Should I lose my virginity (24yr khv) to a 32yr old single mother of 2...

Should I lose my virginity (24yr khv) to a 32yr old single mother of 2? I’ve known this chick for around 2yrs now and she’s been wanting to smash all this time. I’d say she’s decent looking. Has some weight on her, she has a great rack, ehh on the ass. Some of the pics she snaps makes me diamonds though. My dick says yes but my mind is what keeps me. I have a huge fear of std’s... she says she’s clean but who doesn’t? She also says she been on a long dry spell. Another reason that keeps me from going over is the risk of pregnancy. I definitely wouldn’t want her to bear a child of mine. That would ruin my life. I’m also fucking paranoid about this whole metoo culture. What if she sets me up or something??
Idk maybe I’m crazy and destined for a life of loneliness.
Those of you that actually are experienced... how do you take that risk?

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If you wear a condom and enough lube, you won't get her pregnant but FYI its not the greatest thing of the world. Prepare to kiss your masturbation fantasies goodbye because masturbation will never feel the same again. If you really are paranoid, dont eat her out or let her suck you off bareback

Do people normally get head with a condom?
Also yup that’s another thing, i’m not against eating a girl out. I just want to be 100% sure that they’re clean which is not the case here.

Just put on a condom lmao

Condoms aren’t 100%

>Do people normally get head with a condom?
Yeah, its actually pretty normal. That's why there different flavored condoms.
>I'm not against eating a girl out
Trust me, its not going to be that great once you actually taste a vagina.

There is practically no risk. You could make excuses against humping anybody. Probably a much better situation than a crazy younger lady. Pretty sure she knows what she's doing. Let her show you the way.

What do you mean practically no risk?

Virgins can have std. Wtf. If anybody knows how not to get pregnant it would be her. Don't make her suck a condom. That's fucked up. Just don't put it in her mouth if your gonna worry about it.

If you don't cum inside her then you're good. People are fucking retarded when it comes to sex. The only reason why women get pregnant is because guys think they are cool for having their "pull out" game strong or they use expired condoms that break during intercourse. That's why the people you hear get pregnant "accidently" are also the same people collecting welfare checks.

>Don't take safety measures that's fucked up

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If she's not super liberal you shouldn't have to worry about her pulling a quick #mii2 on you and she already has 2 kids so why more. If your that paranoid about aids ask if you can see some test results it'll be akward sure but it's just to be sure enough.

Bro your 24, atleast try it before it's too late. You probaly wont even like your first time but kids.losen their shit at 13 nowadays and 16 is normal age, go for it.

You know that you probably already have some type of herpes right? And all that pc b's about how those things are transmitted is hardly true. For a straight man with a condom, there's not a lot that can go wrong. If there is, maybe you could explain it to me. You have to get bodily fluids in open wounds or you get some trivial shit that you take a pill to cure.

Yoooo facts, 7/10 taste fucken weird.
Had some good ones tho. I woukd wear a wrap tho incase you cum super fast. Some guys do their first time

Have you tasted a condom? You can't expect Sombody to do that. If the offer, ok whatever.

Not op but im fooling around with 29 latina fit chick. She has daughter but is flirting with me like crazy, even openly called me her "boyfriend" in front of coworkers

Also apparently she still lives with the dad of the girl but they arent married? Its complicated, maybe she looks for provider to run away, but im not going to commit for that hell no.

Maybe if we could communicate its fwb thing in first place?
Im also 26 khhv and shes attractive with fat round butt

Pull out babies aren't real. All of them were women who either
A. didnt know he came inside.
B. Cheated and didn't want to admit it.
C. Guys who came ON the vagina
D. Went in for round 2 without pissing and clean up.
Or E. Smeared that jizz inside when he wasn't looking.

You think she wants another kid either? Just bang her. Who the hell cares.

Fuck dude why you gotta scare me with that E

Well I’m studying a well paying career which she knows.... could be entrapment?

Pump and dump man, who cares. The other guy(s?) ran away, so should you.