her a lot obviously but being in the same room with her is so difficult for me. Especially with all her affection and clingyness towards me now.

TL;DR: I'm in love with my biological mother and having her around my house drives me crazy. Please help.

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sounds like a larp. bait picture kind of says it all.

Just have sex with her, what's the big deal?

ghost her she's just another thot dumbass

Good fic for sleep porn.

Put some pills in her drink, do the unthinkeable while she sleeps. Smell and lick every inch of her.

>just have sex with your own mother, what's the big deal?

She's barely a real mother. She's just some lady who gave birth to you.

Honestly user, this is so cute. But if real, I really don't know what to tell you my fren.

Firstly, is it normal on your mother's part to be hugging and kissing you as she does? I have only my own mom for comparison, and can't tell you whether her behaviors are ordinary or not. Regardless, are you close enough to her that you could maybe divulge personal details to her? Could you tell her, for example, that you are inexperienced with women, and that her affection towards you is something you can't quite handle? Could you simply tell her that you'd prefer her to keep a bit of distance from you, because you're shy around women? Could you ask her for advice on how to get a girlfriend? Regarding your feelings themselves, well. If your mom is pretty, and is affectionate to you like that, I can't blame you, and you shouldn't blame yourself. Honestly, I'm a bad user to respond to this, because I personally desire a dominant, motherly girlfriend so badly, and your story only filled me with a longing to be in your shoes. Except, I don't want my own mother, or even an older woman, merely a girl my age who behaves like your mom is doing to you. That said, I think only by getting a girlfriend can you get rid of these feelings. That way, you'll have another female in your life which showers you in affection, and rakes the place which your mother is currently fulfilling.

Could you please write more, if you can? Nothing sexual, just more details of how she shows affection for you? I hope that isn't too much or too strange to ask.

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I had a kind of similar situation OP. When I met my "real" mom, I was completely enamored with her. I wanted to fuck her so badly, more than anyone I've ever met in my entire life. I ended up sleeping with her but our relationship was strained after that. Now we don't really talk anymore.

If you're going to do it, remember it might ruin what you two have.

>I ended up sleeping with her
I’m surprised she did this.

She's always been a huggy person but she's ramped it up significantly. She's all over me every time she sees me, its a true test of willpower. She's become much more touchy with me. We'll just be talking and she'll touch my hand or my face or something, all the time. When we're outside she insists on clinging to me. When we're watching TV she'll lay her head on me. When I don't notice she's there she'll hug me from behind and freak me out. I hate it.

I think we're close but telling her to keep her distance might hurt her feelings, especially since we've been so close for awhile now. I don't want to hurt her feelings..and I don't want another girl, I want her, she's always in my mind. But I can't do that.

Do you regret sleeping with your mom, user? I think about it all the time and I don't know the answer.

We were on the same page.

>Do you regret sleeping with your mom, user?
No, no I don't. Even though it ruined our relationship, I would have regretted it more if I never told her and got experience making love to her. Plus it's not like the possibility of us making up isn't there, but it does seem unlikely.

Maybe I should tell her then just so I can get rejected and move on.

First user here. Hmm, what do you personally think her own motives are? Is her affection towards you merely platonic, an overexaggeration of a mother's to her son? Or do you think she may herself feel some desire for you, of the kind you now have for her? Either way, given your relation to eachother, I would not advise you pursue that route. Sorry, OP, but as much as I love a fantasy, it would tear apart your entire relationship if you went down a sexual road with her. If she were your stepmother or adoptive mother, I might say different. But I can't here, user. You really shouldn't take this into other territory, regardless of your or her feelings. If you enjoy the affection, continue to let her shower you in such, and appreciate each moment of it. But don't pursue it further than that, and do pursue a girlfriend outside of it. Ask her for her advice on the latter part, which may help you to see her less as a potential mate and back to that of your mother. This is the best advice I can give you, user. To let her love you, but not to take it further, and to seek love from an outside lady.

Also you are the luckiest guy ever, man. To have a pretty woman constantly smothering you in her love, ahh. Must be heaven, of a kind. Yeah, you are seriously the luckiest guy ever.

