How to suggest doing squats to my girlfriend?

She has a pretty small ass, not much shape to it... She's not fat or chubby but right on the border of pudgy. How can I suggest doing squats and exercising in general to her without sounding like an asshole?

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Take her lifting with you. Then do squats. Have her do them

Like the other poster said, invite her to go the gym with her, get her into a routine. Mix squats into the routine, that should work. Make it a thing you do together instead of you telling her "hey go do this"

>implying op works out

Stop being an ass and trying to get her to change for you. If you find her so unattractive that you want her to put in the work to change her body, do her a favor and break up with her so you can find someone you like and she can find someone who likes her. A butt that's not big enough is such a fucking trivial issue that it sounds like you don't give a shit about her.

If you don't like the idea of being with your partner when they're old and not sexy, it sounds like you just want a body and not the person.

>t. Fat girl

If she is too lazy and offended at the idea of exercise and not blessed with good ass genetics you are fucked.

fyi, if you think squats is going to give her a significantly bigger ass, you're going to be in for a load of dissapointment.
It'll make it firmer, and a little bigger, but her legs are going to get as big, for how much ass gains she gets.
So unless you want her to have SFV Chun-Li thighs, just accept she doesn't have a super ass

Ever hear of compromise?
Tell her you will do something to improve yourself for her (like crunches to get a 6 pack for her) in exchange for her doing squats for her butt.

Insecurity: the post

>passive aggressive way
purposefully let her catch you look at pictures or videos of brap hogs where the ass is predominantly displayed

>chad way
tell her you like a nice ass on your woman and you think her ass is cute but it could be better

either way, she'll either break up with you or try to better herself to please you. if nothing changes, break up with her and get with a brap hog.

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You are an idiot

Disrespecting your body means disrespecting yourself, no matter what the fat apologists say

Do squats in front of your girlfriend and then bet she couldn't do a certain amount

Tell her and ask her to come with you in a way that is least offending

Also, please do proper homework
Squats are not best for glutes
Look into
>Glute bridge
>Donkey kicks
>Hip trusts
Best one
>Sumo deadlifts

I wish chun li would crush my head between her thighs

>implying fatass OP will get 6 packs just from crunching

>thicc thighs
sounds good to me senpai

shut up you fat smelly roastie. nobody asked for your input.

Alternatively OP could start by taking her hiking up mountains as an joint activity. and once some change occur, praise her improved ass. Motivate her further then

Does it really matter that much?

He has to be the ass since she got none.
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