Tell me how you got a girlfriend. Be very precise with details please

Tell me how you got a girlfriend. Be very precise with details please.

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>met friend of friend
>she cute
>talk a bit, add her on facebook next day
>talk more
>seems like she's okay with me
>flirt a bit
>she flirts back
>invite her to hang out with a group at an activity I'm exceptionally good at
>she comes
>show off a little, teach her a little, be charming and funny so she has a good time
>she invites me to one of her hobbies but it's just the two of us
>maximum banter
>having fun
>ask her to go see a movie with me claiming that my friends aren't interested
>we hang out more times one on one
>talking constantly online
>invite her to do a kind of special dinner location
>>you should know that you have to dress up a little
>>>why is that?
>>because this is a real date and I want it to be special
>go on more dates
>ask her if she wants a serious relationship, explain my position
>we agree to go official and exclusive

>girl had this weird crush on me for some weird reason
>avoided her like the plague until i became desperate enough to ask her out for a guaranteed yes
I mean now that I've gotten to know her some more she's ok

>Exercised. A lot.
>Lost 60 pounds in 4mo.
>practice(fuck up) with a girl or two
>ask them out/be clear you're into them
>fuck up again
>approach qt in lab
>"we should be lab partners.", not "can we"
>respect/appreciate her company, don't act entitled to anything
>ask her out and see if anything sticks
Dunno if this helps but here ya go.

>chatting on msn messenger
>met for coffee as "frens" since she has a bf
>shiggy diggy
>no longer has bf
>married shortly after
>now have a seven year old son

>Be at starbucks
>See girl I like
>I sit down and she picks the seat next to me
>After about 10 mins of deliberating I talk to her
>"You look awfully familiar, do you go to (nearby university)?"
>She says no but she plans t go there soon
>I say its a shame because it'd make my studies easier being able to see such a pretty face there
>Get her number
>go on dates
>We've been together for 3 months now

Smooth lady killer over here.

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Just be born Chad. If failed then just kill yourself to re-roll your stats.

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Just fucking talk to one you fucking loser

I just started fucking some bitch and, eventually, she bec a m e my girlfriend. I guess

Why are you talking to yourself

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>new job
>meet QT in differenent project area
>develop profession relationship
>meet for work stuff a few times
>find out she’s 11 years older than me but w/e
>start chatting on Skype
>take her out for coffee
>take her out for lunch
>take her out for wine after work
>ask if she has a partner
>”yes... but it’s complicated”
>they’ve been together 8 years
>take her to the work Christmas party
>confess feelings to her, she reciprocates
>she decides to take a break from her partner, he goes away for a month
>visit her house
>hasn’t fucked her partner in years, thinks I’m some kind of sex god
>continue this several nights a week
>tell her I love her
>taking her on a trip out of town this weekend

It’s that easy, user.

I know it's easy, just wanted to see the different scenarios.

I forgot to tagged OP, retard

>forgot to tagged
I shiggy diggy

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man this thread is upsetting

>Second year of what equates to US high school.
>Live on the school with 80 other students, is very popular just by virtue of being 2nd year as most only go 1 year.
>See cute girl, big tiddie and long blonde hair.
>Do anything to get her attention, I even resorted to throwing pebbles at her shoe when we were talking in groups.
>Invite her out, along other friends, as we are not supposed to stay up after bedtime.
>Other friends decide to ditch us so it is just me and her
>Long walk where we talk for hours about everything.
>Decides to kiss her
>She is into it
>Be a couple until the end of school
>Move apart
>She breaks up with me
>Gets to keep all my friends for some reason.
>Too hurt to just try with another girl so I focus on my career
>When done with the first education, I decide to take another, this one doesn't have any women either.
>11 years later, I now have two educations and no girlfriend since her.
>Biological clock is deafening, but I don't even know that many women.
>Been on Jow Forums all this time, so I never used social media and don't want to do so now.
>Being miserable is starting to hurt my career as my motivation slacks and I take more time to deliver.