Are you sure she would reject you? I don't know the whole situation but she sounds pretty smitten with you. It's not impossible that she's also in love with you. My mom was.

Bringing it into the open may let her approach it as well which might lead to the solution.

I guess I don't know for sure if she would be reject me but it seems unlikely that'd she'd reciprocate my feelings, she's my mom after all. Her being my mom and all we've been through together, its hard to say if she likes me or she's just being a mom. Its impossible to tell. I do feel like she's really excessive though but that could mean anything. I hate this, I'm so uncertain about everything.

I like having her around but having someone I like so much near me and I can't do anything about it hurts. I want to resolve this one way or another.

I think this is all I can do then.

The thing about feelings is they're complex because they don't always come out legibly. Sometimes we just need to express them in strange ways, like painting, binging TV or confessing romantic infatuation to your mother.

Regardless of the tropes surrounding it, you are an adult and so is your mother. You owe it to at least treat her like one, and yourself, and acknowledge this bridge both needs crossing and needs to be realized by both parties involved.

Sure, it could backfire but so could anything. At least this way you can say you took the adult route if it does crash and burn.
And what if she returns the feelings because nobody's ever cared about her the way you have? Maybe this romance IS meant to happen. Sure, it's not 'normal' or 'acceptable' but in all frank honesty, your lot in life (and likely hers) are not normal and are normally considered unacceptable outcomes. But the both of you appear to have no less made the best of that.

Life is a lot of things, but it's also the only one you get. Living it under a rock because things are scary, tough or need you to dust off and try again is just silly-- especially when you might be sitting on a wholesome, loving, caring relationship that fulfills you and fills the void.

Probably the last time I'll recommend anyone confesses to their mom on Jow Forums though, this one is a real humdinger

Freud was right. This is so Oedipal I don't even know what to say. Don't. No matter what anyone says, don't. If you end up having a kid, that kid is going to be deformed as fuck. Not to mention, it will destroy your relationship with her, a relationship you should both have, and will fuck up your mental psyche so bad you'll have to go to a therapist for the rest of your life.

OP should absolutely impregnate his mom, they both need this.

1st-gen incest isn't as dangerous as repeated incest. The baby would probably be normal.

Make your mom a mom, user.

(don't actually)

This thread is fucking nauseating. What the fuck is wrong with you?

Post a pic of mom

Don't have sex with you mum, mate. Find a nice girl on Tinder or something.

No OP, even if she does like you like that, you really, REALLY shouldn't go further. This is your mommy, OP, and the two of you have certainly had a different history than most (and one that almost has elements of Genetic Sexual Attraction to it, what with the whole separation and reunion even though you never knew her originally, unlike people who know eachother and then are separated and then reunite), but you are still mother and son, and you will taint all of your precious memories if you take this somewhere romantic. Please, OP. Trust us on this. You can still appreciate her affection, even bask in it as long as you need to, and let your feelings for her remain as long as they do. Tell her about them too, if you want, assuming she won't get angry or disturbed at you for it. But do not pursue further. Please. OP. Read doujinshi's or similar for your fix of Mother-Son stuff, please don't soil your real relationship with this newfound attraction to the woman who made you.

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i love this thread lmao. how to date your own mother and bed her. just epic. might aswell get it over with kek

If you're in love with your dear mother and she reciprocates, you might as well do it.

>I personally desire a dominant motherly girlfriend so badly
A comrade who shares my suffering...

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It's a nightmare for types like us, isn't it.

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Fuck her hard and good. You dont want any regrets do you? So do everything you can while your still alive

Your picture is just wonderful. She's so beautiful.

Shoot your shot and give us all the details some of us are gonna get off on this shit

impregnate her and make a little brother/sister for yourself

go on, everyone will be happy

We are but bearers of the curse, and it is a void that is seldomly filled...

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Cum inside her OP.

i actually have a mommy gf and i showed her this thread and we giggled together while she lovingly stroked my face and called me baby boy :) mommy gfs do exist you just gotta find them

I had one for like 2 years, but she dumped me for a guy 8 years older than the both of us, and I can't picture myself with vanilla girls.