Please help me /sci/. You are the smartest guys here on Jow Forums. Please help me to get rid of anxiety...

Please help me /sci/. You are the smartest guys here on Jow Forums. Please help me to get rid of anxiety. It's destroying my life

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Alcohol or drugs, literally

I have OCD and this book was very helpful. The ideas probably apply to generalized anxiety as well

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clean your room

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Meditate, stupid. Look up a guided meditation. In a decade, meditation will be a commonplace as lifting. Everyone in this thread recommending something else is a cuck who doesn’t even meditate.

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Is this a crack den?

Bro, how am I supposed to get rid of your anxiety with a chemical engineering degree?

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Meditation has allot psuedo spirital garbage attached. Neural feedback, trans- cranial direct current simulation, and mdma, nicotine and beta- blockers are the way to go on the chem- side

You annexed society and now you have anxiety.
Simply put, all you need do is find a group that makes you feel like you belong or become content with yourself.

-Eliminate exposure to wireless devices
-Improve digestion
-Increase antioxidant intake. NAC, Co-Q10, bacopa monierri, ashwagandha, etc.

Sci doesn't recognize psychology or any other discipline that could help you as science. Therefore it is all mumbo and you need to help yourself because the answer is obvious and your genetics is garbage. Next time please help yourself with the obvious way and stop posting unscientific ritualism and shamanisms here. We are after all scientists and not some bored housewives.

Get a broom and clean your shit.
It is hard to get to it, but once you get started, it is a very calming activity. Plus, having a neat apartment is quite satisfying.
If that does not work, go take a walk or read about something that interests you (even anxiety).

The solution depends on each person. I've tried many tricks and nothing got rid of it entirely. Except when I read an article that concluded that being neurotic is the root cause of depression, loss of memory, addiction, schizophrenia and many other mental ills. After I thought on this article I got an epiphany or something like it, and like that I've never felt social anxiety ever again.

This is all made up pseudoscience of psychiatry and psychology.

STOP masturbating

"I have free will but I choose to masturbate.

Even if you were to take away my free will, I would still masturbate." -Kant

lmao imagine being so edgy that you think schizos don't exist.

Ignore what most of the people on this board are telling you... they're not actually trying to help you, they're only trying to signal how oh so smart they are.

You should look up cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)... read up on it... if you have the money or insurance, try to find a therapist in your area who does it, and go there.

Realize that your brain is often not your friend... what happens is...
Something triggers your anxiety, which is not only mental, but physical reaction, your heart races, you sweat... and those things then feedback to your brain again... making you even more anxious... your brain says "oh look, we're getting anxious signals, we should be anxious". But it was all just triggered by a faulty (ot, not faulty... but overly heightened threat detection response)...

So, you have to realize that your brain is an asshole... you need to try very hard to step back away from your brain... and see the "feelings" you are having not as YOUR feelings... but as the signals of your brain. Look at them as an observer would... try not to feel them, but observe them.

>You are the smartest guys here on Jow Forums

Unironically prayer.

>they're only trying to signal how oh so smart they are
>nobody in this thread is a tripfag and therefore can't be identified or have smartness attributed to them
what did he mean by this?

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Stop jacking off. you probably jack off close to once per day. it's the reason for your anxiety.

stop being an autistic bitch and do what you need to do to do what you want to do

not a science

What do you have anxiety from? Is it social? Existential? Stress related? We need more info, friendanon

Jow Forums pls go

Even if that were true, there is overwhelming evidence that personality is influenced by environment far more than genetics. So enough about garbage genes. Your genes are only garbage if they impair your ability to think and survive.

Not a science. You must be a psychologist working mcjobs.

Oh shit! that unfounded assertion has totally discredited my peer reviewed double blind studies! So this is the power of Jow Forums...

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Yeah... I guess you're right... no anonymous people on the internet ever lie about their credentials or how smart they are. Right?

In my case it was caused entirely by childhood trauma. Don't buy into the "chemical imbalance" meme. Most likely your soul (or mind if you prefer) is wounded and needs to heal.

see pic title

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Biology reporting in. Genes only attribute to physical qualities. Ranges from effective immune systems to dick size. Your personality is created by the environment (A. K. A. Social sciences)

Read a book?


Just know that there are people that value your existence, even if you are a babbling baboon. You could probably use more imperfect friends in your anxious life!

There is strong evidence that all five of the big five personality traits are heritable, the average of the 15 studies, obtained from a meta-study of them, is .7 heritable... so, personality is actually strongly heritable.

I actually work in this field for real, so... yeah. Instead of a book... read some studies.

And my dad works at Nintendo. No joke

Magnesium and B12