So this is what it's like from the asshole's point of view

>working at shit retail clothing store for 3 weeks
>putting clothes back on hangers by myself toward back of store
>cute coworker comes up to me saying i look super bored
>sarcastically say i’m having the time of my life
>asks why i haven’t asked for her number yet
>get number
>start talking more and giving her rides to and from work (she’s omw home)

this was about a year ago and i ended up ruining everything and losing what was my happiest point in my life. things have been downhill ever since and something like that hasn’t happened to me ever again. you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone

This will piss of the Jow Forums elitists and men in general but check outnthis shit show.
>b me 27
> 19 year old coworker who exclusivly wears u just breakup outfits( hoodies, and yogapants)
> skinny and cute withOut makeup
> hear she has bf and mostly ignore her
> go to other coworkers party and shes flirty with me
> ignore her mostly because feel in taking advantage
> she asks for my snapchat which i dont use anymore cause based
> redownload and start snapping and talking to her pretty much all day everydau
> she sends me her number and now bombard her with dank dark and or racist memes to test her sense of humor and if shes liberal
> she loves all of them
> says her bf doesnt touch her or give her attention and is cheating on her but she had just moves in with him and scared to leave and wants the apartment
> eventualy makes it clear she wants to cheat on her bf with me and accept,
> i was in 6month dryspell, dont give a fuck, to me its just a fuckbuddy
> end up really clicking with her...despite her LIVING with boyfriend
> for month this goes on where she finds time to come to my apartment
> I fall for her
> she finally dumps him and now weve been together 2 months.
> I fear she will cheat on me, and if she does ill end it but for now happy.
Yes I'm an idiot, but this is the true hollywood story of my current girlfriend

>wedding, friend is getting married
>had a fling with the brides friend before, shes there
>chat her up, make out
>she has a sister
>sister asks me to ask the bride to dance, because she wants to dance with the guys shes dancing with
>ok ill do it, sorry but no shes wana dance with me now, come dance with me instead
>she says okay
>we dance, she likes it
>we are both drunk
>parties over
>she lost her shoes
>ok girl you can stand on my toe and we search for your shoes
>its fun, she giggles, i get boner
>she goes home
>add her on facebook on next day
>talk casually about the party
>chat a bit for a few days
>asks me out for a "coffee"
>where do you wana go anonette?
>be a man and pick a place and time!
>i do, we meet at night, we drunk a bit
>anonette i ran out of cash, lets have a walk while i get some and ill show you where i worked before (medieval temple archeological digsite)
>whats that user, and that, and what is this
>at this point im behind her, shes pointing to stuff and i explain
>next question i lean closer and we kiss
>walk to ATM hand in hand, make out more
>go back, drink a bit more, she sits on my lap kissing
>user i want you to take me home
>alright anonette
>go to her place
>can barely open the door im fucking her through her cloth
>straight to bed, fuck whole night
>wake up, have urge to hurry home because thats what i do with one night stands
>she cuddles, user stay
>fuck more
>exchange number, i really gotta go

we dont have a culture of dating so at this point we were togather, for a couple of years, we skipped the get eachother know part pretty much so had to learn that on the fly, which made it clear apart from physical attraction we arent for eachother

Couple years of bunny rabbit gf sounds pretty good tho.

oh and she told me and (her friend) she decided to get with me right there when i said ok to coffee, so it didnt matter what i said or do (unless completely out of place autism i guess)

Girls that cheat continue cheating. You're only setting yourself up to hurt.

sometimes i miss her but then i remember tantrums how i dont appreciate her poetry and art and so on (she was arts student, now idk what she does)

Wow really does suck being an ugly girl, no guy will ever approach you, and even when you have standards that are what they should be, you still can't find anyone because you are a social autist lmao and are to retarded to ever talk to anybody I hate my life

Only 9/10 times. Sometimes a girls reason for cheating is they werent getting something fron X that they can get from y. Her boyfriend was a leech and cheating on her, I pay my own bills, have a 7 inch dick, and don't cheat. So far so good but if she starts showing signs we done

No, always.
Especially girls who make up excuses to cheat like
> says her bf doesnt touch her or give her attention and is cheating on her but she had just moves in with him and scared to leave and wants the apartment
Classic "I'm upset at my bf so I'll go suck some dick".

