Should I try to fuck my friend?

I've been wanting to fuck with my buddy on and off for the past 4 years. I once proposed it to him, but he declined, and says that he's straight (although I feel he's bicurious)
We're probably soon going to vacation together with a few other friends. We're likely to share a room. Should I try something then? I feel like he'd be more likely to agree if we were staying in the same place.

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you do you man. go for it if you rly want to.

Don't go straight for the boipucci, you retard. Wait until he's drunk and offer to suck his dick. Tell him men are better at giving blowjobs, and challenge him to tell the difference. Ease him in gently. I can almost guarantee he's thought about you when he's fapped, think of it like a sine wave and a cosine with different time periods, you have to wait until his curiously is at max and inhibitions at min. Then constructive superposition, dick in throat = TRUE

>Jow Forums
>iunno man do what you want to

But I don't think he's ever been blown, we're pretty young
Thanks for the help though!!

I'm not a guys so I'll just repeat advice I've seen posted here several times. Paraphrasing:
>you should just beat and rape him into submission, repeatedly
Or do like suggests and drug him first.

If he says he's straight then respect his choice and leave him the fuck alone

I'm sure he'd like it tho

If you asked him and he said no, then who do you think you are to pressure him? Like I said, leave him the fuck alone before you force him into something he'll regret and hate you for

I probably won't have to see him anymore after that tho

what do you not understand? he's not interested and you're just desperate to pressure him in to something, you'rementally unwell and deserve to be castrated and hung

He wants validation. For Jow Forums to tell him he's right into wanting to commit rape.

>I asked my platonic, straight friend to fuck me, a gayboi
>he declined
>we're likely to share a room soon
>I should fuck him, right?

Holy fuck you're a trashy piece of shit aren't you? Your friend declined once, he's going to decline again, pushing the issue is going to make him feel awkward and likely ruin your friendship entirely (if it hasn't already honestly)

Back the fuck up turtlebird, leave this guy alone. If I was him, I absolutely wouldn't share a room with you after you asked to fuck

Classical mentally ill faggot that can't control his sexual impulses. No wonder that almost all gays are degenerates that love drugs and fucking anything that moves not giving a shit about stds. He said no, what is it that you don't understand faggot? Disgusting animal, you should be gunned down like a dog.

>I probably won't have to see him anymore after that tho so it should be fine to behave like a desperate greedy lustful piece of shit instead of accepting things for what they are
You disgust me

It's not rape if he enjoys it after all

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Wow, big news, how did you come to that conclusion?

Come on guys, I want SERIOUS answers, so far only one person gave an advice that was somewhat useful.

You do not always get what you want. Ask him, if he says no, drop it. Do not take advantage of him.

I hope he kicks your ass since no matter what we say, you're going to attempt it anyway. The advice is to stop pursuing him. Deal with it faggot.

And this why I stop hanging around gay men

Hope he beats the shit out of you, you are like a little kid that can't have what he wants.

Update: he agreed :)))

Thanks everyone except those damn TROLLS that tried to put me down for some reason. If you're not going to give any real advice, why are you on this board?

I want to fucking hang you on a tree, queer

>everyone who disagrew with me is a troll

I feel sorry for the guy who want to date you if you ever though about raping if nothing ever worked

This is a good way to get excommunicated from your friend group as 'the rapey gay guy.'
Try something when it's just you and he, not when there's this huge thing of other people finding out so everyone can know you're BOTH male sluts.

Rape him.