The real redpill

Cock size matters, a lot. The thing is, even a lot of women don't realize it matters. Length and girth are the only way for her to achieve vaginal, and more importantly CERVICAL orgasms, which are the holy grail of female orgasms. If you can't reach her cervix (gently, that shit hurts if you pound at it) you're a cuckold, plain and simple.

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Dude, stop learning about sex through memes on Jow Forums.
I had great sex with both the guys I had sex with. One was around 4.5", the other is 7.5". Both worked fine.
Cervical orgasms don't exist. If his cock is near my cervix, I'm screaming and telling you to get the fuck out of me.
I can achieve vaginal orgasms with a 4.5" dick. Even with my fucking finger.

Stop spreading this bullshit. It's sad. It makes dicklets sad and then they shoot up schools.
Have a good night.

Why would anyone want advice from someone who doesn't get laid? Why would anyone, more importantly, ever want advice from (You)?

i do get laid, dickmunch

im not invalidating your experience, and im not saying women cant have good sex with smaller, im just saying cervical orgasms exist and it's the best pleasure for a woman, not all women know how to have them though

First of a lot of chicks like things that aren't PIV. A lot of women like getting eaten out for example, your dick size doesn't matter there. Second of all, women's vaginas aren't that deep anyway. You don't need a fucking 9 inch dick to give her an orgasm. You just watch too much porn.

7-8 is where you wanna be

Oops genetics gave me 6" guess im a cuckold. So enlightened op, just post it on your social media, spread your knowledge!

the thing is though I only have a 5.5 inch length, 5.5 inch girth penis, that'll never satisfy a woman

I'm not trying to insult dudes with small dicks, but why is it that the guys who say that women universally crave 8 inch cocks always have small dicks?

Cool post OP.

We'll talk later once you've lost your virginity.


i dont know because mine is huge

Yeah and the sky is fucking purple.
Do yourself a favor and stop destroying yourself.
"Oh god my penis is completely average whatamigonnado?"
You could try not believing misinformation. That's a start.

Every time I see someone mentioning hitting the cervix like it's a good thing, I feel like it's some kind of grand plan to try and make the inexperienced bad at sex and ruin their sexual experiences

Fucking this. For all you big dick guys out there, I'm really sorry, but I'm smol, and you jack hammering your 7in dick inside me and "oh yeah baby, I'm hitting the cervix" is probably the equivalent of someone slapping your balls over and over again. Like, that's what you're doing. I'm in serious pain. If you can't get off because you only fit halfway, find a girl who can manage your length better. Sex is important to me, and if you're not okay with only fitting half your dick inside me, then you need to find someone else.

There's a peg for every hole, guys. Stop acting like giant dicks are good by default. It's not your fault your dick is small just as much as its not your fault your penis is huge, but think more critically about this: men can have big dicks, just as women can have shallow vaginas.

what a fucking bummer that i can't do shit about it. guess i'll just off myself then

>if you're not okay with only fitting half your dick inside me, then you need to find someone else.
I'm perfectly fine with that, but it seems like most girls aren't.

The question is how does a small dick find a shallow vagina to fall in love with?

Trial and error.

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