Shit man, what happened in such a small amount of time?

Not OP but not always easy to find them. e.g. I'm a ruralfag and only like 60 year old wellfare people live here and there aren't really any places to go to meet girls.

>looksmaxing from 4 to 7/8
>loosing weight
>obtain muscles
>smell good
>style of clothes

I was 21, very good looking but still a virgin with not expirience with women
I've dated 3 women who initiated those dates but I was to much of a sperg to escalate

>read red pill and other bullshit from youtube
>charisma videos
>how to talk to girl videos

>make good profile and bio
>guides for that are on the internet, since I am good looking I didn't put much effort in

eventually I started seeing this 4/10 sandnigger girl.
>we got along pretty well
>felt almost natural
>she was also a virgin
>3 weeks after seeing her I ask her to be my gf
>5 weeks in I was fingering her
>first: boobs, second:ass. third: vag
>after 5 months we had sex for the first time

relationshop still lasting
add me on kik: pivotbair
if you have questions or wanna talk

i felt like i needed to push her away and that’s exactly what i did. it only took about a three or four months to realize what a huge fuck up i had done but by then she had gotten into another relationship. i’ve spoken with her three times since there was an “us”

Last week I posted about my current gf who just came up to me in a bar, so this time I'll post about an ex.

>in the city for a dinner with friends
>dinner ends, one friend asks what I'm doing after
>say nothing, he invites me to hang out with another female friend in central park
>female friend is a girl I've met at a house party where we spoke a bit, I liked her so I quickly said yes
>buy orange juice, cheap vodka, meet up with girl
>4 of us, 3 dudes and her, walk around central park at night drinking screwdrivers out of Tropicana bottles and having fun
>watch the hunger games afterwards
>me and girl both buzzed in the theater, I'm stroking her thigh and she reciprocates
>head to the subway after, luckily all 4 of us take the same train, just different directions
>on the train platform, I tell her I want to see her again, she says the same
>we kiss and she quietly says "awkwaaaard" and looks down
>I ask why, she laughs and says nevermind, me and the guys get on the train to Brooklyn, she goes uptown
>ask the guys what they think about the awkward comment, friend that invited me reveals he's been talking to her on facebook for a while in an effort to pick her up, was going to ask her out tonight
>I apologize profusely, wish I'd have known. Ask if he's still going to ask her out, if so I'll back off
>he says it's cool, no harm done, go for it
>we share funny stories on the hour ride home

Girl and I ended up dating for about 2 years after that. It was fun.

>friend tells me theres this cute girl in her class who talks to this ugly dude she hates
>I add this girl on facebook
>message her saying "hey!" and she ignores me
>weeks later she posts about her chronic disease
>I message her saying "Oh you have that too?"
>start talking, mention I like anime and things
>"I do too user! Wow this is crazy!"
>asks me favorite movies and we agree on them
>meet her the next day at a coffee shop
>leave and we text constantly
>Make plans to pick her up and go to a haunted house
>do it, kiss her at the end of the date walking her to her doorstep
>hang out constantly and one day when I was walking her to class before she hugged me I said "Will you be my girlfriend"
>said yes

best 4 years of my life though.

ah, so this is what awaits me after gradutation

>after 2 years of kickboxing and going to the gym and eating right I decided to join a running club to meet a cardio bunny (I live in a university city)
>running club meetup is an all weather running track, so you can train for sprinting etc but it's also a meeting point for running around the area
>joined the casual running group that was full of 18 - 21yo women
>I've got the best physique out of all the guys there, but the group is 70% women easily
>casually chat to women while we run 5 or 10k 2x a week
>women are terrible at sticking to physical training so I've always got someone new to chat to
>date and fuck women every other week

I'll try to be as precise as possible.

