Need help naming a pizza place

me and a couple of friends is planning to build a pizza joint to ride the food wave happening in my area. Problem here is our equipment (oven) and funds is from this rich second gen who's willing to be in under one condition.

he wants the place to have a name that is SUBTLY racist. "subtle enough that the media doesn't pick up on it, but enough to make me chuckle everytime i see it" was the direct quote

so any creative bros willing to help out?

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Auschwitz's Nigger Pizza

Idk about racist ones but here are some millenial fb page humor type pizza names
"Decent pizza"
"Bruh moment pizza"
"James Gandalfini pizza"
"Wack pizza"
"Put me in the pizza zone"
"Big big big pizza"
I don't know man


Pizza duck
The ducks foot is a slice of pizza

I only buy my pizza from people who have mastered basic literacy

Cotton pizza "the best choice for the best of people"


Piggers Pizza

Uncle [insert name]
Pigger's Nizza


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Dat Piggza Place


fucking lost it
but desu this is your answer

Write "Pizza will set you free." above the door.

Uncle Pigger's [something] Pizza actually has something going for it

>subtle enough that the media doesn't pick up on it,

I'm not sure that's even possible. It's literally their job to find and report racism even when none exists.

Big Pizz

>"Charcoal-burner's Supreme"

Villainous Chews Pizza
"Straight outta the oven!"

you're welcome OP ;)

>subtle enough that the media doesn't pick up on it
oh, subtle. ok...

Hot Chews Pizza