Tinder match

i need help with making a decision. should i have sex with this girl tonight? i matched with her on tinder and she’s coming but i’m having second thoughts. i haven’t been in the US in years so i don’t know anyone. i’m desperate.

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Yeah. Why not

I get being desperate but holy shit

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this is me. i look sad but i’m a pretty happy dude desu. but it’s been so long

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>working out
lol sure hun

yes my nipples are big in this one

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It looks like a perfect match. Jus to do it

i’m new here but i’m just impatient and i’m insecure sometimes. i don’t feel like i can find a girl in this new city.

i mean, i wouldnt but if you want to user go for it

Nah, you should avoid her for her sake. Why would you post her pictures on Jow Forums? It’s like you people don’t even think. Spare her the pain

Lol, I'm black and I didn't even fuck any of the fat blacks chicks I matched on tinder. You must be on some Manlet neet shit if u can't pull just some trashy Latina or white chick.

OP is a good posterboy for the dark descent of sex/masturbation addiction.
Eventually you get so desperate you start having sex with aids ridden orc tanks.

>orc tanks

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Did you not take lessons from tinder Chad? Such shame very sad

Just got BLACKED by a negress last night. If you're anything like me, unless you've been with black chicks before, you're going to anxiously ponder on the possibility of having contracted HIV or a number of STDs/STIs after fucking her. The regret will sink in shortly after doing the deed and you may have to face the consequences of one small fling for the rest of your life, user.

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stfu. no ones gonna do shit with her pics. this thread is gonna 404 in wind

Bro do you see this thread? People are trashing her because some fuckboy decided to post her pictures online. If I saw my pic posted on here I would block that guy and run far away

Would you really assume "Tea" has HIV? Racism won't help you get laid.

Racism doesn't get you HIV either

la creatura...

That's a no/10 from me bro

Are you white? If not, you shouldnt race mix.

>working out

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'>not liking the thicc

There's a difference between liking curvy girls and this black sack of fat

>being this butthurt because even OP can get girls and you can't

what race are you?


You can easily get a hot black girl but if you really wanna bang this mammy then go for it kek


you should smile more. or at least have a neutral face instead of looking like you're going to die

>working out
Clearly she doesn't do that often.

Faggot, that outs you as a spic

kek. That's the correct answer indeed el Ogro.

>la atrocidad de las americas
dios mio..but in all seriousness just do it. maybe im a dirty euro for finding her alright. my problems with her would be only her low age and this le quirky geek thing she has.

>Making out

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How about you try again

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Okay Diego.

Go fuck Dora.

Shop your nips out too bro

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not OP but how based are you lol

idk this girl showed me the shitshow that is tinder for women and the majority of men there put zero fucking effort into looking like a fun dude to hang with and should be swiping for psychiatrists instead

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kek well you"re alright

I sure as shit wouldn't personally.

But if I was below average looking or ugly enough to the point where it was her or nothing I guess I would.

Also I was expecting you to be one of the overweight neckbeard types you usually see here. You can do way better man

>called Tea but looks like Shit
Yeah nah

>he fell for the elo meme
Why the hell would you swipe right on this girl? She might be cute if she was skinnier, but the fuck man? Why you gotta be such a fucking cunt?
>swiping right on a girl you find unattractive
>any fucking year

Shut your face, nigger

You look like your fucking boat sank

>OP posting pics of someone he knows
>makes him look desperate with the ugly tinder garbage can
>hopes to get some funny replies directed at the guy
you're all retards and op is a faggot

Well OP you look decent enough. I think you could definitely look for something better than that.

i swipe right on all of them hoping to get a match

52 matches and she’s the only one who is down to come over

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i get a shitload of matches but no meet ups. how do i get them to meet up?

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If the hunt isnt going well then try a new approach, but always hunt

she looks like she smells bad


50% of black chicks have herpes. If you catch genital herpes, you'll be even less attractive to women and probably kill yourself. Fat black chicks will even avoid you.

Yes, you can get herpes with a condom and its incurable

I have genital herpes, and its fucking hell. Listen to me and wait for a good quality woman. I know it sucks and it takes patience but it's worth it. You will feel like shit after fucking that fat bitch I promise you.

Just from what I see, your conversations are cringe


>Let me suck the stress out of your titties
Works 80% of the time

Anyone else upset at how perfectly fine average men have to settle for shit like this? I hope you didn‘t do it OP. That‘s fucking disgusting. Rub one out and tell that fat whore to stay away. How can women who put so little effort in themselves still get someone, that‘s not how it should be.

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I mean its not like you're marrying her (of course, actually if you were, then looks would be even less important, but still).
Get the soulless shitty tinder sex over with. Your soul will soon be deprived any way.

I'm sorry OP its just... you look so sad its hilarious.

Please take a less depressed picture.

Forgot my pic

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