>get out of a 5 year relationship.
>spend a couple months improving myself, lifting, etc.
>get Tinder
>match with a qt on the 2nd day
>start with the bants
>after a couple days asked for her number
>texted her and set up a date, dinner
>nervous as hell on the 1st date because she's hotter in person, didn't think she would be into me
>thankfully I'm funny and engaging, and confident. It makes me more attractive
>Ask her on a 2nd date, she says yes
>keep setting up dates and seeing her
>invite her to my place
>a couple times of her coming over, we fuck
>see each other a few more times, I ask her what we are
>We agree to be a formal couple, even though we already were for all intents and purpose
>fast forward til now, and we're planning on moving in together and I want to propose this year

what race are you

you play smash?

>shiggy diggy
My favorite part, I'd like to know more

Subtle bait, but pissed me off anyway.

Lul, so easy, like 20 steps in short terms

>Saw art club in m city with interesting events
>attend events
>art club main girl, who is older, 'introduces' me and a girl via fb
>we chat for a bit and discover we share a array of very specific interests
>finally meet up
>go have food or coffee and then just walk and talk
>text and do this on and off
>we were basically 'dating' for a year and a half without ever realizing it
>after something happens in my life, i realize i have this thing called 'balls' and i just ask her straight up 'so did you ever see us two together in a relationship'?
>we confess we like each other and begin a relationship with a fairly solid foundation
there you go, but i should also add
>i was dropping hints i like her HEAVY during the 'dating' period but she never acted on it
>caught a lot of 'red flags' but still moved on
>in the relationship she turned out to have a number of personal issues, some health, some with her family
>it got to the point where i couldn't see a future with her so i broke up with her, which was very hard for both of us
i now remember that dating phase as a very fun and innocent time

Is it even possible to get a girl if you don't use fb/ig/snapchat social media in general?

of course, if you meet someone when going out for example

>cutest girl in school with killer personality
>never talked to her cause shy
>really pissed that she went to different sixth form
>never went to the same house parties even though we were in the same friend group
>internet stalk her for 3 years
> she posts on Insta the bar she’s at
> convince mate who knew her better to go with me
> just so happen to bump into her
> “oh hey user we never really talked at school before”
> wow her with my intellect and personality
> slip into the conversation all the bands I know she’s into
> tell her how much weed I have back at home
> get high
> fuck
> been together for a year now

>find a cute chubby girl on insta a year ago
>finally react to one of her stories that's of a pretty spider
>start talking
>decide to meet on nye
>invite her home and immediately cuddle
>holy shit she's super soft
>we make out
>also get super drunk and finger her
>express the next day that i still don't know what i want from this but i really like her
>we meet a few other times and always end up humping each other
>we finally have sex and it's fucking great
>make it official

2019 has been good so far man

>last year, 18 y/o sperglord
>best friend (absolute top lad) invites me to his gf's 17th birthday party
>ask him if his gf has any single friends, he says yes and that she's happy to play matchmaker
>arrive at party and meet single friend, 9/10 thicc goth girl
>super sweet, kinda awkward but in a cute way
>we hit it off despite my sperginess and end up kissing in the hot tub
>exchange numbers when we leave
>text her for a few weeks but spill spaghetti
>stop talking

>next year, best friend's gf as throwing another party and I'm invited again
>same girl is attending too, best friend tells me she asked him if I was coming
>we meet and proceed to hit it off again, she's still super cute
>best friend and his gf recommend we play seven minutes in heaven
>tell the two of us to go in together cause we're both too awkward to go on our own free will
>stand inside dark gaming room and talk for a few minutes
>autistically blurt out "can we make out now?"
>she starts laughing uncontrollably while apologizing
>we start making out anyway
>do this for almost ten minutes until we get rudely interrupted by best friend who says we need to go cause it's 1 am
>we exchange numbers again
>next night I proceed to get drunk just to give myself courage
>text her and ask her out on a date
>she says yes
>drive over and meet her parents, give dad a f i r m h a n d s h a k e and all that
>date goes nicely
>take her on another date, goes nicely again
>get invited to her Thanksgiving dinner
>after dinner go on a drive by ourselves
>ask her to make it official
>she says yes
>we've been dating since then

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yep, im dying alone

>be me
>be like 16 or whatever
>me pop punk nu metal mallgoth faggot
>MSN chatroom for my local city
>"hi does anyone here like punk rock send me a pm if you do"
>gril sends me message
>we talk music for days
>meet up IRL
>go see movie
>mom's spaghetti
>she wasn't a KHV like me so she made the first move and kissed me
>make out for like 20 minute while staff is cleaning popcorn off the floor
>go home and get my dick suck
>too much of a virgin to actually bust in her or even cum at all
>relationship is somewhat long distance so only see her once every week or even every two weeks
>break up after like a month or two
>boohoo I am literally going to kill myself
>make out with her friend instead

pic related, go back

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yes I do

Well not a girlfriend but got asked out by a very eager girl.

> 1: Take care of yourself (dont even have to be fit just fucking do shit like comb your hair, wash your face and dress decently.

> 2. Be friendly and basicly be a friend first.

Thats literally it. most relationships dont form after one day. it blossoms from friendship.

A girl that came on me was my friend of 4 years and i helped her get out of a shitty relationship,

about a week after she all over me and told me she'd liked me for a while. she said that i was so generally nice and good looking (which im really not maybe a 7/10 on a really good day)

We had a pretty intense makeout session which i had to stop her several times from going further because we were both drunk.

after that about a week after we're meeting up and stuff but i decide not to take it any further. she really needed to figure out how to fend for herself and she wasn't really my type. ( she hadn't had boyfriend outside of school and basicly had no other friends so she really needed to learn how to rely on herself)

but i could of easily made her my girlfriend and have a semi decent fuck on the reg. but if im not really into her then it wasn't really fair to her plus even if its hard she needed to know how to cope being single and not just jump to the next relationship (she insisted to me so much that i wasn't a rebound though lmao)

Getting a girlfriend is easy, finding one you love is another thing.

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That picture made me laugh harder than it should.

Just have to be yourself!

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You and me both user

Adding you on kik.

What did you talk about? How did you flirt? How do you be charming?

Well you just answered your own question, you don't think about it. The more you think about charming, the worse you get.

You don't act charming, you BECOME charming

fyi, that guy isn't real

His name is Ernest Khalimov. Learn to image search

Well we met on the night of an event, so mostly we talked about that and made general conversation. She said something about a TV show she loved which I knew a little bit about and we talked about that a fair bit on the night we met. I was equal parts making fun of it for being a bit silly and using it to ask her about travels she'd done on set locations.

Then on facebook the next day I just opened with a "nice to meet you yesterday" kind of message and we talked about the event, talked more about the tv show, which turned into a conversation about tv shows in general and the ones I like, which turned into a conversation about other media movies/books and more general life talk.

Did that for a few days, probably sent 90-100 messages each over 3 or so days, at which point I had made plans for that upcoming weekend with a couple of friends and asked if she wanted to come, told her she should bring our mutual friend (also a girl) since some of my buddies were going to be there. She said she'd love to. Turned up at said hang out. We hung out. Teased her plenty, teased myself a fair bit too, made her laugh, said witty things, talked more about other general things. Broke the touch barrier. Started with her arms. Held hands here and there because I was helping her with balance. Did stupid little stuff like I came up behind her at one point and put my hand on the small of her back to get her attention so I could say something.

>how did you flirt
Touch, wit, humour, teasing, a few sexual innuendos and a few veiled compliments.

>how do you be charming
Charm is in the eye of the beholder. Talk to them, pay attention to them, be interested in them, be funny, be quick to smile, know how to carry on a conversation, know how to read cues and body language so that you know whether or not your behaviour is welcome.

My most recent girlfriend
>be me
>bored with life and being single
>jump on tinder
>swipe for a bit
>match with qt girl
>we message back and forth for a bit
>ask her number
>get her number and text
>make plans for dinner
>go to dinner and hit it off
>ended up hanging out for almost 3 hours
>I have to leave because i have early class the next day but i tell her I had a nice time and that I wanted to see her again
>plan another date next week
>see a movie
>get drinks afterward
>go back to her place and smash
Yeah after that we just kept hanging out more and more until it became something exclusive

>last year of high school
>exercised for ten months, four times a week
>made an Instagram account even though I hated it
>kept in touch with people in my class that I didn't like that much (they tolerated me but could tell I was a weirdo)
>followed them all on Instagram
>also followed their female friends that commented in their pictures
>liked the girl's pictures
>tried to get their attention on snapchat
>sometimes they would have short conversations with me
>eventually one of them started talking a lot with me
>we moved to iMessage and would talk everyday
>I always kept things light, no deep conversations about politics, philosophy or anything like that
>she invited me to a party after a few months of conversation
>we ended up dating for two years and still talk to each other on occasion

There, OP. Only girl I've ever dated even though I had a few fwb. I don't have Instagram anymore and most people avoid me now in college so there's no way I could do that again.

desu all my gfs have come onto me. typing that out makes me think about the type of girls would do that. idk.

>at work
>meme retail job
>new girl starts in my department
>she cute as fuck
>the first night it was just me and her closing our dept
>I left at 9 and her at 11
>I play the casual “just text me if you have any questions” and hand her my phone
>text her when I get home
>”hey it’s your best friend user”
>she replies immediately
>the next few days just text work related stuff
>e.g. how’s work, your work today, you close today?
>one day we close together and head to sonic
>like the next night we go get McDonald’s
>the week after that we get ice cream
>we usually get food sit in parking lot and then head home
>one day we get ice cream
>I’m in front of her house
>she isn’t done with ice cream
>she tells me to park in parking lot a block away while she finishes
>fast forward we end up kissing
>we date in secret
>everyone finds out at work slowly
>management makes it difficult as fuck for us
>we still break rules and take all our lunches together
>I leave job
>one of the reasons was how difficult management made our relationship
>we still together
>it’s been 6 months

Rocky road but worth it

As a guy with anxiety, most of this stuff in this thread seems absolutely impossible to pull off for me. But I did have one gf whom I met through an online game, granted she was a fatty, but had a cute face.

>literally swiped right on tinder

This thread is absolute suicide fuel for 24 year old me, but I'll say that I'm glad for your dating successes.

This one hit close to home

She will cheat on you.

>post in a Jow Forums server
>one girl in it, 12 guys
>she's funny and smart, and really a nice girl
>we get along really well
>laughs at my joke, share interests, talk on voice a lot
>she face reveals
>really pretty
>I sperg
>she PMs me and tells me she likes me
>we talk every day
>she pays tickets to come over to see me
>been dating for 2 years
>living together for 1 year

Friends new years party
friend of mine brought along a girl
talk to her as soon as i get the chance
friends make it clear i am life of the party and a goof and she decides to talk to me
meet on a date , wear naruto shirt ,
she actually likes the fact i am attractive (to her)
and like anime
few days later have sex when she invites me over to hers at midnight
month of my friends trying to sabotage me follows because they had unspoken resentment against me
despite this after two months we start dating
she is now my fiance of nearly 9 years